Federal Judge Sanctions Greer

Federal Judge Sanctions Greer



Federal Judge Donna Martinez issued an order today in which she granted Mirlis’ Motion to Compel.  Greer now has to respond to questions asking him whether he had sex with children.  The Judge granted the motion “absent objection or response of any kind” from Greer.

The old goat has 14 days to answer questions asking him whether he forced his disgusting goat body upon innocent young children who were enrolled in his religious school.  If he refuses to answer he will be faced with additional sanctions which could result in a dismissal.  A dismissal means that Greer would not be able to raise any defenses at trial.  There would be a hearing in damages in which the jury would determine the amount of money Greer would have to pay.

Judge Martinez also ordered the old goat to pay Mirlis’ attorneys fees.  The Judge encouraged the attorneys to discuss the amount of attorneys fees and reach an agreement.  If the attorneys are unable to reach an agreement, the attorney for Mirlis is required to file an affidavit of attorneys fees.

At the end of the memorandum of decision Judge Martinez ordered Greer’s attorney to serve a copy of the ruling upon the old goat.  A judge normally does not require attorneys to serve copies of court orders upon their clients. Something very strange is going on.  Has the old goat lost his mind?  Is the old goat fighting with his attorney?  Has the old goat gone AWOL?

How is Attorney Ward going to serve a copy of the court order upon the old goat?  Greer hid in the compound when Marshal Miller tried to initially serve the old goat with the child rape lawsuit.  Greer wouldn’t come out of the compound.  He had his secretary answer the door and tell the marshal he was not around, even though the marshal saw Greer’s car parked in front of the Nightmare on Elm Street building.

The silence coming from the compound is deafening.  The old goat went dark right after his deposition on Halloween.  That was the day I filmed Greer walking into Federal Court.

I heard from the compound that the old goat has not followed up with threatened evictions against Jews living in the compound.  A few weeks ago the old goat filed notices to quit, but he did not follow up with the eviction paperwork.  This is not the normal goat like behavior for Greer. There is something very strange going on at the compound…

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