Dov Greer Pays Over Half Mil For New Crib In Long Island

Dov Greer Pays Over Half Mil For New Crib In Long Island

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Dov Greer visiting Larry Noodles In the Visiting Area of Otisville Federal Prison

On October 23, 2018 Dov Greer paid $560,000.00 for a house located at 794 Wyngate Drive, East, in the town of Hempstead, Long Island, NY. Dov took out a mortgage in the amount of $448,000.00. Dov thus put down over $100K in cash to purchase his dream house in Long Island.

Dov Greer’s only job, as far as I know, is the Shabbos rabbi at the Hebrew Congregation of Mount Kisco.  Rabbi Dov Greer was appointed on September 7th, 2018.  Mt Kisco claims to have about 60 families from all different Jewish backgrounds.  Most of the Jews who pray in Mt. Kisco are not Orthodox. These modern Jews want an authentic rabbi from the Haradi community. Dov Greer fits the bill. Dov’s father, Daniel Greer, trained Dov well.

Dov’s new McMansion is located about two minutes from the Southern State Parkway. Dov’s new crib has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, hardwood floors, a new kitchen, although the kitchen is a bit cramped.

Dov Greer’s living room where Dov enjoys watching his favorite cartoons, ie., the Simpons, South Park and Beevis & Goathead

Dov is listed as an “alumni” of the Philadelphia Kollel. You can see Dov’s picture on their website by clicking this LINK. Dov must have a new weekday job in New York now that he has retired from the Philadelphia Kollel.

Dov used to frequently visit me in Otisville prison. I would ask him what was going on with the compound. He always told me that things were going great. In reality the compound was going down in flames. Mirlis hired Attorney Ponvert and was trying to negotiate a settlement with Rabbi Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat.” Dov never told me about this when he saw me in jail.

Dov tried to befriend fellow inmates when he came to visit me. He walked around the visiting area and frequently spoke with inmates Moshe Butler and Alex Schleider. Teaneck Trouble Butler knew Dov’s in laws from New Jersey. Dov passed his rabbi card around. Did Dov expect the inmates to call him once they got released? I could never figure out why Dov passed out his business card to inmates. Dov tried to get inside the prison sukkah and check it out. I asked a guard, but the guard wouldn’t let him in.

I think the only reason Dov visited me in prison is because of what was going on in the compound. The visits increased after I started blogging from prison. I sent my blogs to local Communist Paul Bass, who published them on his website the New Haven Independent. I believe the Greer boyz and the Hack men were afraid that I would start blogging from prison about the Goat if I somehow found out that Rabbi Goat was a pedophile. Dov sent Ezi Greer and Harold Hack to frequently visit me in Otisville. I hardly even knew Harold Hack at the time. Harold suddenly became my best friend. Avi Hack even showed up once. Avi was not on my visitors list but the guard let him see me anyway. Avi was wearing a suit and tie, he didn’t look like a threat to security. Avi is only a threat to teenage boys.

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