Dr. Zev Zelenko Hired to Defend Otisville Inmate

Dr. Zev Zelenko Hired to Defend Otisville Inmate

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Michael “Mickey” Schlisser got sentenced to 84 months in Otisville for investment fraud. This is Mickey’s second stint in Otisville for investment fraud. I guess Mickey wasn’t rehabilitated by the Bureau of Prisons the first time. Shame on the Federal government for warehousing men for no logical reason whatsoever.

Mickey arrived in Otisville shortly after Mshulem Jacobowitz checked out. Inmate Jacobowitz was the head of the Jewish inmate mafia in Otisville. Jacobowitz ran the camp. I know because I was there and witnessed it myself. I couldn’t believe it. Jacobowitz ran the camp while inmate Sholom Rubashkin ran the medium facility, which was located next door to the camp.

Mickey tried to take over Mshulem’s job. Mickey failed miserably. Mickey didn’t have the money, or the clout to pay off the right people to get things done. Mickey also got involved in a few shenanigans at the camp with other inmates. This information has been sealed, per court order signed by Judge Noodles. The Jews in Otisville lost all respect for Mickey. Mickey was fired from his gabbai position. A year later the coronavirus hit Otisville. The Jews were sent to the medium in a special section of the prison that hasn’t been used in decades. The Jewish campers are all locked up in solitary cells with no air conditioning, no movement, no visits, limited phone calls and no commissary. The guys in the medium and the max have it better than the campers. Now is the worst time to be in Otisville.

The Bureau of Prisons has recently released many campers on indefinite furloughs or home confinement for the remainder of their sentences. There are only about 60 campers left in Otisville, down from 120. Michael Cohen got released and then locked right back up again after he was caught dining at a French restaurant, which violated the terms of his home confinement. What a putz! I just heard that Rabbi Mendel Epstein got released to home confinement. I can’t verify this information because nothing was filed on the court website. I guess I could stop by his house and ask him if he is home, and have a l’chaim with him.

Dr. Zev Zelenko is the doctor who made headlines for claiming he cured his Satmar patients of coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, and Clorox bleach. The Satmars kicked Zelenko out of Kiryas Yoel after he drew too much attention to the completely autonomous upstate New York Satmar reservation. Satmars do not recognize the laws of the United States, unless it involves food stamps, welfare checks, and stimulus checks.

Dr. Zelenko has publicly announced that he is in need of heart surgery. Zelenko’s son has asked Jews to pray for his father. Zelenko has publicly stated, from his hospital bed the following: “Regarding COVID, we’re winning, thank G-d, some countries in Central America believe it or not are making hydroxychloroquine over-the-counter, and the truth is it’s really unstoppable at this point, it’s just a function of time.” Mickey is also suffering from a heart condition. Before he was incarcerated Mickey Schlisser suffered an aortic dissection requiring emergency open-heart surgery.

Mickey Schlisser recently filed a Motion for Compassionate Release.Mickey hired Dr. Zev Zelenko and Dr. Muschel to write doctor letters in support of his motion. Dr. Michael Muschel, is Mickey’s cardiologist and an associate professor at Columbia University. According to Dr. Muschel, Mr. Schlisser’s condition resulted from obesity or hypertension both of which are risk factors for Covid-19 patients.

Mickey’s lawyer attached a letter signed by Dr. Zelenko. Dr. Zelenko stated in his letter the following: “You have requested my opinion concerning the risks to Michael Schlisser, a former patient of mine who previously suffered an acute aortic dissection, were he to contract Covid-19. As you may be aware, I have done extensive research in connection with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Much to my chagrin, and despite the success I have personally experience in my practice, not everyone has accepted my recommendation that the risks of Covid-19 can be substantially reduced by a regimen of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate. While I am not completely familiar with the quarantine protocols at prison facilities, I cannot imagine that they can be sufficient for someone with Mr. Schlisser’s medical background. The anecdotal evidence that I have seen from people in tight quarters such as those in prison-like conditions is that the risk of virus transmission is significant. It is my strong opinion that Mr. Schlisser should be on home arrest with ankle monitoring if necessary. This would significantly reduce his risk of infection.”

Dr. Zelenko attached his resume to his letter. Zelenko’s resume states that he practices medicine at 745 State Street in Monroe, New York. Zelenko has remained under the grid after getting kicked out of Kiryas Yoel. He briefly appeared in the headlines after someone sent a misdirected email to US Attorney Zelinsky that was supposed to go to Zelenko. Zelinsky didn’t like the email and opened an investigation. Zelinsky should stick to prosecuting drug dealers in Baltimore.

The Office of the United States Attorney objected to Schlisser’s motion for early release on the grounds that Schlisser recovered from his surgery many years ago and that Schlisser had a disciplinary problem at Camp Otisville. Schlisser got two “shots” or disciplinary reports at Otisville. According to Schlisser’s attorney, “Schlisser was cited for removing his mask during prayer services to kiss his tefillin, despite the fact that he was also wrapped in a prayer shawl, which is akin to a mask. That citation is on appeal within the BOP. The second incident, i.e., leaving his cell in disarray, which in counsel’s understanding was expunged on appeal to the region, involved an incident where several newspapers, personal papers and books were left piled on the stool between his locker and his lower bunk. According to Mr. Schlisser, “the Jewish newspapers and other papers were left on the stool to be made available to other Jewish inmates.” Talk about violations! Schlisser should be tarred and feathered for his transgressions! His infractions were almost as bad as when I got caught stealing the prison noodles.

The US Attorney also attached copies of letters from victims of Schlisser’s crimes. The Justice Department is finally starting to contact victims of the status of criminal cases, after the Jeffrey Epstein public relations disaster where victims were left in the dark and the Feds entered into a secret deal with Epstein and his cohorts, granting immunity to his co-conspirators.

Mickey filed his request for compassionate release with Federal Judge Valerie E. Caproni, who was appointed by Obama to the Federal bench back in 2012, despite the fact that she was the top FBI attorney when it illegally obtained telephone records thousands of Americans. The Democratic Chair of the House Judiciary Committee stated at the time: “The FBI broke the law on telephone records privacy and the General Counsel’s Office, headed by Valerie Caproni, sanctioned it and must face consequences. I call upon the FBI Director to take immediate action to punish those who violated the rules, including firing them from the agency. This must include Valerie Caproni, who had approved the continued use of exigent letters and provided legal advice that was inconsistent with federal law. Between 2003 and 2006, the FBI improperly obtained personal telephone record information from U.S. telephone companies for more than 5,500 phone numbers, including private details protected by federal law, in some cases agents sent letters with information known to be false.”

Good luck with your motion Mickey, you will need it. May you have a speedy recovery Dr. Zelenko. Larry Noodles will pray for Dr. Zelenko and Mickey Shlisser. Moshiach NOW!

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