Edgewood Elm Housing Inc is a Greer Cash Machine

Edgewood Elm Housing Inc is a Greer Cash Machine


Edgewood Elm Housing Inc was formed by Greer in 1989.  At the time it was Greer, his wife Sarah and mystery man James D. McAdam of 49 Damascus Road, Branford, who were named to the Board of Directors.  James D. McAdam died about a year ago.  Prominent Agudath Attorney Mordechai is still listed as agent for service of process for Edgewood Elm Housing.  I asked around the compound about this Mordy character.  Many years ago Mordy used to work for the old goat.  Eventually Mordy skipped town and was replaced by Rabbi Avi Hack, whom the old man raped repeatedly.

Why would Avi Hack return to the compound to work for Greer?  According to Avi’s testimony in the Mirlis case, Avi continued his relationship with Greer when he returned to the compound. At this point it was consensual, and not rape, as Avi was over the age of 16.  But why would Avi return to the compound to engage in an intimate relationship with an old goat?  Were there not younger guys out there for Avi?  The old goat was probably paying Avi to be his male prostitute.  Until Greer set his eyes upon the much younger incoming student Mirlis…

The 2013 Edgewood Elm Housing tax returns list Daniel Greer, Sarah Greer, William Gallagher and Mark Roffman on the Board of Directors.  William Gallagher is the lawyer who stole close to two million dollars from his clients before he died a couple of years ago.  Mark Roffman lives in the compound and is still loyal to the old goat.  He is probably on the Greer payroll, just like everyone else who shows up for services.

In 2013 Edgewood Elm Housing raked in a staggering $360K in cash contributions.  Edgewood Elm Housing paid out over $417K in expenses, and claimed a loss of $46K for the year.  But the expenses paid out included an $87K salary to Greer, $33K towards a pension plan for Greer, $154K in donations to Greer’s non-profit FOH, Inc., another $87K paid to an employee whose name is not listed on the tax form, $2K in travel expenses, and $8K in “event costs.”

The $8K in event costs must be the cost of the annual Greer summer fundraiser called “The Gathering.”  But who was the employee who earned $87K that year?   Was it Avi Hack?  Avi Hack was very much involved with Edgewood Elm Housing.  Avi always gave a speech at the annual Edgewood Elm Housing summer fundraising called the “gathering.”   Avi spent a good part of his time organizing the annual summer event.

The big donors to Edgewood Elm Housing included Edgewood Village Inc., which donated $100K, and Edgewood Corners, Inc. which donated $6K.  United Illuminating coughed up $20K.  Why did Greer have his non-profits Edgewood Corners and Edgewood Village contribute over $100K to Edgewood Elm Housing?  And why did Greer have Edgewood Elm Housing donate $154K to FOH, Inc.?   Whats going on here?  $154K comes in from one non-profit, while $100K goes out to another non-profit.  What kind of a shell game is Greer playing?

Greer listed himself as working 50 hours per week at the Edgewood Elm Housing Inc.  At Edgewood Village he listed himself as working 5 hours per week.  That adds up to 55 hours per week working at these two non-profits.  When did the old goat have time to teach classes and  molest children?

William Gallagher listed himself as working 3 hours per week at Edgewood Elm Housing.  Mark Roffman and Sarah Greer listed themselves as working 2 hours per week.  William Gallagher had a very busy law practice located around the block from the old goat.  His law office was a giant ponzi scheme, where he paid off old clients with money coming in from new clients.  When he died he was in the hole for $2 million.  He was not spending 3 hours a week hanging around the old goat discussing the activities of Edgewood Elm Housing.

Mark Roffman never worked for Greer’s non-profit in any capacity, other than now, where he is probably getting paid to attend the daily Greer minyan.  Mark Roffman was good friends with the father of Avi Hack.  Hack Sr. used to go over his house every Sat afternoon to down a few shots of Scotch.  Not anymore.  Hack Sr. fled the compound while Roffman sold his soul to the Devil named Greer.

Edgewood Elm Housing listed about $700K in liquid assets at the end of tax year 2013.  Recently a yeshiva in New York paid out $2 million to two former students who were molested by a predator rabbi like Greer.  One million per kid.  The Hartford Archdiocese recently settled a child molestation case for about a million bucks.

Greer got the cash to pay Mirlis a million bucks.  But Greer is a stingy, greedy old miser.  He will never pay Mirlis.  He would rather pay his attorney a hundred thousand bucks, or more, to defend the case.  That would be on top of the $100K a year he is paying for the rent-a-minyan misfits who show up every day to pray at his House of Horrors.   Greer should buy a minyan of robots, let by Mr. Robot, to show up for services.  It would be a lot cheaper than hiring the gremlins.


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