Expert Report: Hack-Greer Apartment Death Trap

Expert Report: Hack-Greer Apartment Death Trap

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On the date of August 31, 2013 Amy Yamaguchi rented a third floor apartment at 33 Pendleton Street.  In the middle of the night Amy was awakened by the smell of smoke.  The building was on fire.  Amy tried to escape using the front exit but the front stairwell was engulfed in flames.  Amy tried to escape from the back stairwell, but the back was engulfed in smoke.  Amy was forced to jump out of a third floor window and land on the roof on the second floor.  The New Haven Fire Department rescued Amy from the roof.

On February 15, 2015 Amy sued Ezi Greer, Avi Hack and Pendleton Properties as the owners and managers of the death trap where she almost met her Maker.  Amy claimed that Defendants Hack and Greer were negligent in not maintaining working fire alarms in the building.  Amy also claimed that Hack and Greer did not maintain safe exits in the building.

33-35 Pendleton Street was once owned by former Goat employee and current attorney for Agudath Israel, ie., Mordecai in 2002.  Mordy quit claimed the property to Avi Hack in 2002 for one dollar.  The property changed hands a few times over the years between the Greers and the Hacks.  The property is currently owned by Maya Wheel, which is a limited liability company owned and operated by Dov Greer, Ezi Greer and Avi Hack.

The law firm of Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante is representing Amy in a lawsuit against Hack and Greer.  Attorney Errante represents Avi Hack in the Goat case, where Avi has been trying to get Judge Shea to prevent the release of his videotaped deposition where he described in detail how he repeatedly got molested by the Goat.  Judge Shea ordered the release of the videotape.  The Goat’s attorney and Avi’s attorney both filed appeals.  The videotape will be released to Larry Noodles if the Appellate Court for the Second Circuit upholds Judge Shea’s order.  A decision will not be rendered until after briefs are filed, which could take a year or more.

The Law Firm of Meehan, Turret & Rosenbaum is defending Avi Hack and Ezi Greer in the apartment fire case filed by Amy Yamaguchi. This law firm recently filed a defense to Amy’s lawsuit.  Attorney Rosenbaum argued that Amy was aware that the smoke detectors were defective.  Rosenbaum claimed Amy was negligent in not notifying Avi and Ezi about the defective smoke detectors. Rosenbaum also claimed that Amy failed to make any repairs to the smoke detectors, as was required under the lease.  Only a Goat lease agreement would make the tenant responsible to maintain smoke detectors.  These sleezy attorneys are going to argue at trial that Avi and Ezi were the victims of Amy’s negligence by failing to replace the smoke detector.  Did the lease agreement also require Amy to make plumbing repairs?

Amy’s attorney recently filed a disclosure of expert report in the apartment fire case.   The expert concluded:

1)       There were no working smoke detectors present in Ms. Yamaguchi’s apartment.
2)       There were no carbon dioxide detectors in any of the apartments, including Ms.
Yamaguchi’s apartment.
3)       The egress windows in Ms. Yamaguchi’s apartment were not working properly before
the fire.
4)       The emergency escape and rescue windows did not work properly and should have
been repaired prior to renting the dwelling unit to Ms. Yanaguchi.
5)       Illegal wiring existed in the building.

In other words, the expert concluded that the Hack – Greer apartment building was a death trap and Amy was lucky to get out of there alive.


2 thoughts on “Expert Report: Hack-Greer Apartment Death Trap

  1. “Did the lease agreement also require Amy to make plumbing repairs?”

    Actually, yes. I unfortunately lived in a goat barn for several years up and in the lease it states that the tenant is responsible for any plumbing issues/repairs. Along with tenants somehow being responsible monetarily for their barn’s furnace contract…

    I told them if I’m paying for a furnace contract then the furnace is coming with me when I move out, that was the last I heard of it… Likely preying on younger, unaware-of-their-rights, renters.

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