Ezi Greer Closes on Waterbury Estate

Ezi Greer Closes on Waterbury Estate

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Ezi Greer is married to Rena Hack.  Rena Hack is the daughter of Harold Hack and the sister of rape victim Avi Hack.  Harold Hack recently closed on a modest house in Waterbury located at 111 Avalon Circle. Ezi Greer is Harold Hack’s new neighbor.  Ezi Greer just purchased a spacious 4,500 square foot colonial located at 28 Avalon Circle in Waterbury.

Harold Hack fled New Haven after serving as the Goat’s loyal underboss  for the last 30 years.  Ezi Greer, Avi Hack and Dov Greer all served as capos, or captains, in La Chomo Nostra of New Haven.  In Federal prison “Cho-mo” refers to child-molester.  La Chomo Nostra fell apart after Goat victim Eli Mirlis went to Federal court and ratted out the Goat and got awarded $21 million.

A week ago I blogged about how the Greers and Hacks were looking to rebuild the compound in Waterbury.  This is how an organized crime family typically works.  The leader either gets shot or goes to prison and the underlings take over.  In this case the Goat will be going to prison and Rabbi Nodis will be taking over the compound.  Ezi Greer and Harold Hack started there own gang in Waterbury.

Within the last year Ezi Greer, Harold Hack and Avi Hack all purchased houses far away from the compound.  Avi Hack spent the most money on his home, close to $350K.  Between the three of them they purchased homes with a combined value of close to a million bucks.  Where did they get this money?  Was it hush money from the Goat?  None of these guys testified in the Mirlis rape trial.  If they had any sense of decency as human beings they would showed up at the Mirlis trial and helped Mirlis.  Instead, Avi Hack gave a videotaped deposition and refused to show up to testify in court.  Avi avoided Marshal Miller who tried to serve him with a subpoena to appear at the Mirlis trial.  Ezi Greer, Dov Greer and Harold Hack didn’t offer any assistance to Mirlis.  Were they all paid off by the Goat to keep quiet?  Mirlis testified during his trial that Ezi may have been raped by the Goat.  Neither Ezi nor rape victim Avi filed criminal charges against this madman.  The only soul brave enough to face the ruthless Goat in civil and criminal court was Eli Mirlis.  This man should be commended.  Avi, Ezi, Dov, and Harold, on the other hand…

For many years Ezi Greer lived at 243 Ellsworth Avenue in the compound in New Haven.  Ezi used to tell everyone that he owned the house, and that it had nothing to do with his father. I always believed that he owned the house.  I didn’t even do a property search.  I often wondered how Ezi was able to move to Waterbury and leave his New Haven house vacant and still pay rent in Waterbury and the property taxes, insurance, and mortgage in New Haven.  Apparently the old yarn about Ezi owning his own home in New Haven was a bubba maisa. The Goat’s shady non-profit entity “FOH, Inc” owns 243 Ellsworth Avenue.  Ezi was living rent free for all these years.

“FOH” means “Friends of Ha-Gan” or “Friends of the Gan.”  The only friends that stayed close to the Goat were the “friends” the Goat paid.  Even today, the Goat has a group of “friends” hanging around the compound.  Rabbi Nodis and his gang from Lakewood are currently being paid to occupy the compound.  This past Shabbat a number of cars with out of State license plates were parked in front of the Nightmare on Elm Street.  New faces could be seen walking around the compound, lining up to pick up bags of Goat gold.

I last reported that the Goat was offering to pay rape victim Mirlis a monthly sum of money in exchange for Mirlis stopping foreclosure and collection activity.  I am not privy to the discussions between the attorneys, but I suspect that the Goat would have to offer at least $10K a month for five or ten years to give Mirlis enough incentive to stop collection activity.  If Mirlis forecloses and attaches bank accounts on the personal assets of the Goat, he would only recover between a half million and a million dollars.  After attorneys fees and costs Mirlis would be left with much less.  If the Goat paid Mirlis $10K a month over five years that would add up to about $600K.  The Goat would then be able to hold onto his residence and his Nightmare on Elm Street yeshiva, even after the Goat goes to prison. There is no law that forbids a prisoner from maintaining a non-profit entity.

Rabbi Nodis will operate the Goat yeshiva while the Goat is incarcerated.  Rabbi Nodis can send the Goat commissary money in prison.  Prisoners are not allowed to possess money, so they get a commissary account, which they can use to purchase items like a toothbrush from the prison store.  But the prison store is only open one hour a week.  When I was locked up in Federal prison I cut my finger and needed a band-aid.  I asked the prison guard for a band-aid.  The guard told me that I could purchase a band-aid in the prison store.  I had to use toilet paper to stop the bleeding.  In prison toilet paper was one of the few items inmate didn’t have to pay for.  Toilet paper had to be used as a substitute for tissue paper,  dish rags, and paper towels.  This caused the prison complex to constantly run out of toilet paper, which caused the guards to constantly yell at us for using too much toilet paper.  The Goat may want to bring his own roll of toilet paper when he turns himself in to the authorities to begin serving his prison sentence.  I would offer my services to the Goat as a prison consultant, but my moral principles would never allow me to accept Goat gold, unlike Avi Hack, Harold Hack, Dov Greer, Rabbi Nodis, and Ezi Greer.

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