Ewe Reaches Out to New Haven Jewish Community

Ewe Reaches Out to New Haven Jewish Community

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Judge John Cordani will be presiding over the final foreclosure hearing in the Goat’s Yeshiva building scheduled for October 21, at 2PM, which falls on Shemini Atzeret. The Goat will be praying while his lackey Attorney Jeffrey Sklarz, the President of the Jewish Community Center, will be arguing that the Goat should be allowed to keep his building. The holy Goat must know that sending a Jew to work on a holy day is a huge sin. Hasn’t the Goat committed enough sins in his life? Attorney Sklarz will appear in secular court on the holiday when Jewish men are supposed to be praying for rain to water the holy crops in the Holy Land. Rather than praying for rain, Sklarz will be asking Judge Cordani that the Goat continue to occupy the same building where he raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis, and groped Rafi

Daniel Greer, AKA “The Goat” is preparing for the holiday of Sukkot, or “sucka” as Attorney Willie the Dow pronounces it. What do you expect from a half Irish / half Italian goyisha Attorney? The Dow crashed after the jury convicted the Goat of four counts of risk of injury to a minor. The Goat is exposed to 80 years in prison. Yale Law graduate Goat will be appearing before Yale Law graduate Judge Jon Alander on November 20th for his sentencing. The Office of Adult Probation is currently preparing a Presentence Investigation Report on the Goat to submit to Judge Alander. The Probation Office will interview the Goat as well as others in order to write a detailed summary of the Goat’s life since the day that the Goat was born. This report is strictly confidential. If anyone wants to send me a copy of this report, no questions asked… If the Goat continues to proclaim his innocence after the jury determined he is guilty the Probation report will write that the Goat has no remorse for raping teenagers. If the Goat appears before Judge Alander and takes the position that the trial was unfair the Goat will not get much sympathy at sentencing.

The Goat’s wife the Ewe has been telling people in New Haven that the Goat is innocent. The Goat’s life was ruined by false accusations. The Goat is currently preparing for the holiday of Sukkot which begins on Sunday night. The Goat has reached out to a New Haven Jewish woman and asked her to ask the Orthodox Jewish outreach organization known as “Chabad” to help him build his sukkah. The Ewe told this woman that the Goat is almost 80 years old and cannot build the sukkah himself anymore. The Goat’s children used to help the Goat build his sukkah ever year. What happened to the little goats? Why have the little goats abandoned Papa Goat? I heard that baby Goat Chanie Greer was in the compound for Passover. The other baby goats have nothing to do with Daddy Goat. The grandchildren have nothing to do with the Goat. I heard that the Goat’s only brother, the Greer from Chicago, has even condemned the Goat.

I don’t know whether anyone from the Chabad organization is going to help the Goat build his sukka. Chabad may refer the Goat to the Aleph Institute, which specializes in helping Jewish convicts. The Goat is now a convicted felon. Aleph may be the more appropriate organization to help the Goat. I don’t know why the Goat doesn’t ask his Jewish Attorney Jeffrey Sklarz to help him build his sukkah. I’m sure for a few extra bucks JCC President Jeffrey Sklarz will do almost anything for the Goat. Almost anything. The Goat can ask his Jewish Attorneys David Grudberg and Stuart Margolis to help him build his sukkah. The Ewe can ask her Attorney Jon Einhorn to help the Goat.

The Goat cannot expect any leniency from Judge Alander on November 20th. The Goat cannot go into Court and show contempt for the jury verdict. Every criminal who is convicted of a crime knows that the sentencing judge expects you to accept responsibility and regret your actions. At my sentencing I apologized to my sentencing Judge and told her it would never happen again. One of my co-defendants went to trial and got convicted by a jury. At sentencing he told Judge Hall that he knew he was guilty all along and apologized for forcing the Feds to take him to trial. Judge Hall went easy on him and gave him less time than me. I couldn’t believe it. The Goat will never admit that he is guilty. The Goat’s Attorney Willie the Dow will choose his words very carefully at sentencing. The Dow will tell Judge Alander that the Goat respectfully disagrees with the jury verdict and will be filing an appeal. This will not work. I expect the Dow to crash again. November 20th will be Black Thursday.

I don’t expect Quinnipiac Law School grad Judge Cordani to have much sympathy for the Goat on October 21st when the Goat’s attorney Jeffrey Sklarz asks Cordani to let the Goat hang on to his rape school building a bit longer. Larry Noodles also graduated from Quinnipiac. I couldn’t bribe my way into Yale like the Goat and his little goat children.

Judge Cordani took a hard line against the City of New Haven when Mayor Harp fought numerous cases involving lead poisoning. Cordani saw right through Harp’s legal team’s shenanigans and ruled against her in strong language. The Goat’s former buddy Mary Harp is doomed anyway. She lost the Democratic primary and it looks like she is going to lose the general election next month. The Goat, the Harp and the Dow have all crashed. Before the Harp leaves office she gave the Goat a last minute gift. On October 21st a hearing is scheduled before Superior Court Judge Robert Young in the case of Daniel Greer, Sarah Greer v. City of New Haven Tax Assessor. Attorney Stuart Margolis represents the Goat in this case. Stuart Margolis, husband of Federal Judge Joan Margolis, and prominent members of Temple Mishkan Israel, will be appearing in court on Shemeni Atzeret representing the Goat in this tax assessment case. The Goat has caused two Jewish men to sin on Shemeni Atzeret: Attorney Sklarz and Attorney Margolis. Margolis will be asking Judge Young to approve Tony Harp’s gift to the Goat in the amount of $61,000.00 in reduced tax assessment on the Goat’s residence at 133 West Park Avenue. Doesn’t the Goat have enough non profit properties off the tax rolls as it is? Chutzpah! Judge Young should rip up this agreement that is signed by Tony Harp and Corporate Counsel John Rose.

“Remember Moses was drawn forth in a bulrush basket from the water. He drew water and provided the sheep with water. At the time Your treasured people thirsted for water, he struck the rock and out came water. Remember the twelve tribes You caused to cross through the split waters,
for whom You sweetened the water’s bitter taste. Their offspring whose blood was spilled for You like water. Turn to us – for woes engulf our souls like water.”

For God, For Yale, For Country, For an end to crooks, traitors and rats. Moshiach Now! Noodles Now!

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  1. Happy Columbus Day Noodles
    Happy Suckit Lawrence

    Annie Hall gave your Co-Defendant less time than you after a Federal trial? He musta been 100% yid with a kosher lawyer.

    Noodles = halfa yid with a goyim lawyer.
    #neva had a shot

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