Federal Judge Slams Sarah Greer

Federal Judge Slams Sarah Greer


Today Federal Judge Donna Martinez slammed Sarah Greer and her de facto attorney William Ward.  In less than 24 hours Judge Martinez unequivocally denied Ward’s Motion to Quash the deposition of Sarah Greer.  I had just reported about this motion yesterday.

Judge Martinez ordered that Sarah Greer’s deposition will go forward on December 12th, with no further delays, excuses or interference from the old wretched goat whom Sarah married 45 years ago.

The fact that the Federal Judge denied the goat’s motion in less than 24 hours speaks volumes about what the judges think of the goat and his attorney.  It shows that they have lost all credibility in the Federal courthouse.

When a litigant claims she has a doctors appointment, most judges will give the litigant the benefit of the doubt.  Most Judges will give the party time to produce a doctor letter or other supporting documentation.  Judges are human too, for the most part.

But here the Federal Judge did not spend more time than it took to read the motion and objection before she reached a decision.  The Judge did not ask Sarah Greer to produce a doctor’s note.  The Federal Judge did not give Sarah Greer the chance to say that the goat ate her homework.

Had Sarah Greer hired a different lawyer, rather than relying on the goat’s attorney, the Judge may have cut Sarah a break.  The goat’s attorney William Ward has acquired a bad reputation with the Federal judges involved in this case.  When Ward tried to get the goat’s deposition rescheduled he submitted emails to the court that “misrepresented the facts.”  Ward’s behavior has been labelled “abusive, showing a total lack of respect for the judicial process.”

Had Sarah Greer hired a different attorney, the judge would have given her attorney the chance to prove herself.  The judge would have cut the new attorney a break.  If the attorney proved to be honest, Sarah Greer would have reaped the benefits.  The judge would have rescheduled the deposition.

Instead, Sarah Greer is being bullied by her abusive goat husband and his hand puppet William Ward.  It is best that Sarah Greer flee to a battered woman’s shelter before it is too late.  Sharing close quarters with a wild animal cannot be very safe.


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