Drug Kingpin Braun May Avoid 10 Year Bit in Otisville

Drug Kingpin Braun May Avoid 10 Year Bit in Otisville

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The biggest and most dangerous Jewish drug dealer of all time has asked Federal Judge Matsumoto to vacate his 10 year sentence based on ineffective assistance of prior legal counsel, whom he fired. The details of Braun’s motion has been filed under seal. The Feds have 45 days to object. Braun’s trip to Otisville has been delayed indefinitely

Jonathan Braun was busted for running the biggest international marijuana dealing operation out of his parents house in Staten Island. Members of the Hell’s Angels smuggled Braun’s marijuana through an Indian reservation on the Canadian border and sold pot all over the United States. Braun was clearing $6 million a week.  Braun eventually fled to Canada, and then to Israel.  Braun returned to America and turned himself in to the Feds afer reaching a deal with the Feds to avoid jail. Braun pleaded guilty in 2011 and has been cooperating with the Feds ever since. Braun’s sentencing was postponed for the last 10 years while the Feds prosecuted many of Braun’s business “associates.” The Feds had Braun on home confinement at his parents house in Staten Island for the past ten years. 

While on home confinement Braun got married and had kids. Braun also was allowed to leave his home and go to work every day. Braun worked as a hard money lender in the “merchant cash advance” MCA, business, a young industry dominated by many members of the tri State Orthodox Jewish community. These hard money guys get New York borrowers to sign confession of judgment paperwork that allows them to clean out bank accounts without getting a prior court judgment if the borrower missed a debt payment. The State of New York is currently looking to change the laws that make it so easy for creditors to take money from unsuspecting borrowers. In the meantime, the hard money guys are still lending money at exorbitant interest rates and glumping bank accounts. Braun was probably laundering his drug money proceeds through his hard money business. The Feds don’t care. Braun has been sued a number of times for his unscrupulous business practices in the MCA business, the lawsuit recently filed below is a good example of his operation:

The Feds provided Braun with many perks while he was on home confinement. Braun got permission to leave his home confinement to attend his engagement party at his in-laws house.  The Feds gave Braun permission to go to the Ohel in order to receive a blessing from the Rebbe, permission to travel to the Diamond District to help pick out the wedding ring, permission to get fitted for a tux, permission to attend his sheva brachos, and permission attend Lamaze classes with his new wife.  Braun was also allowed to go house hunting with her.

At his sentencing hearing Braun’s attorney John Meringolo argued to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto that Braun not go to jail because of his ten year cooperation with the Feds and his track record as a hard working employee and respectable businessman. Meringolo argued: “Since his arrest and release on bail, Mr. Braun has consistently maintained employment. Currently, Mr. Braun works as a manager and risk analyst at a private lending company, Richmond Capital Group, LLC. Prior to his present employment, Mr. Braun worked as a senior funding specialist and director of sales and marketing at another lending company, Pearl Capital Rivis Ventures, LLC.”

Braun’s sentencing was rescheduled a number of time late last year because one of Braun’s deadbeat debtors wrote to Judge Matsumoto and told her that Braun had threatened him with physical violence if he didn’t make good on a loan. Rabbi Avraham Lesches, of Crown Heights got a restraining order against Braun. Braun allegedly told Lesches:  “Do you know who I am?  I know everyone in your Chabad-Lubavitch community.  I am going to come down there and beat the shi* out of you at 770 Eastern Parkway… I am going to hang papers all over the lampposts in Crown Heights stating that you are a liar and a thief… I am going to make you bleed, you are going to regret the day you met me…  You had the audacity to send that cnt* Rachel Plaut, Esq. who do you think she is?  She obviously does not know how this business works.  Are you on your knees?  Can you suck?  Suck my dic*.” What kind of a Rabbi borrows money from a notorious, and violent drug dealer? Rabbi Lesches needs to get his head examined.

At Braun’s sentencing my sources told me that the Federal prosecutors spoke privately with Judge Matsumoto, off the record, and requested that Braun not do any jail time for his cooperation. Judge Matsumoto instead sentenced Braun 10 years in Otisville. Braun was scheduled to turn himself into Otisville a few months ago. That never happened. Braun got his self surrender date delayed a couple of times. The guys in Otisville told me that they had a special bunk bed set aside just for Braun, and his bunkmate would be Michael Cohen, the highest profile rat ever to sit in Otisville. They are also preparing bunks for Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Hunter Biden.

Last month Braun fired his Italian lawyer John Meringolo and replaced him with high profile Jew lawyer Marc Fernich. Fernich represented John A. “Junior” Gotti as well as El Chapo. Fernich filed a habeas corpus petition and a motion to vacate Braun’s 10 year sentence on the grounds that Braun will most likely win his habeas corpus petition. The habeas corpus petition claims that Braun’s former Italian lawyer Meringolo provided “ineffective assistance of counsel” which would require the Court to set aside Braun’s ten year Otisville bit. In other words, Braun accused Meringolo of selling Braun down the river. What criminal defendant hasn’t been sold down the river by his shyster attorney? I know that feeling. An affidavit was signed and filed by Meringolo that supports Braun’s motion. The Feds have 45 days to respond to Braun’s motion to vacate the sentence. Most of the court paperwork has been ordered sealed from public view. I smell a rat. Something fishy is going on with Braun’s lawyers and the Justice Department in order to keep Braun out of Otisville. The Feds have agreed to allow Braun to delay his Otisville vacation while his motions wind through the Federal courts. They will figure out some way to keep Braun from spending 10 years in Otisville. See Braun’s Motion to vacate the 10 year prison sentence below:

Braun is as free as a bird. If you need a high interest, hard money loan, feel free to contact the Bank of Braun. The Braun Bank may not be insured by the FDIC but it is fully insured by the United States Department of Justice. The United States Department of Justice protects, bails out, and shields unscrupulous money lenders from criminal prosecution, such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Bear Sterns, etc…, every big bank is on the list. The Braun Bank has now joined the big boys. Braun will never go to Otisville. Otisville will remain the city of refuge for small time Jew shyster lawyers like myself, Jew shyster doctors, Black and Spanish drug dealers, gambling addicts, ponzi schemers, and Ukrainian / Russian Jewish bag men for the Russian mob. The Hamptons will remain the city of refuge for the White Protestant Wall Street bankers who get to live freely in their waterfront mansions while they watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July and wave their American flags. G-d Bless America!

“The hand of HaShem lay heavy upon the goats, the crooks, the politicians, the Yalies, and the infidels, and He wrought havoc among them: He struck them with hemorrhoids.” I Samuel 5-6

“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

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