Ezi Greer Hawking Kosher Clocks

Ezi Greer Hawking Kosher Clocks

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A long article about Daniel Greer “the Depraved Goat” was recently published in the New Haven Independent.  Normally I would steer readers away from this Communist publication, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  You can read about how the Goat’s real estate empire is crumbling by clicking this link below.  You may not want to view the pictures of Goat bathrooms that look like outhouses filled with piles of human excrement.


I have a few issues with this Goat article.  I think that writer Chris Peak did a good job exposing the Goat for the disgusting pedophile and slumlord that he is, but Peak omitted a number of important points.  For example, there was not one mention of the Larry Noodles blog.  It was Larry Noodles who started the campaign to prosecute and incarcerate the Goat monster.  In some of my early blogs I wrote the following about the Goat, and I quote:

“For years I’ve regarded the Goat’s existence as a monument to all the rancid genes and broken chromosomes that corrupt the possibilities of the American Dream, he was a foul caricature of himself, a man with no soul, no inner convictions, with the integrity of a hyena and the style of a poison toad. The Goat is absolutely humorless, I couldn’t imagine him laughing at anything except maybe a paraplegic who wanted to vote against him for NY State Assembly but couldn’t quite reach the lever on the voting machine. If there were any such thing as true justice in this world, his rancid carcass would be somewhere down around Easter Island right now, in the belly of a hammerhead shark.”

Actually the above quote came from the pen of Hunter S. Thompson.  Hunter didn’t know the Goat. Hunter was referring to Richard Nixon, aka “Tricky Dick.”  I used this quote because I saw a similarity between the Goat and Tricky Dick, no pun intended.

Chris Peak mentioned in his article that the Goat’s family abandoned him, including Eliezer Greer AKA Ezi Greer AKA Eli Greer AKA Rabbi Ezi Greer.  Ezi Greer used to manage the Goat properties.  The Goat tenants never knew his real name.  Some thought his name was Ely.  Ezi is not a rabbi, although the New Haven Register referred to him as Rabbi for whatever reason. The Undertaker used to tell me that the New Haven Register at one point ordained him a Rabbi.

Ezi Greer refers to himself as Rabbi Greer.  You can watch a Youtube video of “Rabbi Greer”:

I’ve tried to post comments below the video telling viewers that Rabbi Eli Greer is practicing rabbinics without a license.  Every time I post a comment this fake rabbi takes it down.  The nerve of these faux rabbis.

The other problem that I have with the Chris Peak article is that it fails to mention many important characters in the Goat saga, such as Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Robot, The Undertaker, Otis, Burt Reynolds, the Librarian, Salty Betzim, Goat Copy, the Goat’s Joke, the Mathematician, the Lounge Singer, Paul Bass, Uma Thurman, Willie the Dow, Attorney William Ward, Marshal Winik, the Cowboy, the Gracks, and the Ewe.  Actually Uma Thurman had nothing to do with the Goat, she was a victim of Harvey Weinstein, who looks a lot like the Goat.

My sources in Israel recently informed me that Ezi Greer has been selling kosher clocks.  Ezi has been going door to door asking people if they want to buy one of his kosher clocks.  Clocks are lighter than encyclopedias and vacuum cleaners.  Ezi claims to have invented this kosher clock.  You can read about the kosher clock by clicking on the link below to a Jewish publication, Mishpacha, that interviewed Ezi:


In the article Ezi said that he first came up with this kosher clock idea last Passover during his Seder with friends and family.  The Goat may be family, but he was not at Ezi’s Seder.  The Goat hasn’t seen his family members, other than the Ewe, in a very long time.  It was shortly after Passover last year that the $15 million child rape verdict was rendered against the Goat.  Ezi didn’t mention anything about the Goat to Mishpacha Magazine.  Ezi stated that the organization MyZmanim copyrighted his kosher clock and created a page to host it on their website.

Any profits Ezi receives from this kosher clock should be donated to rape victim Eli Mirlis, who hasn’t collected a dime from the Goat on his $20 million verdict.  During the rape trial Eli Mirlis testified that while he was getting raped by the Goat, Ezi Greer and Avi Hack banged on the locked dorm room to try to stop the Goat.

Ezi and Avi never contacted the New Haven Police Department when they witnessed Mirlis getting raped by the Goat.  Ezi is still a member of the New Haven Community and Police Task Force, even though he has lived in Waterbury for the past two years.  Ezi was appointed by Goat buddy Mayor Toni Harp.  The Mayor now avoids the Goat like the plague, as does all of the Goat’s former cronies in City Hall.  It took Eli Mirlis, a nobody from New Jersey, to finally put a stop to the depraved Goat.  Who knows how many lives Mirlis saved.

Ezi and Avi are accomplices to the Goat’s crimes, and just as guilty as the Goat, if not more guilty.  The Goat suffers from an extreme form of pedophilia, a mental illness which causes him to rape children.  Ezi and Avi suffer from no such mental illness.  What is their excuse?

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