Feds Bust Gang of Jewish Drug Dealers

Feds Bust Gang of Jewish Drug Dealers

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This gang of Jewish drug dealers pushed the most deadly drug known to man, Fentanyl.  Cops have to wear hazmat suits when they find bodies overdosed on fentanyl.    One drop on your skin could be deadly. Tom Petty and Prince died of fentanyl overdose. Gordon Freedman, Jeffrey Goldstein and Todd Schlifstein made big money pushing fentanyl on the streets of Manhattan.  They didn’t touch the stuff.  These aging Jewish men led the high life of the young hip hop inner city drug dealer.  They lived in high end New York apartments, drank expensive booze, smoked pot, snorted coke, and had plenty of young bimbos to make them feel young again.

New York Jewish mothers traditionally raise their children to be doctors, lawyers or accountants.  Every now and then an Israeli, or a Yeshiva student, gets busted for smuggling Ecstasy into the US.  New York Jewish criminals typically get involved in Bernie Madoff type financial crimes or ponzi schemes.  Drug dealing is not the crime of choice for Jews.  It takes no brains to be a drug dealer.  Drug dealing is for the goyim who aren’t capable of doing anything more sophisticated.

The Sentencing Guidelines increase your sentence if you are engaged in a crime of “sophistication.”  Drug dealing isn’t recognized as a crime of sophistication.  Why should I get more jail time than the drug dealer who dropped out of high school?  Plus drug dealers get to rat each other out, further reducing their sentences.  I had nobody to rat out.  The Feds wanted me to rat out local attorneys Levinson and Ori Speigel, but the only dirt I had on Levinson was that he liked to yell at his secretary.  That wasn’t good enough for the Feds.  I told the Feds I could plant Fentanyl in their law office under their desks.  The Feds said that would be illegal entrapment.  I eventually gave up and turned myself in to Otisville.

When I was locked up in Otisville there was a short guy with a beard from Crown Heights who got busted for selling pot.  There was also a young Jewish guy who sold club drugs, such as ecstasy, at Manhattan clubs.   There were a few white guys and some Spanish and Black guys who were also drug dealers.  The Black and Spanish drug dealers were involved in drug gangs, they had to dodge bullets on the streets. The White and Jewish drug dealers never put themselves in dangerous situations.

I used to mock the White drug dealers for their unsophisticated crime.   I couldn’t mock the Spanish and Black guys, drug dealing was a highly dangerous profession for these guys.  You have to respect guys who survived the mean streets of the Bronx and made it into Otisville.  But the White guys from the suburbs, come on, any idiot can be a drug mule, you guys don’t even have to pay restitution to the Feds.  They were embarrassed, they thought that they were real criminals.

Gordon Freedman, Jeffrey Goldstein and Todd Schlifstein were raised by Jewish mothers who wanted them to become doctors, lawyers or accountants.  They actually became doctors of medicine.  Dr. Freedman graduated from the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel, named after the Sackler family, the billionaire Jewish family that made its fortune from the highly addictive Oxycontin.  The name of the Sackler family’s drug operation is Purdue Pharma.  They are being blamed for the opioid epidemic by the liberals, progressives and Communists who sat around for years watching messiah Obama allow Purdue Pharma to push opioids all over America.  Purdue is now pushing their drugs overseas in light of all the bad press they are getting.  116 Americans die each day from opioid overdoses.

Dr. Freedman, Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Schlifstein were recruited by Insys Corp. to push a fentanyl spray on their patients.  In return, the sales manager paid these doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars in bogus speaking fees at bogus conferences.  The doctors were feted to expensive restaurants at these conferences, where they snorted cocaine, drank excessively and were entertained by young bimbos.

The sales manager at Insys, which produces fentanyl, constantly put pressure on the sales reps to get these doctors to prescribe more fentanyl spray.  In one internal email the sales manager complained about dropping prescriptions: “we invest a lot of time, money, sweat and tears on our guys and this is what we get in return? Time to step it up.  The most common question we get after the speaker program is, how many patients do you have on the fentanyl spray, I will tell you right now, not enough!  Do not be afraid to set your expectations and make it crystal clear to these privileged set of docs who are fortunate to be part of the best speakers program in the market, please handle this immediately as funding will not be given anymore to these let-downs…”

The Feds investigated these Jewish doctors and Insys.  The Feds spoke with Insys sales manager Fernando Serrano, and Purdue sales rep Jon Roper.  The Feds put the squeeze on Insys.  Serrano and Roper decided to cooperate and rat out the Jewish doctors.  Serrano and Roper were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the indictment filed against the Jewish doctors.

Dr. Jerrold Rosenberg, another Jew, of Rhode Island, already got sentenced to 51 months in Federal prison for taking bribes from Insys to push fentenyl.  The Feds lambasted Rosenberg for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Insys to push fentenyl, and said that it was guys like Dr. Rosenberg who caused the scourge of the drug epidemic.  The Feds shamed Rosenberg for violating his trust with patients, and argued that the sentence should be long because Rosenberg’s head on a stick will deter others.   Rosenberg’s attorney argued that only 4% of all of Rosenberg’s patients were prescribed fentanyl, that Rosenberg is elderly and suffers numerous health problems and this was his first run in with the law.  The judge had no mercy on Rosenberg.  It didn’t help that Rosenberg told his patients to “stop crying like babies” when they complained about bad side effects of the fentanyl spray, ie., extreme weight loss and constant vomiting.

The founder of Insys, a billionaire pharmacist from India named John Kapoor was busted in late 2017, along with top executives of Insys for bribing doctors and pharmacists to push fentanyl. Kapoor’s criminal case is still pending in Federal court in Boston.

The Feds never shut down Insys.  Insys is still a thriving company that continues to sell fentanyl. At least the Feds busted the CEO of Insys, ie., Kapoor, the Indian pharmacist.  When the big banks caused the housing market crash with toxic mortgages the Feds left the executives alone and sued the banks for civil and regulatory fraud.  The Feds aggressively went after low level targets, such as mortgage brokers, realtors and closing attorneys.  At one point almost 25% of the guys I was locked up with were Jewish closing lawyers.

Once again the Jew is being used as the scapegoat by the government.  This has been going on since the time a certain Jewish carpenter was nailed to the Roman cross.  Jewish doctors and lawyers had nothing to do with that incident in Golgotha, yet they still get shipped off to Otisvilla.

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  1. Doctor Goldstein is a real good doctor you people could tear a good doctor apart he is not a drug dealer I hope he Sues shit out of your fake news

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