Dr. Salhanick Threatens To Sue Larry Noodles With “Every Cent from Family Members”

Dr. Salhanick Threatens To Sue Larry Noodles With “Every Cent from Family Members”


May 18, 2016

Larry Noodles can’t seem to catch a break. Not too long ago, Larry Noodles was threatened with legal action by Rabbi Greer’s attorney.   And now a former supporter of Rabbi Greer has threatened to sue Larry Noodles over a recent blog posting, and sent a threatening email to the Law Offices of John Williams.  Larry Noodles hired this legendary New Haven civil rights law firm to defend himself against Rabbi Greer’s attorney.  Rabbi Greer’s attorney still has not sued Larry Noodles.  The attorneys at the Law Office of John Williams are hopeful that Larry Noodles will get sued soon, either by Rabbi Greer or the Doc.  They are hoping to get paid big sums of money defending Larry Noodles. As a former practicing attorney, I know how important money is to attorneys.  Without further adieu, here is the threatening email:

Dear Attorney Merly:

Five minutes ago, I called Mr. Dressler and told him he has 24 hours to remove these references, or I will use every cent and from family members to go after him in the courts. I know defamation is a long process and difficult to prove, but it will be pursued. One does not trample on the innocent.  I ask you, as one professional to another, to bring Mr. Dressler to his senses. My oldest son, a graduate of Fordham Law School, was trained not only in the details of American Law, but in in moral principle as well. Thank you for your efforts.
Arthur I. Salhanick, Ph.D.

Larry Noodles is not sure how much money Dr. Salhanick is worth, or how much money his family is worth, but Larry Noodles would feel very bad if Dr. Salhanick and his family were forced to sell the family farm and file for bankruptcy in pursuit of a lawsuit against Larry Noodles. Larry Noodles does have a moral conscience, in spite of being accused of trampling “on the innocent.”  But one man’s loss is another man’s gain.  Some attorney out there will get “every cent” of Dr. Salhanick’s family fortune to “go after” Larry Noodles.  Larry Noodles realizes that attorneys are struggling out there, and some have resorted to desperate measures to pay their bills.  Rabbi Greer’s attorney William Gallagher stole almost two million dollars from his client’s accounts in order to pay his bills.

Larry Noodles is not sure why Dr. Salhanick mentioned that his son graduated from Fordam Law School.  Dr. Salhanick certainly can forward his son’s resume to the Law Offices of John Williams for Attorney Joseph Merly to review.  He sounds like he will make a good attorney. But he may not make it very far in the legal profession if he was trained “in moral principle.”   As a former attorney I would offer him a bit of advice: Don’t do sub prime mortgages.  That’s what got me in trouble.  Seven closings, where I made a couple of thousand dollars, got me 18 months in the clink, unlike former Federal prosecutor Pickerstein who just got 30 days for stealing $600K.  But I digress.  This blog is supposed to be about Rabbi Greer.  Dr. Salhanick has taken me way off topic with his silly lawsuit.  Dr. Salhanick should donate his family fortune to victims of rape and violence rather than pay an attorney to sue Larry Noodles.

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  1. I just saw this. Lol. That old blow hard has a very bad hidden temper. He rarely shows his true colors to the outside world.

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