Feds Bust East Haven Genovese Crime Boss

Feds Bust East Haven Genovese Crime Boss

(August 8, 2016)  The Feds, under the leadership of Captain America Attorney Preet Bharara, recently busted 48 mobsters in the tri state region.  Bharara hailed it as a bust “right out of an old school Mafia novel.

Preet Bharara was recently rebuked in a couple of  high profile cases, where guilty verdicts were overturned in insider trading and bank fraud cases.  Captain Preet was castigated by a Federal judge for his press releases during the political corruption case of Sheldon Silver in Albany.  Preet has been described in the New York press as “arrogant, agressive and antagonistic to judges.”   Preet has now decided to bust whatever is left of the Italian mafia in order to rebuilt his tarnished reputation.  Easy targets.

Preet brought his FBI army of untouchables into the little town of East Haven in order to bust a 74 year old Genovese crime boss.  Where else would a crime boss live in Connecticut?  East Haven or “Staven” as the locals call it.  When the Feds came into East Haven the town acted like it was invaded by a foreign army. Take a tour of East Haven with this famous Youtube video, “Christmas Time in East Haven,” complete with high hair, Armani suits, Camaros, gold horns, hair gel, and bocce balls.

Attorney Preet took down 74 year old Eugene “The Rooster” O’Nofrio in East Haven.  Larry Noodles decided to track down this infamous crime boss that Captain America is gunning for.  Larry Noodles figured O’Nofrio must be living on waterfront property and driving a Ferrari.  But no such luck.  O’Nofrio lives in a 1,000 square foot 5 room ranch style house in East Haven, built in 1954, near the little East Haven golf course.  Why is Captain America trying to stick this old goombah into a 100 square foot jail cell?

Why are the Feds making such a big deal about busting close to 50 mobsters who were “right out of an old school Mafia novel?”  In old style mob novels the FBI would send in undercover agents to infiltrate the mob.  Today the blueboyz at the FBI takes no such risks.  You can’t blame the blueboyz for not wanting to risk their lives fighting crime.  They don’t make blueboyz like they used to.  Blueboyz today focus on overtime, retirement and collecting a pension.

In order to make this large scale mob bust the blueboyz at the FBI relied on “cooperating witnesses” or “rats” as they are called on the street.  Its not hard to recruit rats within the mob.  The Feds make an offer you can’t refuse.  Either rat out your paisanos and go home now, or bite your tongue and face 30 years in the slammer.

Captain America Preet Bharara said to the press “the mob remains a scourge of this city and across the country.”  Preet is playing to the press.  Preet’s generation grew up watching mob movies and tv shows.  “The Godfather”   “The Sopranos”  “Goodfellas”   There is even a chain of Goodfellas restaurants, with one located in Larry Noodles old law office, on Trumbull Street.  But every criminal knows that the Italians are long past their prime.  The Italian mob runs gambling operations.  Big deal.  The Russians are far more dangerous than the Italians.  Even Hollywood knows this.  All the gangsters featured in films today are Russians, not Italians.

The main charges against these mobsters were loansharking, extortion and illegal gambling.  The Feds lump these crimes together and call it “racketeering.”  Illegal gambling charges jump from a 5 year felony to a 25 year felony when they fall under the crime of “racketeering.”

The business model for these mob guys is to profit off of gambling addicts.  Illegal gambling is a $400 billion industry, far surpassing legal gambling.  The mob guys like to refer to themselves as “Mob” guys in order to increase the changes that they will get paid by these gambling addicts.

Gambling addicts have weak personalities.  Larry Noodles was locked up with many gambling addicts.  At times they look like zombies.  Gambling is a mental disorder.  Gamblers never stop gambling.  They are the perfect long term customer for mobsters.

Loansharking is related to the crime of illegal gambling.  When the gambling addict loses all his money he turns to a loan shark.  Extortion also is connected to gambling.  The mob extorts other bookies who are also running illegal gambling operations.  What choice does the bookie have?  Go to the police?  But when the Feds make a mob bust they enlist the bookies to rat out the mob, and then the bookies become the “victims.”

Preet spoke to the press about victims of the mob getting threatened and beaten up.  Only gambling addicts get beat up.  The mob beats them up in order to get them to pay up. They never actually kill the gambling addict.  If they kill the gambler they kill a long term customer.  Mobsters who run gambling operations are like big credit card companies.  Credit card companies never want you to pay off your bill.  They want you to be in debt til the day you die.

What Captain America didn’t say in his press releases is more significant than what he did say.   If the 48 mobsters he busted were so ruthless, how come nobody was charged with murder?  Isn’t the mafia supposed to kill people and dump them in the East River with concrete galoshes?  The FBI press releases reveal that there were a number of  gamblers who were threatened to be “whacked.”  But nobody actually got whacked.  This is an operation that the Feds followed for a number of years.  Over the course of many years, a couple of gambling addicts got roughed up, but its not clear if anyone suffered serious injuries.  Meanwhile, Larry Noodles gets to hear gunshots every night coming from Dixwell Avenue.  What is Captain America doing to protect Larry Noodles from a stray bullet?

The last time anyone got killed by O’Nofrio’s mobsters was back in1972, when mobster Jimmy Cotter died, and O’Nofrio was convicted of manslaughter.  But his manslaughter conviction was overturned on appeal. But O’Nofrio didn’t really kill Cotter.  Cotter died when he got an infection at the hospital.  It was probably medical malpractice.  Cotter was found lying on a road in Milford.  Cotter told then Police officer Nick Pastore, who later became New Haven Police Chief, that he was shot three times by O’Nofrio, shot two times by “Skippy” Don Perrotti, who is currently a Gambino crime boss, and run over by a car driven by Bobby “Suedes” Celentano.  But Cotter was still alive when the mobsters left him on the side of the road.  The hospital killed him when he got an infection during surgery.

O’Nofrio and a 72 year old mobster by the name of Patsy Parrello were at the top of the Untouchables hit list announced by Captain America.  Patsy operated out of Pasquale’s Rigoletto Italian Ristorante on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.  Larry Noodles asks readers to contact their Congressman and tell them to stop wasting taxpayer dollars locking up elderly mobsters and Italian restaurant owners on Arthur Avenue.

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  1. Cotter also would not have died or ended up in the hospital had Onofrio not do what he did. Onofrio should be in prison, instead while people have suffered over this he has been living the life. I don’t care how old he is, he deserves to die in prison.

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