Frenkel Ratted Out Moshe Butler

Frenkel Ratted Out Moshe Butler

New York attorney Effraim Frenkel got ratted out by master con man Moses Mark Stern, a Satmar from Monsey.  Stern bilked Citigroup out of $126 million to build shopping malls just before the real estate crash of 2008. Citigroup lost most of the money it lent to Stern.  Prosecutor Tweet Bhararararah led the investigation.  Frenkel and Stern are still getting sued because of the fraud.  Frenkel is broke.  Frenkel earns about 18 cents an hour working in the Otisville prison. The Feds even attach your prison pay.  My prison pay was attached.  Over 18 months I probably paid about $5.75 in restitution.  Meanwhile Stern is rolling in the judo.  The Feds let him keep whatever money he was able to stash away and hide from Citigroup.  The last I heard he was driving a new Porshe.

Frenkel was one of Stern’s many attorneys who handled Stern’s closing with Citigroup. Frenkel’s crime was that he miscalculated the amount of funds he was holding in escrow for Stern to Citigroup when Stern was applying for his $126 million loan.  Frenkel was only off by about $10 million.  Pocket change when you are borrowing $126 million.  Frenkel got busted.  Stern got a $50 gift certificate redeemable at any Justice Department gift shop.  Stern also got a job at the FBI as an undercover rat.  Stern didn’t even have to produce his diploma from the Williamsburg yeshiva he attended.  It’s a miracle that Stern is still alive.  Stern ratted out all kinds of lowlifes, fraudsters, miscreants, reprobates, and deviants of society, including the most devious of all, ie., politicians.

Frenkel was locked up in Otisville prison not long after I arrived.  I saw him in the prison chapel every day.  He was quiet for the most part.  Frenkel got 54 months in Otisville.  He is due to be released next year.  Moses Stern is still walking the streets of Monsey.  Stern is free as a bird.  If Stern attempts to start up a conversation with you in Monsey you should be aware that he is probably wired.  Whatever you tell Stern will be transmitted to some FBI agent sitting in some dreary cubicle located somewhere in New York.  The FBI doesn’t advertise where their offices are located.  In Connecticut they try to disguise their offices but I know exactly which buildings in Bridgeport and New Haven to avoid.

Frenkel’s lawyer trashed the Feds for getting into bed with the “fair-haired” Stern:  “Stern conceived the scheme, arranged for the participation of all concerned, operated the properties, created the conditions which led to the defaults and profited by his fraudulent scheme, pocketing millions of dollars. Yet, because Stern was politically connected and shrewd, he was able to become the Government’s ‘fair-haired boy’, agreeing to cooperate against not only Frenkel, but against New York State Senator Malcolm Smith in a political corruption case, and others whom the Government has not seen fit to reveal.”  For the record Stern is a swarthy Hungarian Satmar.  Frenkel’s lawyers are obviously colorblind.

At sentencing Frenkel’s attorney threw high powered lawyers involved in the Stern scheme under the bus.  Frenkel was a small time lawyer.  Frenkel’s lawyer argued:   “Stephen Friedman, an attorney at Buchanan Ingersoll, was instrumental in making this transaction happen. He was the attorney of record for Stern, a far different and significantly more involved role than Frenkel’s. He was certainly aware of the forged signatures, and he was deeply involved in all of the negotiations and financial chicanery which Stern orchestrated. Friedman has never been charged, although the Government clearly knows of his involvement. Why not? Did Stern protect Friedman while he threw Frenkel under the bus? Was it part of Stern’s deal that Friedman be untouched? Only the Government knows, but the fact that an attorney, significantly more involved in this scheme than Frenkel, is allowed to remain free and unscathed is something this Court should consider in crafting an appropriate sentence for Frenkel.”

I could not find any criminal case against Stern on the Federal database.  It is very unusual for the Feds not to indict a snitch.  Usually the rat has to get some jail time, or at least get a criminal record.  Even Solomon Dwek did some jail time.  Not to mention Sammy the Bull Gravano.  Why was Stern untouchable?

Frenkel was involved with Moshe Butler in Moshe’s most recent crime, which Moshe committed a few weeks after getting released from Otisville prison back in 2016.  Moshe schemed with Frenkel while they were both doing time in Otisville.  As soon as Moshe was released from Otisville he changed his name to Ed Wharburg.  Frenkel stayed in Otisville.  On the outside Moshe conducted business under the name “Ed Wharburg.” Frenkel called Moshe from the prison phone.  Moshe never answered Frenkel’s calls.  Moshe was too busy at the casinos to notice Frenkel’s incoming calls. Frenkel vowed revenge.

Larry Noodles reached out to Moshe Butler in order to determine why Moshe chose to call himself “Ed Wharburg.”  Moshe had no comment and told me he was going to report me to the Feds because my blog was false, seditious, and defamatory.  I told him that the Feds already investigated my blog and determined that the Trump investigation was more important to pursue at this time.  I was actually flattered when my probation officer warned me that the people “downtown” were reading my blog.

I conducted my own investigation and figured out why Moshe called himself “Ed Wharburg.”  There is a prominent philanthropic American Jewish family from Germany named Warburg.  Ed Warburg died in 1992, but he left behind many descendants.  Ed was a avid collector of fine art, including Picasso paintings.  Moshe Butler was locked up with billionaire playboy Helle Nahmad, whose family has one of the largest collections of Picasso’s in the entire world.  Moshe may have represented himself as part of the prominent Warburg family and used some of his own personal knowledge of the Nahmad family in order to fool his potential victims.

Frenkel solicited money from investors to send to Moshe.  Guys in Otisville warned Frenkel not to get involved with Moshe.  Moshe was the last person on earth whom you would invest money.  Moshe had a serious gambling problem.  Moshe even gambled in Otisville, or attempted to gamble.  I remember watching Moshe try to bet on something that was going on with a television show he was watching in the dining hall.  Nobody would wager with him.  Everyone knew that he would never pay up if he lost.

Frenkel’s investors sent money to Moshe.  Moshe used the money to rent a car to drive to Atlantic City.  The rest is history.  Frenkel was left with mad investors and no commission.  Frenkel promised to take revenge. Frenkel ratted Moshe out.  The SIS men met with Frenkel.  The SIS are special Federal investigators who “advise the Warden on security matters, investigate crime and misconduct committed by inmates and staff, and gather intelligence through monitoring of inmate communications.”  SIS referred the case to the Feds.  The Feds investigated Moshe for almost two years.  Two years to investigate a crime is lightning speed for the Feds.  The crime I committed occurred in 2007.  I didn’t see the inside of an Otisville jail cell until 2014.  Moshe was busted last month.  Moshe’s sentencing may not be for many months.  Moshe is looking at about two years in jail, more or less, hopefully less, this man doesn’t belong in jail.

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