Dr. Jay Sokolow Submitted Goat Love Letter

Dr. Jay Sokolow Submitted Goat Love Letter

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Dr. Jay Sokolow has been a fan of pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer aka “the Goat” for many years. Daniel Greer just started his 20 year jail sentence for child rape. I’m sure Dr. Sokolow must have visited the Goat by now in the State Correctional Institution in Cheshire, CT. Dr. Sokolow is a prominent radiologist who works out of an office in Hamden, not far from Cheshire. I wonder if Jay brought the Goat some grain and fed him between the bars of his solitary confinement cell. The goat is in solitary confinement, in the basement at Cheshire, for his own safety. Inmates in Cheshire are extremely violent and they hate pedophiles. The Warden at Cheshire doesn’t want to have goat blood on his hands. Inmates tend to form gangs of similar minded inmates. Black gangs, Spanish gangs, & Skinhead gangs. Like minded criminals form gangs to protect each other. Unfortunately for the Goat there are no gangs of Jewish pedophile elderly men that he can join.

Dr. Sokolow frequented the Goat shul for a number of years. I recall seeing him every once and a while.. The Goat impressed many doctors, as well as lawyers. The Goat’s fan club included Dr. Moshe Siev, a Yale pediatrician, and Dr. Ben Avee, a PhD who worked for the Yale Child Study Center. Dr. Moshe Siev and Dr. Ben Avee abandoned the Goat after the child rape lawsuit was filed by Eli Mirlis. Dr. Siev and Dr. Ben Avee never submitted letters of support for the Goat. Dr. Siev’s son, psychologist Dr. Jedidiah Siev, submitted a letter to Judge Alander in which he described the Goat as “arrogant, mean, manipulative, abusive and vicious.”

Dr. Jay Sokolow is married to local attorney Ina Silverman, who graduated from Yale University, just like the Goat. Sokolow did his residency at Yale New Haven Hospital. They are active members of the very liberal Beth El Keser (BEKI) Conservative Synagogue in Westville, New Haven. BEKI describes itself as “open, warm, engaging, egalitarian, and accepting.” BEKI “invites Jews of all ages, races, and gender identities, without regard to economic status or level of Jewish learning.” How does BEKI expect to pay its bills if it doesn’t take the economic status of its members into consideration? Shouldn’t every house of worship be a “warm, engaging and accepting” place? Why does BEKI have to emphasize repeatedly that it is warm and inviting? Something sounds fishy.

BEKI has hosted Shabbatons for members of the alternative lifestyle community, ie., the LGBT people. The Goat would never host a LGBT Shabbaton at his shul. The Goat would never lower himself to utter the letters LGBT, or BEKI for that matter. The Goat and BEKI were worlds apart, yet Dr. Sokolow enjoyed going to the Goat shul and listen to the Goat rant about the breakdown in morality in society. Politically the Goat was to the right of Attila the Hun, while BEKI was to the left of Lady Gaga. What the Goat did in private with teenage boys was none of your business. Publicly the Goat was a super frum, super meticulous Rabbi. Privately the Goat was a depraved animal who broke every Jewish law in the Book.

What is the connection between Dr Sokolow and the Goat? Did they take a secret handshake at the Skull & Bones secret Yale Jewish society? Local New Haven Independent reporter Paul Bass is also a Yale graduate, yet he has allowed his reporter Chris Peak, also a Yale graduate, to write numerous unflattering articles about the Goat. I admit I prodded Paul and Chris to write Goat articles. I sent them Noodles articles and gave them permission to cut and paste noodles for eternity. I’m sure Paul Bass and Jay Sokolow spoke about the Goat at BEKI. Paul is also a member of this local refuge for leftist Jews. I can’t imagine what they said to each other. Dr. Jay, the radiologist, must have told Paul that he took an MRI of the Goat’s soul and determined that the Goat’s soul was as pure as the water in the mikvah bath at the Otisville medium. What a putz!

Dr. Sokolow wrote in his Goat love letter to Judge Alander that he had known the Goat for over 25 years. Jay told Judge Alander that he wanted to share a couple of “anecdotes” about his friend the depraved pedophile. Sokolow said that he and his wife saw the Goat’s car illegally parked along the median of Edgewood Avenue with the “animated” Goat inspecting the trees along the median. The Goat told Sokolow and Silverman that it was a “Disaster! The City planted trees on the median but it hasn’t rained and no one is watering these poor trees.” Sokolow told Judge Alander that the Goat had “garbage cans full of water in his car and he was tending to the neglected saplings. Those trees are now beautiful and a testament to his work in the neighborhood.” The Goat must have told Jay to mention the Goat watering the trees in order to validate the pictures the Goat posted on line of himself watering trees. Putz One and Putz Two!

Jay wrote: “I’ll share another anecdote: A resident of Edgewood approached Rabbi Greer and offered to sell him her home. Greer replied, ‘You don’t want me to buy your beautiful home, you want me to buy the run-down houses on your block and fix them up.'” Dr. Jay didn’t mention that the Goat only fixed up the outside of his houses. The interiors of the Goat’s houses were firetraps. The kitchens and bathrooms were never updated. The interior walls were never painted while the exteriors and 8 foot high stockade fencing always had a fresh coat of the same color combination of gray, army green and maroon.

Jay mentioned Jerry Brown’s visit to the Goat: “Governor Jerry Brown spoke at the Gan School during his campaign for President. I remember the Governor praising the power of local activists to transform neighborhoods, even whole cities, one block at a time.” The Goat transformed Jewish teenage boys into alcoholics, homosexuals, and abusers themselves, ie., Avi Hack, one boy at a time.

Jay concluded: “Personally, I have studied Jewish texts with Rabbi Greer over two decades and found him to be a gifted scholar and inspiring teacher of Judaics. He had an insightful and enthusiastic way of exploring complicated texts and subjects which inspires me in my own learning and teaching.” Jay had a child enrolled in the Goat’s day care or pre school many years back. If Jay was so impressed with the Goat then why did he take his kid out of the Goat school? Jay was lucky his child was spared the evil Goat. What a putz!

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the ewes, the crooks, the politicians, the goats and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

If you wish to help the Larry Noodles website defray the costs of court documents, transcripts, depositions, investigations & research, and make a tax deductible contribution to a non profit organization that works to help bloggers like Larry Noodles protect themselves against bullies like Daniel Greer, and the Department of Injustice, please donate your hard earned dollars, shekels, and dinars to this organization:  First Amendment Watchdogs Incorporated, 516 Ellsworth Ave, New Haven, CT 06511.  For IRS non profit status and EIN number click this link

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If you have news tips from the inside, or the outside, please forward to lawrencedressler@gmail.com, ALL information, including you name will be kept strictly confidential.

For G-d, For Yale, For Country, For Moshiach!


Joseph A. Orlow Did any of the trees he watered write letters of support to the judge? No. Furthermore, I would think it was degrading to the trees that letters of support were written on paper. I’m reminded of the argument between the chicken and the pig. The chicken touted the fact that her eggs were part of the farm breakfast every morning for years, while the bacon from any one pig only lasted for months. “It is true,” the pig conceded to the chicken, “that your daily contribution spans a greater period of time than mine. However, what you give is a donation, while I make a total commitment.” no tree rejoices that it died to be made into paper that letters of support for Greer are written on.


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  1. AHH The dreaded Tree grant
    Well the Goat got 80k from the city and planted one tree!!!!
    He is paying for a lifetime of wrong doing!

    1. that is just a drop in the bucket. you should see how much goyim taxpayer money these “security” firms are raking in these days because some “man” in Brooklyn got his I-phone stolen by a weaponless black lady. lmgao

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