Fed Judge Rules Against Ewe In Fraudulent Transfer Case

Fed Judge Rules Against Ewe In Fraudulent Transfer Case

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Eli Mirlis filed his Federal child rape lawsuit against the Goat back on May 3, 2016. The Goat’s entire family fled the compound, never to return. The only person who remained behind was the Goat’s loyal wife, Sarah Greer AKA the Ewe, who knew for 40 years that the Goat was a depraved pedophile, yet she did nothing about it. She testified at the Mirlis trial in support of her Goat. She was asked if the Goat ever served teenage boys alcohol. There was evidence that the Goat got his victims drunk and showed them pornographic magazines before he raped them. She testified that wine is served at kiddush and wine is also given to an 8 day old baby on his bris. Her demeanor is that of a third grade teacher, she talks to everyone as if they are in the third grade. Her reading glasses were perched at the end of her nose as she Jewsplained about what it means to be a religious Jew. She shook her head, smiled and exclaimed, “This is who WE are” as if she was descended from a long line of Rabbis and tzadikim. When she used the word “we” she implied that she was part of a prominent religious sect. The Ewe is obviously delusional. Her children fled the compound after the lawsuit was filed. Nobody was at the trial supporting Rabbi Goat or Rebbetzin Ewe. There was one member of the Greer extended family who showed up during the trial to support Eli Mirlis. This person sat next to me. The Goat and the Ewe walked past this person and shook their heads in disgust. I don’t know if they were disgusted that this person sat next to Larry Noodles or that this person was supporting Eli Mirlis.

As the Ewe testified at the Mirlis trial she kept her eyes glued on her Goat who was sitting at a desk across from her. The Goat nodded and shook his head and gave her signals on what to say. When the Goat wanted her to cut her testimony short he shook his head and she stopped talking. The only other person to show up at the civil trial to testify in support of the Goat was his loyal secretary Mrs. Jean Ledbury. Ledbury told the jury she has worked at the Goat school for 19 years.  Jean Ledbury didn’t have much to say, other than she saw pictures of Mirlis on Facebook jet skiing.  She also stated that Eli Mirlis played a prank on her when he was in the Goat high school.  Ledbury said that Mirlis and his friends stole her set of keys to many of the rooms in the compound.  She said she didn’t know they stole the keys.  She said they took the keys to the key shop and made duplicates and then returned her keys without her even knowing it.  She said she couldn’t understand how the boys were getting into all the classrooms.  She said that she laughed about it with the boys.  On cross examination Ledbury conceded that the Goat had a very bad temper but she said she didn’t let it bother her.  Ledbury was recently added as an officer to some of the Goat’s non profits.

The Goat listed two prominent witnesses on his witness list that he anticipated would appear and testify in his support. Dr. Moshe Siev, a former Yale pediatrician and Rabbi J. David Bleich were listed but never showed up to testify. Dr. Siev moved to Baltimore, and refused to help the Goat. I don’t know why Bleich didn’t show up. I would imagine it would not be good for his reputation to appear at a Federal trial in support of a pedophile.

Eli Mirlis filed a fraudulent conveyance Federal lawsuit against the Ewe about a year ago. The case was assigned to Judge Robert A Richardson, who was appointed as a Federal Magistrate in 2016. Taxpayers pay Federal magistrates $185K a year to sign off on search, seizure and arrest warrants, accept indictments from grand juries, handle arraignments and bond hearings, take guilty pleas, mediate discovery disputes, rule on motions, and preside over pretrial settlement conferences. I could do this job in my sleep. I would only charge the Feds $100K. The Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis is married to a Connecticut Federal magistrate. The Goat is always looking to make political connections in high places, even when he is charged with child rape and all his friends and family abandoned him. Is the Goat stupid enough to think that by paying Stuart Margolis piles of cash in legal fees Stuart will use his connections with his wife in order to curry the Goat a favor? The Goat’s days of paying off politicians to get him out of a jam are long over. Back in 2008 the Greer goat and his non-profits were sued by the Environmental Protection Agency for lead poisoning.  The Goat shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for cleanup, penalties and fines. At the time the Goat was worried about being charged criminally. The Goat hired the best Jew lawyers money could buy.  After he reached a settlement with the EPA the Goat celebrated at his annual fundraising dinner.  He honored himself at his dinner. The miserly Goat splurged and served prime rib. The Goat had Avi Hack for dessert.

Judge Richardson is probably the first Federal Judge I have encountered who did not graduate from any Ivy League schools. Richardson graduated from Pennsylvania State University and Ohio State Law School. Richardson made law review, so he clearly didn’t drink much alcohol while in law school. Richardson worked for a prominent New Haven employment law firm for a few years. Richardson is a local man who grew up in the boon docks of Bethany and graduated from the regional Amity High School. Amity consists of kids from small rural and suburban white towns west of New Haven. Richardson was probably the first Black kid to graduate Amity. There are many Jewish kids at Amity. Recently these kids complained that there were a few Anti-Semitic incidents at Amity. They organized a big meeting at the school. The Jewish kids complained that there were swastikas scribbled on the bathroom stalls and a few Anti-Semites in the school. Big deal. Welcome to America. The Jewish kids were actually crying during the meeting. I got pennies thrown at me in high school. I didn’t cry about it. I found the biggest Jews in the school to threaten the goyim. These Amity kids need to toughen up. I’m sure Judge Richardson was subjected to worse abuse than these pale faced Hebrew crybabies. High school kids hate each other for all kinds of stupid reasons, if you are a preppie, a jock, a nerd, a stoner, a greaser, a goth, rich, poor, gay, bi, tri, or a goat, whatever. I personally have no patience for nerds. I admit I am prejudiced against nerds, especially nerds who like math. These Jew crybabies should either get over it or move to New York if they feel threatened by the goyim. Richardson was smart and moved to New Haven. He knew it wasn’t safe for him in Bethany. Not that New Haven is any safer for a Black man in a suit and tie. The great Attorney Norm Pattis has a law office in a barn in Bethany. Norm was banned from Facebook because of racist shenanigan postings, which he claimed he purposely posted in order to test Facebook to see if they would ban him. Norm is much smarter than a fifth grader, I don’t care what anyone says.

Judge Richardson made the following findings of fact in the fraudulent transfer case: “The jury returned its verdict against defendant’s husband on May 18, 2017. The first check was drafted shortly before the verdict, on May 12, 2017, for $5,000.00. The second check was drafted on June 16, 2017 in the amount of $13,000.00. The final check, a bank check from June 5, 2017, was made payable to the defendant Sarah Greer in the amount of $220,000.00.”

Judge Richardson issued the following ruling: “the Court finds probable cause that the plaintiff can prove that the three transfers were made with fraudulent intent. The transfers, which were concealed from the plaintiff, occurred immediately before and immediately after the verdict and judgment. The defendant’s husband was about to become insolvent at the time of the transfer, as a result of the transfers. Although Sarah Greer testified that she could not recall if she knew about the verdict when she issued the checks in May and June of 2017, she testified that she was in court on the day the verdict was rendered so she was familiar with the numbers. The Court finds that the transfers were concealed from the plaintiff. There is evidence that the defendant nearly depleted a bank account that she had not used for a year. Further, the check transfers occurred around the time of the jury verdict and judgment. Ten days after the judgment, the transfers were deposited into an out of state account solely bearing the defendant Sarah Greer’s name. Not only did the check transfers occur at this time, but Sarah Greer removed herself as a signatory on an account that she had held jointly with her husband for years. Daniel Greer did not receive any consideration for the money that was transferred. Instead, Sarah Greer testified that she had wanted ‘to take the money from our joint account that belongs to me and take it out.’ Based on this evidence, a fact finder could reasonably conclude that, contrary to Sarah Greer’s testimony, the money in the account did not belong to Sarah Greer, such that consideration was owed to the debtor-husband. Sarah Greer has offered no evidence of any such consideration.”

Judge Richardson ordered the attachment of the $238K in the Ewe’s bank account, until a judgment is reached in the fraudulent conveyance trial. It doesn’t look good for the Goat or his Ewe. It looks like they are going to lose this fraudulent conveyance trial. There is another motion pending involving checks written to the Goat’s attorney Stuart Margolis in the amount of $60K and $7,500.00 that Eli Mirlis is looking to attach. These checks were given to Margolis in August of 2018, just before Mirlis brought his fraudulent conveyance case against the Ewe. The Ewe wrote the checks from the same Rhode Island account that she opened to hide the Goat’s $238K. These checks were deposited into the IOLTA client’s funds trust account of Stuart Margolis. The attorneys are currently fighting to obtain information from Margolis about what happened to this $67,500.00. You can look at a copy of the checks attached to the subpoenas below, and see the Ewe’s signature, and how she partially wrote the checks in Hebrew. The holy roller Rebbetzin Ewe had to add a few words of the holy language on her checks. The checks she used to hide money for her pedophile Rabbi husband would not be kosher without a few words of lashon ha-kodesh.

You can read Judge Richardson’s entire ruling against the Goat and his Ewe below:

The Goat’s criminal trial is scheduled for September. If the Goat is convicted he could spend many years in a Connecticut correctional institution.

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19 thoughts on “Fed Judge Rules Against Ewe In Fraudulent Transfer Case

  1. The Hebrew writing on the checks is the date. Translates to 2 Elul, 5778 which corresponds to August 13, 2018.

    Go Larry!

  2. I understand your feelings against the rabbi but what would you do if you where his wife a, she didn’t even have a community rabbi to lean on b she was also manipulated so as a Larry noodles community members I suggest we leave her alone c she might not have understood the ramifications as in those years it wasn’t so publicised

    1. How do you NOT know that your husband is an out of control pedophile? If she just found out when the lawsuit was filed the normal reaction would be for her to leave the Goat and join her children, who all left the Goat. As far as her being manipulated by a rude, crude, abusive madman, I guess there are many cases of women who were kidnapped and bonded to their abuser, ie., the Stockholm Syndrome, and there are cases of battered wife syndrome where women don’t leave their abusive husbands and put up with it for years, the women are usually beaten down and weak, broken. In this case the Ewe is anything but weak. She is aggressively defending herself and the Goat in these numerous lawsuits. She still proudly walks around town with her head up, she still calls herself Rebbitzen, and she has told people in town that people are trying to take down the Goat because they are “jealous of him.” 25 years ago she ran girls school, Tikvah. The Tikvah girls, who are now grown women, have contacted me and told me that the Ewe was highly abusive and manipulative. One women said she contemplated suicide while she was a Tikva student. Another told me that the Ewe wouldn’t call an ambulance when she was having an asthmatic attack, the other girls saved her life. The Ewe was deeply involved in the Goat’s fraudulent non-profit empire. The Ewe is on numerous land transactions with control freak Doris “Spite Fence” Zelinsky, from the 80s to the early 2000s. I had a child in the day care for two years, and I still remember hearing the Ewe on the phone screaming and berating whoever was on the other line. I have sat at the Goat’s Shabbos table over many years and witnessed the Ewe raise her voice and argue with the Goat. I have been present at the Goat’s annual Purim event in his house and witnessed the Ewe yell and scream at Ezi, Dov, and her daughters on the few occasions when the daughters showed up, the Goat’s dirty laundry was aired every Purim for everyone to see, with the men all getting super drunk and yelling at each other, I don’t know why, I guess it was a Goat minhag going back to Goat country. If I didn’t witness the Goat and the Ewe in action first hand myself I would never believe it.


    1. Thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely invite you to the wedding, but I don’t think that the Goat would give her a get to allow me to marry her, do you think you can ask the Goat whether he would give her a get?

    1. I graduated from the Bais Otisville Yeshiva in Orange County in 2015. I leaned under Rabbi Yehuda Leib Pinter, of the Mir Yeshiva, author of Jewish best seller “Don’t Give Up,” Mesorah Publications, as well as authoring many seforim. Many chachamin graduated from Bais Otisville, including the Spinka Rebbe, Rabbi Wolmark, the “Indiana Jones” Rabbi Menachem Youlus, Syrian Rabbi Ben Haim, Rabbi Naftuly Schlesinger, and Rabbi Mshuulem Jacobowitz. Alumni of the sister campus located behind the barbed wire fence and armed BOP guards includes Rabbi Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, who currently is in the running to replace the Rebbe as world leader of Chabad and / or replace the Rebbe as Moshiach. Regular visitors to Bais Otisville included Mordechai Ben Dovid, Avraham Fried, the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, the Bobov Rebbe, the Pupa Rebbe, the Slonover Rebbe, Rabbi Manis Friedman, and many other prominent members of the Jewish community.

    1. I have never done that, I have my reputation. I hardly have enough time to write the blogs, let alone write comments to the blogs. I get more comments on my Facebook page to my blogs when I post them there, which I should repost on the blog, as some comments are very funny.

  3. Didn’t know all this about the Madame these are a whole bunch of new suggestions we should have a whole new series on her

  4. Are you suggesting that on their dates as singles they discussed being pedophiles together and that’s why they Wed quite interesting

    1. I don’t believe that the Ewe is a pedophile, but she is clearly an abusive, sadistic narcissist. She could have other disorders but these seem to the be most obvious.

  5. Never would have been able to tell that you weren’t in Yeshiva you look so fine and are a bit knowledgeable

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