Feds Bust $6 Million Extortion Plot In the Five Towns

Feds Bust $6 Million Extortion Plot In the Five Towns

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Axis of Evil in the Five Towns: Rabbi Haimoff, left, Spongetech pump and dump felon Steven Moskowitz, center, and Attorney Mark Weissman, right. Spongetech scammer Avi Tepfer should be in the Axis of Evil but I couldn’t find any pictures of him.

Spongetech sold soap-filled sponges to clean kitchens, cars or pets. It also sold a Sponge Bob Square Pants sponge filled with baby soap. Spongetech went bankrupt about ten years ago. Tepfer, Moskowitz and other unscrupulous religious Jews pumped up the stock with fraudulent Sponge Bob earnings reports, dumped their shares and cashed in on a $50 million scam. Tepler and Moskowitz both did some time in Camp Otisville. After Tepfer did some time in Otisville he tracked down fellow Spongetech co-defendant Steven Moskowitz and tried to shake him down with co-conspirator Weissman. CORRECTION: Moskowitz didn’t do time in Otisville. I was informed that Moskowitz convinced the sentencing judge that he had health problems and was sentenced to a few months of home confinement.

Weissman and Tepfer conspired to shake down Moskowitz. They are both facing time in Otisville for trying to shake down Moskowitz in the amount of $6 million. Tepler hatched the plan but was too mentally ill to carry it out. Tepfer’s court files are completely sealed from public view because they contain “confidential psychiatric medical information.” Tepfer needed Weissman’s brainpower to extort Moskowitz. Tepfer is also facing time for violating the conditions of his Sponge Bob Square Pants probation, ie., he committed a felony with Weissman while he was on probation for committing numerous other felonies. Some guys never learn their lesson at Otisville.

Weissman contacted Moskowitz and told him that Tepfer had information on Moskowitz that could land Moskowitz in hot water with the Feds. Weissman said he needed $6 million to keep Tepfer quiet. But Moskowitz owed the Feds $12 million in Sponge Bob Square Pants restitution related to the pump and dump scheme. Moskowitz couldn’t write a check to Tepfer for $6 million when he owed the Feds $12 million. The Feds come first.

Weissman told Moskowitz that Rabbi Igal Haimoff would help him hide the $6 million from the Feds. Rabbi Igal Haimoff was willing to take the $6 million and launder it through his non profit entity. Rabbi Haimoff would take a 10% fee. Haimoff is an Ashkanzi rabbi who moved to Kew Gardens Hills in order to lead the Bukharian Jewish community. Weissman prepared letters for Haimoff’s non profit stating that the $6 million would be a tax deductible charitable pledge for the construction of a yeshiva building in Queens.  One letter signed by Rabbi Haimoff stated, “thank you so much for your chesed the you doing because of your good open heart for mitzvahs we will be able to expand our building to the maximum capacity now, we will be able to double the amount of our children now!!”

Attorney Weissman didn’t realize that Moskowitz, who is related to Weissman, was wired up by the Feds. Moskowitz was ratting out a fellow Jew, whom he had known for 45 years, a relative no less, to the Feds. Moskowitz never had $6 million. Moskowitz must have tipped Weissman off that the Feds were on his trail. After a few months Weissman tried to back out of the conspiracy. Weissman told Tepfer he was out. The Feds busted Weissman and Tepfer anyway. Once the Feds open an investigation there is no turning back, someone has to get indicted. Weissman is being sentenced tomorrow.

You would think that the Feds would want Weissman to spend many years in Otsiville for trying to shake down Moskowitz for $6 million. Au contrare. The Feds are only looking for 6 months to a year in Otisville.

After Weissman got busted he turned on Moskowitz. Weissman ratted out Moskowitz about money Moskowitz was hiding from the Feds. 2020 is the Year of the Rat in China, as well as the year of the Rat in the Five Towns.

Weissman’s attorney wrote to Judge Irizarry the following: “Weissman has taken proactive steps to help the Spongetech investors locate funds for payment on the outstanding restitution owed to them. As the government conceded in its letter to the Court and in the Weissman PSR, Mark has provided extensive information to the government with respect to Mr. Weissman’s understanding of the current financial state of Mr. Moskowitz’s ongoing businesses. This information was given to the government and federal agents for purposes of ensuring that the Spongetech investors are getting their fair share from Moskowitz’s profits so long as the restitution order remains unpaid. Where, as here, a defendant has attempted to provide information to the government that might assist it in collecting restitution for victims of an offense, a downward variance may be warranted.”

Moskowitz, whom Weissman tried to shake down for $6 million, wrote a letter to United States District Judge Dora Irizarry, of the Eastern District, asking that Judge Irizarry, a Yale graduate and native of Puerto Rico, not incarcerate Weissman for his crime. Moskowitz described Weissman as a “man of honor” who led an “exemplary life.” Unreal! Weissman received almost 100 letters of support from prominant rabbis on the Island, including Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, a man who has been accused of inappropriate behavior related to his marital counseling operation. See Frum follies and NY Times and unorthodox Jew.

Orthodox Jew lawyer and long time resident of the Five Towns, Ben Brafman, the lawyer of choice for wealthy frum Jew scammers facing Camp Otisville, wrote a letter on behalf of Moskowitz. Brafman wrote that his client Moskowitz did not wish to see Weissman incarcerated for his sins. Brafman added that he personally knew Weissman from the Five Clowns community of one percenters. They moved in the same circles, went to the same shuls, sent their kids to the same day schools, and ate the same shmaltz herring. Brafman personally attested that Weissman was “fundamentally a good man.” I wish I had time to write a letter to Judge Irizarry. I would ask Judge Irizarry to order Weissman donate $6 million for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

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Joseph A. Orlow Five Towns? Five clowns.

What were they thinking? “Hmm. What’s the best way to get featured on the Noodles blog, or to get my picture with a bowl of noodles on the Noodles Facebook page?”

Joel Kirstein What would b a proper sentence for those who were found guilty?

  • Lawrence S. Dressler Milton Balkany got about 3 years for trying to extort hedge fund billionaire Stephen A Cohen. I don’t know what is “proper” sentencing is an art, it is all subjective

Joseph A. Orlow Can I try to make it scientific?

First evaluate the perp’s religious observance.
10 points if he has a long beard
5 points if he wears a black suit
Bonus: 15 points if majority of pictures show him with a black hat

Then, add up his crimes:
-20 points if he molested a student(s)
– 10 points if he was involved with pure financial crimes (e.g., laundering donations)
– 10 If he was involved with extortion

Add up all the points.

Take the point total and divide in half if he has a dozen or more letters sent to judge on his behalf (letters from politicians currently in office count as two letters from everyone else)

(Prison term in years) = (-1) x (GF) x (Point total) – 2

Where GF is Gut Feeling of judge, a number between 0.87 and 1.0.

Note: if final total is negative, that is years of probation.1

Sandy Schupper Gives “us” a bad name


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12 thoughts on “Feds Bust $6 Million Extortion Plot In the Five Towns

    1. His role was not minor by any means. Trying to broker a $6 million shakedown between two felons, one of whom is a complete psychiatric nut case who is on Federal probation, the other who owes the Feds $14 million in restitution, while arranging to use a sleezy rabbi to launder the money, shows what kind of guy he is. Dumb and dumber? Are you smarter than a fifth grader criminal? Not the sharpest tool in the tool shed.

    1. NOTICE OF HEARING as to Mark Weissman: Sentencing set for January 29, 2020 at 2:00 PM in Courtroom 4 A South before Chief Judge Dora Lizette Irizarry. (Carosella, Christy) (Entered: 01/21/2020)

  1. This is a set up. Weissman didn’t do anything wrong. Sadly, there are vas people who would do anything to save themselves. Weissman is a good guy

  2. Weissman didn’t do anything wrong. This is a setup. Sadly there are people who
    Would do anything to save themselves

      1. Your story is wrong. None of them were in Otisville. They only received probation. Moskowitz is a convicted criminal. He is known for pulling scams on his friends and family. He was bailed out at two times by his father for pulling scams with his father’s business.

  3. We ran through da few pretty jew broads inda five towns years ago.

    Like Weinstein ran through the goyim in the late 90’s. What did that powerhouse of a democratic fundraiser say to Annabella after the “alleged” RAPE?

    “That’s what all the good Catholic girls say.”


  4. It sucks to be pulled into a pump and dump scheme. A sly, nasty way to rob your neighbour with smooth talk. I’d love to punch some of these people out. Someone is doing it for me.

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