Dov Greer Settles In As Weekend Rabbi In Mt. Kisco

Dov Greer Settles In As Weekend Rabbi In Mt. Kisco

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Over the recent High Holidays Dov Greer was anointed Grand Rabbi of the Hebrew Congregation of Mount Kisco.  You can click this link to see the announcement on the shul’s Facebook page.  The Mount Kisco shul has been around for over 100 years. The shul has very few members who are actually Orthodox.  Most come for the shmaltz herring, noodle kugel and Scotch whisky.

Mt Kisco has a few dozen families hailing from diverse backgrounds.  Mt. Kisco Jews are either liberal or super liberal, members of the local tennis club or members of the local golf club, have 1.5 children per family, breast feed in public and non public places, are either doctors or lawyers, scored 1200 on their SATs, and drive either Honda or Toyota minivans.  Other than Dov Greer, you won’t see any guys wearing black hats walking around Mt. Kisco.  You may see a few pink hats in Chappaqua, which borders Mt. Kisco.  Chappaqua is the town where Hillary and Bill “Bubba” Clinton call home.

Dov Greer should invite Chelsea Clinton and her Jewish boy toy Marc Mezvinsky over for a Shabbos meal.  Chelsea and Marc were married by Yale Rabbi Jim Ponet, who officiated alongside a very goyish Methodist minister.

I believe it was Yale graduates Bubba and Hillary who tapped fellow Yalie Jim Ponet for the job to marry off Chesea.  Chelsea and Marc never went to Yale.  I don’t think they have ever even been to New Haven.  I’ve never seen them on the streets of New Haven.  I’ve seen Rabbi Ponet many times at Yale Shabbat dinners.  Rabbi Ponet offered me shots of Scotch over the years, even though I am a just a townie and never went to Yale.

After Rabbi Ponet married off the Clintons I told him that he was now a “celebrity Rabbi.”  Like most Yalies he doesn’t have a sense of humor.  I doubt very much that Rabbi Ponet reads my blog.  Even the Goat reads my blog.  Or at least the Goat’s attorneys read my blog.  The Goat’s attorneys should give me some kind of remuneration for billing the Goat for reading my blog.  It’s only fair.

Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky is the son of Clinton buddy Ed Mezvinsky, who did five years in Federal prison for embezzling $10 million.  Ed still owes $9.5 million in restitution.  Mezvinsky tried to get a Presidential pardon from President Clinton before the Feds indicted him.  Bubba never acted on his request.  Bubba was too busy with Monica at the time to pay any attention to Mezvinsky.

When I was locked up in Otisville prison Dov frequently visited me and shmoozed with Jewish ponzi schemers like to Mezvinsky.  Dov used to pass his card around.  I am not sure why Dov was so impressed with white collar criminals.  His only exposure to criminals was to his father, Rabbi Daniel Greer, a violent criminal.  Dov never met a respectable white collar criminal before visiting me.

I was recently contacted by a member of the Mt Kisco Jewish community where Dov Greer serves as Rabbi.  People in Mt. Kisco have been talking about their new Rabbi.  These citizens have access to computers.  They googled Rabbi Dov Greer and were directed to my website.

I provided the Mt. Kisco citizens with all the info they needed to know about Dov Greer as well as his father the Goat.  They were wondering if they were in any kind of danger.  I told them that Dov’s father was a threat, but not Dov.  Dov has never been accused of raping children.  Dov may be devious, dishonest and untrustworthy, but he is not a child rapist.  As long as they stay out of New Haven, and the Goat compound, they were safe.

The citizens of Mt. Kisco told me that Dov is very guarded.  Dov does not talk about his family, or his father.  One citizen told me they were up half the night reading my blog.  This person woke up in the middle of the night with nightmares.  I hope I don’t get sued for infliction of emotional distress.  The purpose of my blog is to spread peace and love throughout the world.  It pains me to hear that I cause readers to suffer nightmares.

Dov spends his weekends in a condominium owned by the Mt. Kisco shul.  Why the Mt. Kisco shul decided to hire Dov Greer is a mystery.  99% of the members are not religious. I guess the members are impressed by Rabbis with beards who can rattle off passages from the Talmud at the drop of a black hat.

This past summer, during the heat wave, Dov Greer alarmed some of his neighbors in the condo complex.  Dov doesn’t go into the condo pool if there are women swimming around, lest he succumbs to temptation.  Dov waits behind the bushes until the coast is clear.  Once the pool is clear Dov shleps his kids, who are donning bathing suits, onto the pool patio.  Dov, donning black pants, black shoes, a white shirt and a black hat, sits at a table and buries his head in his Gemora.  His kids, aged 3 to teen, jump into the pool.  Nobody is in the pool except Dov’s kids.  No lifeguard.  No life jackets.  Just Dov Greer sitting at a table buried in his Gemora.  The neighbors in the condo were shocked.  The citizens of Mt. Kisco have no idea that in the Jewish community this is a sign of a very learned Rabbi.  Rabbi Dov Greer should be commended for devoting his life to the Talmud, rather than waste his precious time watching his kids in the pool.

I was recently told a Greer pool story that happened right here in New Haven.  Dov, Ezi and Avi took their kids to a pool outside of New Haven owned by parents of one of the students at the compound.  Something very strange happened at the pool.  The parents kicked the Greer clan out of their pool and kicked the Greers out of their lives.  I only have one source for this information. I will provide more details if I can get confirmation from another source.  I strictly follow the Federal Rules of Evidence, as amended to December 1, 2015.  Hearsay evidence is only admissible if it comes from two independent sources.

In other Greer news, Rabbi Daniel Greer got his child rape case pushed out to November 28th.  It was scheduled for last week.  The Goat’s highly paid attorney William Dow managed to get is rescheduled once again.  The Goat’s criminal case has been rescheduled 15 times since the Goat was arrested on July 26, 2017.

10 thoughts on “Dov Greer Settles In As Weekend Rabbi In Mt. Kisco

    1. Who gives a shit look at all the lifes his father and him hiding the truth ruined. LARRY NOODLES FOR MAYOR…..HE IS A JEW HERO….NOW U LADY WITH ADVICE GO SHINE HIS SHOES…

  1. bsd

    Mr. Noodles,

    It is an appropriate time for you to reveal to the readers of your blog that you had a temporary henna tattoo on your chest (in Garamond MT) quoting The Aeneid:

    Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.

    Keep up the strong work.

    Moshiach NOW!

    1. I don’t understand your message but I will post it anyway, hopefully another commentor will explain it to me as I am not that intelligent.

  2. So you don’t like Dovi Greer. That’s legitimate, you are certainly entitled not to like him. But as you admit, he isn’t dangerous. So does your dislike for him make it right for you to persecute him by trying to destroy the attempts he makes to find a job? Let him succeed or fail as a community rabbi on his own. No one needs your blog for that.

    1. You may not believe this but I hope Dov Greer succeeds in whatever he does in his life. I harbor no animosity towards Dov Greer and wish him well. Eventually the members of Mt. Kisco, like any shul, will get bored with Dov and find a new rabbi, and Dov knows this better than anyone. In the meantime, by remaining silent, Rabbi Dov is missing out on an opportunity to use his life experiences to help educate others about sexual abuse. He remained silent for too long. Dov remained silent while Eli Mirlis and Avi Hack were getting raped by his depraved father. Everyone has the right to remain silent, but remaining silent can be harmful to others, and dangerous to society

      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      1. I see. In other words you bear him no ill will, but you publicly mock his new position in the hope of his pursuing a different career in the field of anti-abuse.

        Come on. Let him live his own life and make his own choices about how he deals with his past.

        1. Rabbinic ordination was passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken chain reaching all the way back to Moses. The first to be ordained was Joshua. Moses “placed his hands upon him and commanded him, in accordance with what Gd had spoken.” Numbers 27:23. If Dov were a water carrier or wagon driver nobody would care about what he is doing. Rabbi Dov leads a shul, a place where he leads prayers that substitute for the daily offerings and sacrifices that were performed at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Dov is a public figure, a role model representing Am Yisroel. Dov doesn’t have to leave his position in order to help others, he can use his bully pulpit for the good. There have been a few recent stories about prominent rabbis who have come forward and discussed how they were abused. Who could be more qualified to discuss such issues? Who could do more to empower other victims to come forward? I guess I should lower my expectations, they are giving out semicha like candy these days, Dov’s father, a child rapist, even has semicha. The next thing you know they will give semicha to Larry Noodles, G-d forbid!

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