FBI Raids Business In Lakewood Jewish Enclave

FBI Raids Business In Lakewood Jewish Enclave

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Today the FBI raided a business in an industrial park owned by the Bnos Bais Yaakov High School, at 155 North Oberlin Avenue, Lakewood, NJ, carrying out boxes with the word “respirator” written on the side of the boxes. Its not clear which business was raided. Bnos Bais Yaakov is run by Rabbi Dovid Winkler, no relation to Henry Winkler, AKA “THE FONZ.” A clothing company called Murex Industries is located in the complex. There is also a business called Deco Tile located in the complex. The VP from Murex named Nathan Zelikovitz told members of the press that it was not his company that was raided. Zelikovitz said that a new tenant that had only been in the complex for a couple of months was raided. Zelikovitz was a good Jew and wouldn’t rat out the evil Jews who were wheeling and dealing in COVID19 supplies. When Zelikovitz gets questioned by the FBI I’m sure he will pish in his pants and rat out everyone, including his own bubbe.

So far the Justice Department and the FBI have said nothing about the raid. The Justice Department refused to comment. They don’t talk about ongoing investigations. The Feds need to keep the public in a constant state of anxiety. You may be next!

Located right across the street from Bnos Bais Yaacov is the Moreshes Bais Yaacov School at 140 Lehigh Ave. Diagonally across from the Bnos Bais Yaacov Yeshiva is the Jewish summer camp non profit Oorah, which owns a couple of big parcels of land. Next to Oorah is the Yeshiva Shagas Aryeh, run by Rabbi Aahron Gobioff. There was once a Rabbi Gobioff who lived in New Haven.

The FBI raid was carried out in the heart of the Lakewood Jewish community. The Jews in Lakewood obviously need to step up their game. They need to pay off the politicians to keep the heat out of Lakewood. They need to hire Satmar teachers from Williamsburg to train their children in the seedy ways of politics. The local New York cops let the Satmars do whatever they want. Every now and then the Feds lock up a meshug Satmar, but the local cops are all on the payroll. The Jewish media recently reported that the Satmars are teaching their kids Torah underground, in Yiddish, in basements and in locked up school buildings, just like in the old days in the Old Country. The Satmars are the only Jews keeping up the old traditions. They are not afraid of the Gentile authorities. If you are stuck at home with your ten Jewish kids watching Zoom, in English, all day you are nothing but an assimilated Jew aping the goyim. A disgrace to the race!

If you have any information about who was raided by the FBI please report said information to Larry Noodles. You will be offered a HUGE reward, it will be a HUGE bowl of ramen noodles. L’Chaim! Moshiach!

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