Dov Greer Opens Storefront Shul

Dov Greer Opens Storefront Shul

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On October 23, 2018 Dov Greer paid $560,000.00 for a house located in the town of West Hempstead, Long Island, NY. Dov put down over $100K in cash as a down payment. Dov moved out of New Haven in 2016 after his father Daniel Greer, the pedophile Rav of New Haven, was sued for sexually molesting children. Since that time Dov Greer got a job as the Shabbos rabbi at the Hebrew Congregation of Mount Kisco.  Dov is now leading a small storefront shul in West Hempstead located next to Sauly’s kosher pizza shop. See this article in the Queens Jewish link.

Dov is no longer beholden to his pedophile father the Goat. For years Dov knew that his father was a pedophile and yet did nothing to stop the Goat from molesting children at his father’s yeshiva. Dov may have been molested himself. In many cases the victims become perpetrators, or enablers of sexual abuse. Dov was paid handsomely by the Goat to stay in New Haven. The Goat paid for all of Dov’s living expenses and put Dov’s name on a number of three family investment properties. Dov Greer, Ezi Greer and Avi Hack just sold off their entire portfolio of New Haven properties that the Goat had given to them over the years. They probably made over a million dollars between the three of them. They no longer have any connection to New Haven, other than when their names appear in this blog, which is written in New Haven.

Dov’s appearance has dramatically changed since he left New Haven. Dov hair and beard used to be overgrown and messy, just like his father. Not anymore. Dov’s beard and hair are trimmed and well groomed. Dov’s tzitzis used to hang out all over the place outside of his pants, just like his father. Not anymore. Dov’s tzitzis are, for the most part, neatly tucked inside his pockets. Dov used to always wear a black hat and a black jacket. Not anymore. Dov no longer looks like a semi Haradi Rabbi with an identity crisis. Dov now looks like a typical Young Israel Rabbi.

Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Avi Hack and Harold Hack were all partners in crime. They watched for decades as the Goat raped young boys. They had the power to stop the Goat and yet chose to do nothing. The 80 year old Goat is now in prison. There are many men who will go to their graves suffering from emotional trauma perpetrated by the Goat. Dov, Ezi, Avi and Harold have blood on their hands. They consciously chose to do nothing while the Goat raped and abused teenage boys for decades. Not only did they choose to do nothing, but they promoted their pedophile father and threatened anyone who posed a threat to the pedophile and his power. They threatened to sue a Lakewood Rabbi who told others in Lakewood to avoid the Goat compound. They didn’t just turn a blind eye. How do these guys live with themselves? They have children of their own. On the outside they seem like decent, normal people. They are far from decent or normal. A normal person, who has children of his own, does not get involved with a pedophile, let alone protect a pedophile. How does the Goat’s wife, the Ewe live with herself? Her own children were abused by the Goat. She still supports her husband, and visits him in prison.

The 80 year old Goat may soon be joined in prison by 91 year old ex-Cardinal McCarrick, who was recently arrested by the State of Massachusetts for raping and abusing children for decades. McCarrick rose in the ranks of the Catholic Church, even while lawsuits and accusations piled up against him. It was not until 2019 that McCarrick was expelled by the Vatican after years of allegations and lawsuits. Who were McCarrick’s enablers and protectors? Pope John Paul II, the saint, promoted McCarrick even though John Paul knew about the allegations against McCarrick. The protectors and enablers always manage to escape scrutiny after the pedophile is brought down. Dov, Ezi, Avi and Harold skipped town and moved on with their lives, never having to explain their actions. The Vatican kicked McCarrick out of the Church yet did not take any responsibility for the failure of this multi-billion dollar organization to allow a pedophile to run an entire diocese.

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