Feds Bust Jilted Shiksa Spy At Brooklyn DA’s Office

Feds Bust Jilted Shiksa Spy At Brooklyn DA’s Office

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Brooklyn District Attorney Tara Lenich used to be in charge of Special Investigations of Violent Criminal Enterprises, where she ran wiretap operations in connection with firearms, narcotics, vice, and gang investigations. Brooklyn top ranked detective Jarrett Lemieux worked in an elite unit of the NYPD – ATF Firearms Joint Task Force and cracked some of the biggest gun running operations in New York City. 

Tara and Jarrett worked on numerous investigations together.  Tara admired Jarrett’s gun. One thing led to another and soon Tara and Jarrett were helping each other clean their guns. Tara was single.  Jarrett is married. Jarrett eventually grew tired of the stocky blond prosecutor and dumped her for a scrawny Brooklyn Jewish District Attorney named Danielle Rosenfeld.  Rosenfeld is married. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, especially when a zaftig blond shiksa is spurned for a svelte dark Jewess.  Tara took immediate retaliatory action. Tara commenced her own top secret black op investigation of Jarrett and Danielle.  Tara obviously watched too many episodes of rogue agent Carrie Mathison on Homeland.

Tara forged the signatures of New York State Supreme Court Justices on phony court orders, which authorized the Brooklyn DA’s office to intercept and record all communications between Jarrett and Danielle. Tara also authorized herself to record any communications that occurred on the cell phones of Jarrett and Danielle, no matter who they were talking to.  Tara forged signatures by cutting and pasting a copy of each judge’s signature from a legitimate document and taped the signature onto the fraudulent documents she created.  Tara eavesdropped on numerous conversations Jarrett and Danielle had with their friends, relatives, coworkers, bookies, drug dealers and life coaches. Hundreds of individuals had their phone conversations tapped and recorded.

For almost two years Tara ran her undercover shiksa spy “cut and paste” operation right under the noses of State and Federal law enforcement agencies and high ranking officers. The shiksa spy told her superiors she was deep under the covers conducting a “confidential” investigation. Tara’s superiors at the Brooklyn DA’s office never asked Tara to file a report or provide them with information about her shiksa spy operation.

The shiksa spy used the information she obtained in her illegal wiretapes to harass her ex lover Jarrett and his gal pal Brooklyn DA Danielle Rosenfeld. Tara used information in the wiretaps to undermine his relationships with his co-workers at the NYPD, including his partner and immediate supervisor. Tara shared her wiretaps with other DA’s, cops and investigators. Eventually Tara’s shiksa spy operation was shut down. Tara was busted by the NYPD. After Tara was busted by the NYPD the Feds got involved. The Justice Department can never resist a good headline. The Feds took over the case and indicted Tara. Danielle Rosenfeld quit the DA’s office in order to undergo treatment for PTSD by her Jewish psychiatrist. Jarrett was assigned desk duty, and then took early retirement. Jarrett and Danielle never admitted nor denied that they had a fling. Their attorneys have stated that the shiksa spy is a delusional pyscho.

Tara pleaded guilty to illegal wiretapping and illegal recording of conversations. The Feds wanted her to do 24 months in Federal prison. The shiksa spy only got sentenced to a year and a day in Club Fed in Danbury, the same prison Martha Stewart did her time. Tara was sentenced by Federal Judge William F. Kuntz, II, a Harvard man who was appointed by Obama.

Judge Kuntz went easy on the shiksa spy. I doubt she did much more than 6 months in Danbury. I could do that standing on my head! Tara submitted a letter that stated that she graduated with honors from the Focus Forward Project, a program that helps felons, convicts and freaks get their lives together. Tara told Judge Kuntz that she was working on obtaining an MBA certificate from the University of Phoenix and start her own business training service dogs for visits to veterans’ and children’s hospitals. Tara also mentioned that she is a regular volunteer with the Christ Church.

Tara submitted a character letter from her Jewish life coach Ivy Woolf Turk, pictured above, from Project Liberation, a non profit outfit started by Ms. Turk. Ivy Turk describes herself as a “Certified Professional Life and Resiliency Coach” who works with “women across all stages of criminal justice involvement.” Ivy is a former top executive in the advertising and real estate industry. Ivy did 6 years in Danbury Federal woman’s prison after she pleaded guilty to mail and wire fraud. Ivy’s restitution order was $30 million. Ivy has a fancy website called “Unbroken by bars” where she states, “While incarcerated at Danbury Federal Prison Camp, I taught GED, literacy, Yoga, and Meditation to groups of demographically diverse women. I also created a traveling group of Federal inmates that went out into the community to speak to at risk youth about the consequences of their poor choices.” Traveling gypsy felons. How cute!

Life Coach Ivy Woolf wrote extensively to Judge Kuntz about her love for Tara and her desire to teach Tara yoga. Ivy wrote: “I have been remarkably impressed with Tara’s desire to understand and unravel the pathways that have led her to your Court. I have had the opportunity first hand to experience the dichotomies of her personality – her extreme intelligence in some arenas and yet a deep insecurity that pervades other parts of her being. Lack of self-esteem and co-dependence are what seem to be the common denominator among most of the women I work with and what, in more instances than not, leads to abhorrent behaviors. What is most blaring, is her remorse and sadness about the ways in which fear and poor judgement in one area of her life obliterated all else that she really valued and loved.” Lack of self esteem? I think Ivy completely misdiagnosed the shiksa spy. Tara appointed herself the head of an undercover operation and deviously manipulated her superiors, District Attorneys, cops and investigators for almost two years. It takes a hell of a lot of self esteem to pull that off. Co-dependent? Tara was not co-dependent on Jarrett. Tara was enraged that Jarrett dared to dump her. Jarrett needed to be punished. Tara was a sadistic control freak. Tara was anything but co-dependent.

Danielle and Jarrett both brought Federal lawsuits against Tara. Danielle and Jarrett also brought lawsuits against the City of New York for its failure to prevent Tara from conducting her illegal surveillance operation. Danielle and Jarrett both hired high powered attorney Jim Glasser, son of Federal Judge Leo Glasser. A class action lawsuit was also brought on behalf of hundreds of individuals who had their phone conversations tapped by Tara. The City of New York recently agreed to settle the lawsuits and pay $950,000.00 to goy boy toy Jarrett, $1.4 million to former DA Danielle Rosenfeld, and $3.2 million to numerous other individuals who were recorded by the shiksa spy. If you think you are on one of those recordings now is the time to get in on the action. Cash in now! Attorney Glasser will cash in with at least a million dollars in attorneys fees. Not a bad pay day to settle a case without going to trial.


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  1. My mother always told me, spies are dangerous, but there’s nothing more dangerous than a jilted shiksa spy. For these, you must run for ze hills!

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