Dr. Siev Trashed The Goat In Letter To Judge Alander

Dr. Siev Trashed The Goat In Letter To Judge Alander

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Yale graduate Dr. Jedidiah Siev destroyed fellow Yale graduate Daniel Greer in an unsolicited letter submitted to Judge Alander for purposes of sentencing the Goat

Yesterday I stopped by the New Haven criminal courthouse and reviewed the criminal file of State of Connecticut v. Daniel Greer, AKA “the Goat.” Judge Alander denied the Goat’s motion to seal all letters submitted in support of the Goat. The criminal court clerk allowed me to review all letters submitted in support of the Goat. Nothing was sealed.

Every letter, except one, submitted in the criminal file was written by fans of the Goat. You know who you are. You WILL be exposed. You may not be exposed today, but I will get to you. You still have a chance to redeem yourself and send me an email retracting everything you said in support of this depraved pedophile who was found guilty and liable for child rape by not one but two juries, who was abandoned by his entire family, who had three victims give sworn testimony that they were molested by the Goat, not to mention that Dr. Julian Ford, an expert on PTSD, testified in the civil trial that the Goat’s sons may have been raped by the Goat. This is your last opportunity to save yourself, and the institutions whom you represent on your letterheads, from embarrassment, shame and humiliation.

The first letter I will publish was written by a prominent PhD in psychology, ie., Dr. Jedidiah Siev, who described himself as a “Greer insider.” In spite of this man’s exposure to the Goat, he graduated from Yale University and went on to a Harvard fellowship. This man is highly respected in his field. One focus of his treatment is “the OCD symptom dimension referred to as unacceptable thoughts, which includes violent, religious, and sexual obsessions. For example, I received a research grant from the International OCD Foundation to study scrupulosity, an OCD presentation characterized by religious or moral fears. I also received a President’s Faculty Research and Development Grant at NSU to study attention bias in dental anxiety.”

Dr. Siev probably submitted his letter to Judge Alander in response to my blog asking people to submit their own tales of horror at the hands, or hooves, of the depraved Goat.

Dr. Siev wrote in his letter the following: “I prayed and studied at Greer’s synagogue. I worked in Greer’s summer camp as a sports counselor. I celebrated my aufruf in the Greer synagogue. Greer was honored with a blessing under the chuppah at my wedding. My parents attended Greer’s synagogue until approximately 5 years ago, which means I did when I was visiting. Sarah Greer was my principal, Daniel Greer was my rabbi, his children were my peers and his son and daughter in law were among my sister’s best friends. As you can see, I grew up with the Greer family. I am an insider if anyone is an insider…”

Siev continued: “Greer is incredibly smart – rigid and unable to take others’ perspectives, but the raw intellectual horsepower is amazing. I certainly feared him. He is nothing if not domineering, aggressive, and mean. At times, very many times, I despised him. Greer harnessed fear, shame, and embarrassment to run his school and synagogue. He expertly and strategically mixed in pride and warmth so that one was both terrified to step out of line or disobey, and also eager to please. He was the puppeteer toying with the strings of students’ confidence and sense of self-worth. He humiliates people with the ease that others say good morning. Quite literally it is hard to fathom having the arrogance and disregard for others, both his objects of derision and bystanders, to demean others in public so comfortably. No passion or heat of the moment necessary…”

Siev offered his expert opinion as to why Mirlis, as well as Avi Hack for that matter, went back to the Goat as adults looking to be honored by the Goat: “I wish to echo and amplify the voices of his victims and to tell you both from experience and professional expertise that victims of emotional, let along physical or sexual, abuse often come back, often seek to impress, and often fail to confront the abuser. After reading Avi Hack’s deposition, I had nightmares in which I tried unsuccessfully to confront Greer. In my own dreams, I could not confront him. And I was not a victim of his sexual abuse, just his regular, sustained meanness. And yet after some time, still he had me coming back. And still he had me wanting his approval. And still he received an honor at my wedding.”

Siev continued: “I ask you to imagine how we former students, congregants, and community members reacted to the news of Eli Mirlis’ allegations, not to mention the transcript of Avi Hack’s deposition. If you imagine that I was texting, emailing, and calling friends, family members, former members of the school and synagogue, you are correct. If you imagine horror and pain and nightmares about the details, you are correct as well. But if you imagine shock or disbelief, you are very wrong. As one friend put it, ‘putting sexual abuse aside – the emotional abuse, manipulation and sheer meanness is exactly what I remember.’ Said another, “I think Danny Greer is the worst person I’ve ever known, we all know how much he loved power and belittling other people, he is a horrible, horrible, person, I believe his whole MO is about humiliation.”

Siev concluded: “Greer will trample anyone to get what he wants, and will convince himself (others? victims?) that this is holy work. He is arrogent, mean, manipulative, abusive and vicious. I do not ever recall him contrite, admit to wrongdoing, or express regret. He has earned jail time with the abuse, humiliation, shame, tears, and nightmares of others. Do not grant him leniency. You are welcome to identify me in court by name. I regret only that I never had the courage to express this directly to Greer.”

“Come now, Mattaathias, be the first to obey the King’s command, as all the Gentiles and Judeans have done, then you and your sons shall be numbered among the King’s friends, and you and your sons shall be honored with silver and gold and many gifts. You are a leader, and honorable and great man in the city, supported by sons and kindred. But Mattathias answered in a loud voice, ‘Although the Gentiles and Judeans in the king’s realm obey him, so that they forsake their religion and consent to the king’s orders, yet I and my sons will keep to the covenant of our ancestors. We will not obey the words of the King by departing from our religion in the slightest degree.’” 1 Maccabees Ch. 2.

“The hand of G-d lay heavy upon the he-goats, the ewes, the crooks, the politicians, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

Moshiach Now!

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Siev Trashed The Goat In Letter To Judge Alander

  1. Larry we are waiting to see who wrote a letter of support. I cant even begin to comprehend how someone can do that. Even reading Grudberg’s comments to the judge made me sick,. He mentioned he was “already punished as his community no longer welcomes him” I a pile of shit. He should have some of the bigger, darker fellows in jail run a train on his ass…. Every day…. Three times a day….

    1. The Goat’s attorney argued that people were hesitant to submit letters supporting the Goat if the letters were going to be made publicly available, and Larry Noodles would publish the letters on his blog, causing Goat supporters to suffer embarrassment and humiliation, not to mention the wetting of their panties. My hunch is that the Goat lied to his supporters and told them that their letters would not be made publicly available, or that he would not submit them if they were going to be made publicly available. His supporters believed the Goat, they are stupid to begin with, they believe that the goat was set up as part of a vast anti-Goat conspiracy orchestrated by Avi Hack, Eli Mirlis, Larry Noodles, Rabbi Muroff, Rafi, Ezi Greer, Harold Hack, Dov Greer, and others, to take over the compound.

  2. So they believe he was a pillar of the community, who was set up for personal gain, and yet they are embarrassed to express this publicly? They shouldn’t be. After all, the role of the character references is not to prove that he committed no crime, but to argue for leniency due to his other good deeds. I imagine for instance those people who still prayed with him after civic trial. Most of the community has now abandoned him and are angry with him as they see his true colors, but this is likely colored by exposure of his notorious crimes. Moreover I think he more general abusive and degrading behavior most likely also contributed to this. After all, few criminals are completely abandoned by all their children in this way. Yet if some people saw some good sides of him, I don’t see a big problem if they express this. To give an analogy, imagine Harvey Weinstein found guilty next year. Given his notoriety people will be embarrassed to support him; yet I think it is no shame to tell the in the character references that he was an extremely talented filmmaker and artistic leader, made enormous contribution to cinema and was pleasure to work with. Just to clarify I am not comparing their deeds or crimes.

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