Epstein Joins Jews, Mobsters & Chomos at MCC Prison

Epstein Joins Jews, Mobsters & Chomos at MCC Prison

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Jeffrey Epstein is locked up at the Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan. Epstein is waiting to see whether Bill Clinton appointed Judge Richard Miles Berman will let him out on home confinement while he waits for his trial date. Bill Clinton was one of Epstein’s clients who was flown on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s island located in the US “Virgin” Islands.

Epstein’s high powered Jew lawyer Reid Weingarten filed a letter asked Judge Berman to release Epstein to his residence on the Upper East Side. Weingarten tried to humanize his client in court paperwork. Weingarten painted Epstein as a man who is being supported by his family and wrote: “Mr. Epstein, 66, is a U.S. citizen who’s lived his entire life in this country. Born and bred in Coney Island, he worked his way up from humble origins – his father was a New York City municipal employee in the Parks Department – and earned every penny he’s made with nothing more than a high school diploma. Mr. Epstein’s brother has agreed to pledge his family home, that he shares half the year with his 14-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son, in order to secure the bond. It is particularly telling that Mr. Epstein’s brother, his only living immediate family member, as well as his close personal friend, are both willing to guarantee his appearance, notwithstanding the widespread negative publicity of Mr. Epstein that has dominated the news cycle since his arrest.” Pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer’s entire family, except his wife, abandoned him when he got sued for child rape.

Epstein is not cut from the same chomo (child molester) cloth as Michael Jackson, Jerry Sandusky or Daniel Greer. Epstein recruited and hired underage girls to work as his own personal prostitutes and to work as prostitutes for men in high places. Jerry Sandusky and Daniel Greer AKA “The Goat” manipulated teenage and tweenage boys for their own personal pleasure. Jerry Sandusky was protected by powerful men at Penn State. The Goat was protected by his sons Ezi and Dov Greer, as well as his victim Avi Hack, who also became a molester. Michael Jackson paid millions to victim families to drop prosecutions and lawsuits. The Goat was too cheap to pay his victim and is still fighting a $15 million jury verdict. Epstein was protected by high powered men in government and business who were flown to his “Virgin” Island to meet with his “pop tarts,” as they were called.

Epstein added another high powered lawyer to his wet dream team of slick bar mitzvah’ed Jew lawyers. Epstein added Harvard grad and Dershowitz buddy attorney Martin G. Weinberg. Alan Dershowitz led Epstein’s team of attorneys when Epstein was prosecuted back in 2006. Dershowitz negotiated the sweet heart deal where Epstein only got a year in jail at the Palm Beach Country Club. Dershowitz subsequently got dragged into the Epstein mess when two of Epstein’s prostitutes sued Dershowitz. Dershowitz is barred from representing Epstein as he has a conflict of interest.

I recently spoke with a few Jew felons who did some jail time recently at MCC. There are about 800 guys locked up at MCC. Many of the guys are goyim doing short term time waiting for their trials or waiting to get transferred to other prisons. There have been a few high profile Jews at MCC as well as a few high profile Islamic terrorists. Rabbi Moshe Zigelman did some time at MCC recently. Zigelman also did time in Otisville. Zigelman refused to rat out the Spinka Rebbe in a money laundering case. The Spinka Rebbe did some time at Otisville. Zigelman was held in contempt of court for refusing to rat out the Spinka Rebbe in a grand jury investigation. Zigelman was sent to MCC as punishment. Zigelman’s lawyer wrote to the Court: “Rabbi Zigelman informed the Government that because of self-incrimination concerns, he could not testify before the Grand Jury. Additionally, as Rabbi Zigelman made clear to this Court in connection with his sentencing proceedings, Rabbi Zigelman communicated to the Government that because of his religious beliefs, specifically, the doctrine of mesirah, which prohibits him from informing against other Jews, Rabbi Zigelman could not comply with the subpoena.”

Rabbi Zigelman has a serious prostate condition which requires him to use a catheter every time he urinates. Zigelman also needed to wear adult diapers. At MCC Zigelman had to pay another inmate to help Zigelman urinate and change his diapers. MCC doesn’t have nursing aids or medical personnel to tend to elderly or sickly inmates. The recently passed prison reform bill requires the Bureau of Prisons to supply all female inmates with free tampons. The BOP needed the President and Congress to order them to budget money for tampons.

Zigelman was locked up with other older inmates in the unit where Jeffrey Epstein is currently incarcerated. This unit consists of high profile inmates, aging mobsters, Hasidim, Black and Spanish drug dealers, and chomos (child molesters). Bonnano mobster John Zancocchio was just released from MCC. Trump buddy Paul Manafort was just transferred to MCC. Drug kingpin El Chapo is locked up in MCC.

Epstein will be the most high profile Jew locked up in MCC. In the past the Jews at MCC convinced the Warden to allow them to build a sukkah on the roof of MCC. There is no outdoor space for inmates at MCC. Everyone is stuck indoors 24/7. The Hasidic inmates had a sukkah built under the chain link cage that sits on top of the roof of MCC. During the week of Sukkah the Jews and the goyim all went to the roof to get a chance to get a breath of fresh air. The Hasidim fought over whether the sukkah was kosher. The sukkah was located under the chain link cage. A kosher sukkah is not supposed to have any barrier between the schach (top) and the sky. Some Hasidic inmates ruled that the sukkah was posul while others ruled it was kosher. Many fights broke out over the sukkah.

In the dorm area at MCC where the old guys, mob bosses, chomos and drug dealers sleep the chomos are not allowed to leave their beds. They can only leave their bunk in order to obtain food. They can bring their food back to their bed and eat it on their bunk. If they wander off their bunk they get physically attacked by the other inmates. I don’t think Jeffrey Epstein will be considered a chomo in the same way guys like Daniel Greer, Jerry Sandusky or Michael Jackson are considered chomos. Epstein didn’t rape five year old girls. The Hasidim at MCC frequently fought over whether they should count the Jew chomos in their minyans. When I was locked up at Otisville there were times that the Hasidim wouldn’t allow frei Jews to get aliyahs, which resulted in a lot of shouting and screaming. There were no chomos at the Otisville camp. If you were convicted of a crime of violence you were not allowed in the camp. You had to go to the Otisville medium, where there were many chomos as well as many guys with sexual identity issues.

“I gotta get that dough, I want the Beemer with the racing seats. Pound the ground with my feet to make the pavement speak. So wake up early, hop off the shitter, employ a lawyer that’s been bar mitzvah’ed, never trust a goyim, see me sippin’ spritzer, hookers with Spitzer” -Action Bronson

For G-d, For Country, For Dough, For Beemers with racing seats…

Moshiach Now!

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