Dov Greer’s Job As Rabbi of Dogwood Park Terminated

Dov Greer’s Job As Rabbi of Dogwood Park Terminated

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Rabbi Dov Greer’s stint as the Rabbi of the Congregation Eitz Chaim of Dogwood Park, of West Hempstead Long Island, came to an end this past Shabbat.  The shul, which calls itself ECDP, had a going away kiddush for Rabbi Dov Greer.  The shul calls itself ECDP, which is ironic because Dov, Ezi, and Avi started the EPDP some twenty years ago in order to protect the Goat’s neighborhood.  EPDP meant Edgewood Park Defense Patrol.  Here is a picture of them, from a New York Times article, walking the Goat neighborhood in a line formation, in their EPDP uniforms, as if they were soldiers marching off to battle.

A little over a year ago Dov Greer fled New Haven and shacked up with his in-laws in New Jersey.  Dov left Dodge at the same time Ezi and Avi skipped town.  It was Passover of 2016, right after Mirlis filed his child rape case  when these men made their exodus after 30 years of enslavement under the Goat.  These loyal Goat soldiers would still be in New Haven had Mirlis not filed his lawsuit.

Not long after Dov Greer settled in New Jersey he landed a rabbi gig in West Hempstead, NY.  His rabbi job came to an end this past week.  Dov Greer was feted to a going away kiddush (party) by the ECDP congregation.  The members of the congregation showed up to honor Dov for his going away kiddush.  It reminds me of the time Dov Greer insisted on sponsoring a kiddish for me on my first Sabbath back in New Haven after I was released from Federal prison.  I showed up for my kiddush expecting to be honored by Rabbi Dov Greer.  Little did I know that Dov Greer had left town.  I showed up for my kiddish only to be told that there was no kiddush and that Dov Greer had left town.  I left the shul that day, never to return.

This is what the ECDP shul bulletin had to say about Dov Greer’s farewell kiddush:


We thank the following sponsors:
Malkie & Rafi Allman
Gabi & Sully Diamond & Family
Ahava & Shragi Feldman
Leah & Jon Fish
Leah & Ed Freeberg
Rebecca & Kenny Glassman
Yael & Dovi Greenberger and co. with gratitude to Rabbi & Rebbetzin Greer for all their support, guidance and leadership throughout the year, and in honor of a warm welcome back to Rabbi & Rebbetzin Schwalb
Rachel & Dan Hanuka
Gail & Joseph Hay
Miryam & Yair Holtzman & Family
Pam & Eitan Klein
Ann & Mark Koffsky
Tammy & Robert Koppel
Chavie & Michael Korsinsky
BatSheva & Wayne Kutner
Gail & Jay Lang
Jessica & Kobi Leifer
Shifra & Yossi Levy
Susan & David Levy
Sharon & Eddie Lustbader & Family in honor of Rabbi Efrem & Tamar Schwalb and Rabbi Dov & Sima Greer. In commemoration of the 1st yahrzeit of Harvey Oppenheim A”H, which will be observed on the 21st day of Elul.
Beaty & Rabbi Gary Menchel

Joni & Mickey Nathanson
Yael & Moshe Oppenheim
Deena & Yitzy Ritter
Heather Rutner & Michael Plotsker in memory of our beloved cousin, Yehuda Bayme’s 2nd yahrtzeit which takes place on the 23rd of Elul and wishing a fond farewell to the Greers and a welcome back to the Schwalbs
Florence & Leo Schechter in honor of Florence Schechter’s Birthday and the Greers and the Schwalbs.
Channie & Mike Sosnay
Tzippy & Eric Thall

There were other interesting news items in the ECDP bulletin.  ECDP started a program to train congregants to patrol the neighborhood and keep a look out for dangerous looking goyim. I would guess that Dov Greer started this program, modeling it after the Edgewood Defense Patrol that he started in New Haven. This is what the ECDP bulletin says:

“This Shabbat, a representative from CSS will be speaking at both Minyanim. Please consider joining CSS and helping us keep ECDP, our families, and our community safe. All men and women (18+) are urged to consider joining the team. No prior security or physical training is necessary to join CSS. Every team member receives the required level of training and support.”

The bulletin indicated that the shul is not only training congregants in self defense but it is also training congregants to behave more like humans and less like behemoths. The bulletin stated the following:

COURTESY TO OUR NEIGHBORS: Please make sure not to park your cars in any way that blocks our neighbors’ driveways. Additionally, please do not walk through neighbors’ backyards on your way to and from the Shul unless you know that the family does not mind.

I can only imagine what goes on in this little hamlet of West Hempstead, Long Island.  The goyim who live in the neighborhood must be furious that the members of ECDP park in front of their driveways blocking them in during the week, and then on Shabbos stomping all over their flower beds with a stampede of toddlers and strollers, totally oblivious to the world around them.  Talk about a Kiddush Hashem!

Its not too late to get tickets for Rosh Hashana services at ECDP.  $85 for members and $175 for non-members. Dov Greer may be able to get you a discount.  If you can’t afford ECDP you can always go to services at Chabad of West Hempstead for free.


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