Ezi Greer Turns in Daddy Greer to Conn State Marshals

Ezi Greer Turns in Daddy Greer to Conn State Marshals

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Convicted child rapist Daniel Greer turned himself in today after losing his latest motion to stay at home with an ankle bracelet before Judge Alander. Alander had sentenced Greer to 12 years in the Big House after Greer was convicted of four counts of child molestation. Alander released Mr. Greer AKA “the Goat” from Cheshire prison when the Goat filed a motion in which he argued that he was at risk of catching the coronavirus due to his age and medical condition. The Goat just turned 80 years old on June 15th.

Alander ordered the Goat to turn himself in to the Connecticut marshals today at 10AM. The Goat was driven to the courthouse this morning by his son Ezi Greer. The Goat’s wife, ie., the Ewe, rode in the back. The Goat was decked out in his suit and tie, which he would only have to take off as soon as the marshals took him into custody and then change into his prison uniform. I don’t know why he saw a need to wear a suit and tie when he wasn’t going to appear before a Judge or appear before anyone else of any importance. I doubt very much that the Connecticut marshals were impressed with the Goat’s attire.

Ezi Greer was in the New Haven news for many years before he moved to Waterbury after his father was sued for child rape back in 2016. Ezi was active in politics and was on New Haven boards and commissions. The New Haven Register referred to Ezi as “Rabbi Eli” or “Rabbi Ezi” even though Ezi was not a Rabbi. Ezi’s father in law Harold Hack moved to Waterbury shortly thereafter and moved down the street from Ezi. Ezi’s wife is the sister of Avi Hack, who was raped by the Goat as a teenager. During the Federal civil trial an expert testified that there was evidence that Ezi was molested by his father. Ezi used to manage all of his father’s real estate, about 40 properties. Ezi has worked for Navarino Properties for the last several years, which is owned by Justin Goldberg, a former student at the Goat school. After Ezi and Dov Greer skipped town they told people that they sat shiva for their father. Dov used to run the shul for his father. I guess Ezi must have driven a ghost to the courthouse today.

The reason Ezi drove his depraved father to the courthouse today must be because Ezi is getting paid off by the old goat. I recently discovered that Rabbi Notis was funneled $50K by the Goat. That was probably the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how much money was transferred to Notis over the years. Ezi must also be getting money funneled from the old goat. There is no other reason to explain why Ezi would still be involved with his father. The Goat publicly humiliated and berated Ezi and Dov in shul all the time. The Goat even berated Ezi and Dov’s children in public. I remember one instance when the Goat made one of their children cry. Ezi must be getting paid a pretty penny to have anything to do with this monster.

Ezi knew that his father raped Mirlis at the time Mirlis was in the high school. Ezi banged on the locked door to try to get his father to stop raping Mirlis. I’m sure Ezi knew all about the years that Avi got raped by the Goat. Ezi married Avi’s sister. Ezi, Avi and Dov covered up and protected their pedophile father for years. They never allowed their own children to be alone with the Goat, for the most part, yet they watched as their friends’ children were molested by their depraved father. I was told by one former student that Ezi allowed his children to learn individually with the Goat in the Goat’s office every morning, with the door closed. I used to watch the Goat put Dov’s son on his lap every morning after prayer services, while the Goat “taught” the youngster the ethical rules of the Torah.

The Goat filed an appeal of Alander’s ruling sending him back to the Big House. I doubt very much that the Goat will win his appeal. Connecticut Judges have not been releasing any inmates from prison due to the coronavirus. The Goat was one of the few exceptions. Goat privilege. The Goat’s attorneys tried to get the Goat’s surrender date delayed by a day because today is Tisha B Av and the Goat is fasting. The Goat cannot be processed by prison guards while he is fasting. That would be cruel and unusual punishment. The Goat’s request to delay his surrender date due to Tisha B Av was DENIED by Judge Alander. By now the Goat is back in his solitary confinement cell in the basement of the Cheshire prison. I am shocked that he voluntarily surrendered, especially with 12 years hanging over his head, and after already having a taste of prison. He may never live that long. If he skipped town and got caught the State could charge him with escape and add a couple of more years to his sentence. Another couple of years in the Big House doesn’t make much of a difference if you are doing 12 years. 12 years is an eternity. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. I was sentenced to 20 months. I counted the months. After a few months in Otisville I felt good that I did 25 percent of my time. Doing a few months in Cheshire doesn’t put much of a dent in a 12 year sentence. I felt like a temporary guest with one foot out the door. When you are doing 12 years jail becomes your permanent residence. You become completely institutionalized.

Ezi used to visit me in Otisville prison. Ezi can’t visit his father in Cheshire due to the coronavirus. No visitors allowed! Ezi, Avi, Dov and Harold Hack used to visit me in Otisville frequently. It was a two hour drive. I could not understand why they used to visit me. I realized later that when they were visiting me there were rumors going around about the Goat. At that point I was writing a blog from jail. I should have asked them to pay me Goat gold, like everyone else, to write a blog defending the poor, misunderstood Goat. I never knew that the Goat had so much money to throw around. What a shmuck I was! If I was a rich man….

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  1. Reform defund the Jew privlage…How many Men of color are still locked up because they dont have Jew money …This sickens me ..The judge should be thrown of the bench ..LETTING A CHILD MOLSTER OUT Is insane…..Larry noodles for mayor corruption must be stop dpwn with the feds…..Cigsr joe is still a Dow suck ass….

  2. The people who think they are buying Jewish votes by sucking up to Jewish criminals are just as bigoted as people who think letting a black criminal walk will enrich the lives of the law abiding majority of African Americans. On an unrelated subject, I couldn’t help but notice that the goat was not even seated with his wife when he was on his way back to prison. Damn what an ice cold marriage! They could chill a beer by wrapping their fingers around it.

    1. I wasn’t fast enough to get a pic of the goat and his wife in the car. Ezi drove the car. The Goat sat shotgun and the Ewe was sitting in the back.

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