Dr / Rabbi Kurtzer of Monsey Charged With Kickbacks & Bribery

Dr / Rabbi Kurtzer of Monsey Charged With Kickbacks & Bribery

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Back in 2015 Dr., and ordained Rabbi, Yitzchok “Barry” Kurtzer and his wife Robin purchased this ten bedroom million dollar mansion at 11 Golar Drive in Monsey New York with Doris and Edward Kurtzer. Not bad for a doctor who graduated from Grace Medical School in the Caribbean. Grace Medical School no longer exists. Barry was the most successful doctor criminal who ever graduated from Grace Medical School.

It is not clear how Doris and Edward are related to white collar criminal Dr. Barry Kurtzer and his wife Robin Kurtzer. Barry operated three medical offices in Pennsylvania. Barry’s wife Robin was the business manager. Barry and his wife received kickbacks from an unscrupulous sales rep at a genetic testing laboratory for referring genetic testing to the lab. The sales rep eventually turned into a sales rat and snitched out the Kurtzers. The Kurtzers were introduced to the sales rat by one Dr. Lee Besen, who just pleaded guilty to accepting bribes and kickbacks for referring his patients to the medical lab. Dr. Besen referred to his kickbacks as “vigs.” Rabbi Kurtzer referred to his kickbacks as tzducka.

The Kurtzers enlisted their office staff in their scheme. Young Kurtzer office employees Shanelyn Kennedy and Amber Harris were also indicted. Robin Kurtner complained that Barry gave Shanelyn and Amber a cut of the kickbacks. Robin was recorded on wiretaps stating: “we should not have to bribe them to do work, in all honesty.” Kennedy was told by the sales rat rep that the kickbacks would have to be paid in person. The text exchange: Sales rat: “I prefer in person. No trace!” Kennedy: “yea I figured you’d come in person haha.”

At one point the sales rat rep “disappeared” for a month and didn’t pay Barry his kickback. Barry got mad. The sales rat rep was probably getting trained by the FBI to go undercover and wear a wire. Barry said to the rat, who was wired: “You know you still owe me, you missed a month.” After the rat told Barray that he “wasn’t really working that month,”
Barry said, “That doesn’t affect me. I gave you genetic tests didn’t I?” The rat replied, “You’re right. I’ll catch you up.” The Feds probably gave the rat the money to give to Barry.

In July of 2020 the Kurtzers got busted by the Feds and charged with a criminal complaint of conspiracy to violate the anti-kickback statute. In December of 2020 the Kurtzers transferred their million dollar mansion out of their name and into a family trust. It was probably an attempt to shield the house from seizure by the Federal government.

The Kurtzers were released from jail after they each had to post an unsecured $250K bond. They probably had to pay a bondsman ten percent of the $250K. Barry was able to continue working after he got released. A condition of Barry’s bond was that he not submit any medical bills to Medicare. Barry got his kickbacks from a lab that over billed Medicare for unnecessary genetic tests. The Feds alleged that the Kurtzers over billed Medicare millions of dollars.

After Kurtzer was released he went back to practicing medicine, and billing Medicare, in violation of the conditions of his release, depending on who you believe. The Feds claim that Kurtzer billed Medicare $2 million and asked that the Judge ban Kurtzer from practicing medicine. Dr. Kurtzer argued that he didn’t bill Medicare a cent. Dr. Kurtzer asked that New Jersey Federal Judge Leda D. Wettre allow him to practice medicine and bill Medicare. Kurtzer hired high profile, and expensive, attorney Ben Braffman, the top choice for white collar Jewish criminals.

Kurtzer argued to Judge Wettre that he should be allowed to practice medicine and bill Medicare because he provides indispensable medical services to Orthodox Jews in Northeastern PA, where there are very few Orthodox doctors. Kurtzer argued that he is the only Orthodox internist in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He argued that he is the doctor in residence for many Orthodox Jewish camps. He argued he has thousands of patients in Pennsylvania who look to him to provide medical advice consistent with Talmudic law. He argued that he speaks Yiddish, German, Russian and Hebrew, and no other internist in Northeastern PA speaks these languages. If Judge Wettre shuts down his practice there will be many patients, who cannot speak English, who will suffer from inadequate medical care.

Kurtzer argued that he is up every morning at 4AM and goes to his synagogue at 5:30AM, where he teaches Talmud. He davens his morning prayers and then does his morning rounds at the Scranton hospital. He makes a 2 hour commute home to Monsey, and davens maariv and then teaches an advanced Talmud class at 8 PM. He hasn’t taken a vacation in 32 years. His patients call him day and night, at all hours. He sired 9 children. Dr. Kurtzer needed the kickbacks in order to afford to pay for his 9 children to go to day schools, seminaries and yeshivas. It is much less stressful to quit your job and go on public welfare if you plan on fathering 9 children. Kurtzer is an idiot. Kurtzer could have had gone on numerous vacations had he quit medicine and collected food stamps, like most religious Jews with large families.

Kurtzer argued that the Government is attempting to destroy him financially. Kurtzer’s high powered attorney Ben Braffman argued that the Government’s request to pull his medical license is “outrageous.” Kurtzer argued that he and his wife must pay two lawyers to defend them in the Government’s prosecution. Kurtzer argued that he has 9 children and 14 grandchildren and one daughter who is engaged to get married. How is Kurtzer supposed to pay for a wedding when he is over his head in legal bills? Kurtzer the clown must be meshug if he thinks that Judge Wettre will sympathize with his plight.

The Justice Department lawyers alleged that Kurtzer billed Medicare over two million dollars since the date of his arrest, the date that the Judge ordered that he was no longer allowed to submit bills to Medicare. Kurtzer claims that he didn’t submit any bills to Medicare, he claimed that third parties that he referred patients to submitted the bills, and now Medicare won’t pay them. Tough noodles. Kurtzer cried to the Judge that he will be devastated financially if he cannot bill Medicare and will be forced to shut down his medical offices and will be unable to pay for his daughter’s wedding. Kurtzner argued that he is dipping into his savings and went into debt in order to keep his medical offices open. The Government told Judge Wettre to take no pity on Kurtzer the clown and argued the following: “Barry Kurtzer chose to continue seeing his Medicare patients despite knowing that he could not bill or collect money for those visits—both because of the Billing Condition and his Federal Court imposed Medicare suspension. The debt he incurred as a result of that decision is no change in circumstance, but a choice Barry Kurtzer made in the face of several possible options. He could have focused entirely on treating non-Medicare patients, as the Court suggested at the September 30, 2020 hearing or he could have pivoted to other legitimate work in health care or as a Rabbi.” Good argument. Rabbi Kurtzer should pray for the health of his patients and bill Medicare for his prayers. Kurtzer can get kickbacks from the Archangel Dr. Raphael. The Judge has yet to rule on Kurtzer’s motion.

After Kurtzer filed his request for permission to bill Medicare the Federal government filed a substituted indictment charging Kurzer and his wife with 20 counts of crimes under the anti-kickback law, the travel act, and various other obscure Federal statutes. The Kurtzers are now facing many years in prison. Lesson to be learned: Don’t piss off the Federal government with a stupid request to continue to commit your crime while you are released on bond while your charges are still pending.

Kurtzer should turn over all his assets to Attorney Ben Braffman, and the Federal government, plead guilty and reserve a room at Otisville ASAP before he has a mental breakdown. Robin should book a cell with a window view in Danbury’s Women’s prison. Husbands and wives are allowed to communicate between prisons but it takes forever to get a message back and forth. Federal prison is not conducive to a healthy marriage. Moshiach NOW!

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