Dov Greer Loses Rabbi Election In Forest Hills

Dov Greer Loses Rabbi Election In Forest Hills

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Rabbi Dov Greer’s one year stint as rabbi at the Dogwood Park synagogue of West Hempstead, Long Island came to an end last Shabbat.  Dov was feted with a going away kiddush. He was then shown the door.  Dov knew that this job was going to end in one year.  In the meantime Dov applied for other jobs in the tri-State region.  Dov submitted an employment application for the position of rabbi at Young Israel of Forest Hills.

The search committee at Young Israel eliminated all of the candidates except for two:  Dov Greer and Rabbi Ashie Schreier. Dov Greer made it to Final Jeopardy in Forest Hills, a very serious Jewish community. I don’t know how Dov became a finalist, especially when the last twenty years on his resume show him working for his depraved father in the compound.

The synagogue where Dov served as a rabbi at in the town of West Hempstead is considered a backwater in the Jewish community.  West Hempstead isn’t even part of the Five Towns.  Dov Greer would be moving up in stature if he landed this job in Forest Hills. It’s like when Paulie Walnuts tried to leave Tony Soprano in New Jersey and get a job with big time New York mob boss Johnny Sack.

The Young Israel of Forest Hills search committee left the final decision in the hands of the members of the congregation.  A vote was scheduled for the date of May 22, 2017 for the congregation to choose who would be their next spiritual leader and role model.

In Federal Prison in Otisville New York, the Jewish inmates got to vote for the position of inmate gabbai.  This inmate would be our leader in matters of shul disputes and would deal with disputes with the prison guards on our behalf.  Herman Jacobotitz was voted the inmate gabbai when I was locked up.   Herman Jacobowitz was sentenced to 15 years for a pump and dump stock scheme which incurred losses of hundreds of millions of dollars and then set fire to his company, and tried to bribe a fire marshal in order to make it look like an accident.  After some period of time Herman couldn’t handle the pressure of being a gabbai so he got a guy named Ari Glucksman to run for the position.  Glucksman easily won with the support of Jacobowitz.  But Glucksman was a hothead.  He couldn’t keep himself under control, let alone the Jewish inmates.  Glucksman eventually was forced to resign for his shenanigans, and the job went back to Jacobowitz.  But Jacobowitz didn’t want the job.  He told everyone he was temporary until a new inmate with natural leadership abilities checked into the prison.

On the date of May 18, 2017 Dov’s father, Daniel Greer aka “the Goat,” was slammed with a $21 million verdict in his child rape trial.  The verdict made national news.  The jury verdict could not come out at a worse time for Dov Greer.  Four days after the verdict, on the date of May 22, 2017, the members of Young Israel of Forest Hills voted for Rabbi Ashie Schreier to be their new leader and role model. Dov Greer lost in a landslide.  Dov went back to Philadelphia where he maintains a position with the Philadelphia Kollel.

After the Goat’s underlings, ie., Dov, Ezi and Avi, fled the compound during Passover of 2016, the Goat gave a sermon on the seventh day of Passover in which he compared Dov to the Biblical character Jonathan.  The Haftorah read on the seventh day of Passover is about King Saul, Saul’s son Jonathan, and King David.  Jonathan was the son of King Saul, and heir to the thrown.  But Samuel the prophet chose David as King.  King Saul went mad. David tried to calm Saul down by playing the harp.  Saul threw a spear at David as he played the harp.  Saul didn’t like the pop music of the time.  King Saul also got mad at his disloyal son Jonathan for supporting David.  King Saul threw a spear at Jonathan.  After Saul tried to kill David, David fled, with Saul in hot pursuit.  David’s men cornered Saul.  David spares Saul’s life twice, and convinces Saul to reconcile.  Saul then kills himself after a battle with the Philistines.

The Goat didn’t use Dov’s name, but it was clear from his sermon that Jonathan was the Goat’s disloyal son Dov, who tried to take over the compound with Avi and Ezi.  Only a maniacal cult leader such as the Goat would compare himself to King Saul. But why would the Goat compare himself to a king who went mad and threw spears at his own son?  The Goat doesn’t see himself as suffering from insanity.  The Goat is perfectly fine, the rest of the world is insane.

At the time the Goat gave the sermon the Goat still had a small group of loyal followers from New Haven.  These followers knew exactly what the Goat was talking about, or at least one of them did, the man who told me this story, which I had to update and correct because I initially had it wrong.  They chose to support the Goat rather than support the victims of the Goat.  Eventually these followers betrayed the Goat and left the compound.  The Goat was forced to pay guys in Lakewood to replace these reprobates.

The Goat must be very happy that his $21 million dollar verdict caused his disloyal son to lose the election.  The compound wasn’t good enough for this rebellious son.  Disloyal Dov ran off to his in-laws in New Jersey and took a job at a little shteibel in West Hempstead.  Now Dov wants to daven with the big boyz in Forest Hills, and build his own empire in order to outshine his father and humiliate the Goat.  Dov still has time to build his own empire.  This is not the last you will hear from Rabbi Dov Greer.

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