Fed Judge Cuts Ex-Prosecutor a Break

Fed Judge Cuts Ex-Prosecutor a Break


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Former Attorney and Federal Prosecutor Harold James Pickerstein got a 30 day prison sentence after he stole $600K from his client. Pickerstein’s federal sentencing guidelines called for 3 years jail.  Larry Noodles’ sentencing guidelines called for about 3 years.  Larry Noodles caught a break and got only 20 months jail.  Larry Noodles would have preferred 30 days like Pickerstein, but hey, who is Larry Noodles to complain about these things?

Pickerstein raided his client’s bank account for two years.  He used the money to pay his back taxes and go on a shopping spree.   Pickerstein was caught after his client put on a wire and recorded Pinkerstein admitting that he stole the money.  Pickerstein was sentenced to 30 days jail by Federal Judge Victor Bolden, a judge recently appointed by President Obama.  Pickerstein surrendered his law license and agreed never to seek to reapply to the bar ever again.

Pickerstein received 70 pages of character letters, mostly from attorneys and former prosecutors, and one letter from Federal magistrate Judge Holly Fitzsimmons.   Pickerstein worked for such powerful law firms as Trager & Trager, Pepe & Hazard, and McElroy, Deutsch, Mulraney & Carpenter.  Not one character letter bore the letterhead of Trager & Trager, Pepe & Hazard, or McElroy, Deutsch, Mulraney & Carpenter.  If Pickerstein was such a great guy why didn’t anyone from these firms submit a character letter on his behalf?

Pickerstein received a character letter from former Federal prosecutor Joseph Martini.  Pickerstein officiated at Martini’s wedding.  Martini married an Irish girl.  Pinkerstein, a Jewish man, a gabbai (sexton) no less, gave the blessings at this Italian-Irish wedding.  How often does that happen?  Martini probably gave Pickerstein a copy of the New Testament to review.  Larry Noodles’ advice to Pickerstein is that he not bring a copy of the New Testament into the Jewish prison “camp” at Otisville.  The current gabbai inmate is a militant Hasid from the Satmar sect.  A guy by the name of “M-shulum.”

Former prosecutor Martini used to be a partner with Pickerstein at the powerful law firm Pepe & Hazard.  Pickerstein also received a character letter from former Fed prosecutor James Glasser, the son of Israel Leo Glasser, a Federal judge in New York. Glasser contributed to the Obama for President campaign.  Martini and Glasser are both partners at the powerful law firm of Wiggin & Dana.  Unlike other attorney character letters, the Martini and Glasser character letters were not submitted on Wiggin & Dana letterhead.  But Judge Bolden already knew that Martini and Glaser were partners at Wiggin & Dana.  Judge Bolden used to work for Wiggin & Dana.  Judge Bolden served on the Wiggin & Dana Diversity Advisory Board up until the year 2013.

The Federal Judicial Canon of Ethics state:  “A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to… permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge…. An appearance of impropriety occurs when reasonable minds, with knowledge of all the relevant circumstances disclosed by a reasonable inquiry, would conclude that the judge’s honesty, integrity, impartiality, temperament, or fitness to serve as a judge is impaired. Public confidence in the judiciary is eroded by irresponsible or improper conduct by judges. A judge must avoid all impropriety and appearance of impropriety…”

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