Feds Bust Top Cops In Bridgeport CT

Feds Bust Top Cops In Bridgeport CT

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The most corrupt City in the State of Corrupticut is Waterbury. Most Mayors of Waterbury eventually end up in Federal prison. The second most corrupt City in Corrupticut is Bridgeport. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim did 7 years in Federal prison after he was convicted by a jury back in 2003 for racketeering, extortion, conspiracy, bribery, mail fraud and filing a false tax return. I watched Ganim testify at his criminal trial. It was comical watching Ganim try to endear himself to the jury by cracking jokes and try to explain how his mother gave him ten thousand dollars in cash which the Feds found in his sock drawer.

After Ganim got out of jail he went into “prison consulting” and tried to get his law license restored so he could practice law with his father and brothers in the family law business. The local Bridgeport bar allowed Ganim to practice law. The law regulators in Hartford appealed. The Connecticut Supreme Court found that Ganim was not morally fit to practice law. Ganim was qualified to go into politics. The Connecticut bar could not prevent Ganim from running for mayor of Bridgeport. Ganim won the election and has held onto his job for a couple of terms.

Police Chief AJ Perez was Mayor Ganim’s personal driver before Ganim went to jail in 2003. In 2015 when Ganim ran for Mayor, Police Captain AJ Perez vouched for Ganim to voters who were concerned that a felon should not run Bridgeport. Bridgeport voters gave Ganim a second chance and elected him Mayor. Ganim’s victory party was held at long time Democratic political boss Mario Testa’s restaurant on Madison Avenue. Mario cooks a mean ziti and serves Bridgeport with a new mayor every ten years.

In 2016 Mayor Ganim appointed his buddy AJ Perez as acting Police Chief while Bridgeport conducted a national search for a permanent chief. In 2018 the Director of Personnel David Dunn hired an outside consulting company to administer exams to applicants. Dunn and Perez employed two Bridgeport cops, described as “Officer-1” and “Officer-2” in the Federal indictment, to help Perez cheat on the exam. Officer-1 must be former Police Captain Mark Straubel. The Feds describe Officer-1 as an officer who resigned in August of 2018 for sending racist text messages. Straubel resigned at this time for writing the following messages: “I asked a Black officer if he had seen Planet of the Apes. He said…yes. I asked him if it made him homesick…” In another text Straubel stated that he hated African-Americans, hoped for a race war, complained about having to march in a parade that involved mostly black people, and used a racist term to describe the event.

On July 29, 2018 Officer Straubel secretly recorded incriminating conversations he had with AJ Perez on his cell phone. On July 30, 2018 Officer Straubel went to the FBI with his cell phone and dropped a dime on Perez. On August 1, 2018 Officer Straubel wore an FBI issued wire in his underwear and secretly recorded his conversations with AJ Perez. Straubel was officially a snitch and helped build a case against Perez.

AJ Perez took the police captain test and got one of the top scores. Ganim was allowed to pick from any of the top three scoring candidates. Dunn changed the rules to allow a high school graduate to qualify. Perez only has a high school diploma. Ganim appointed AJ Perez as Chief of Police in 2018 over top scoring Black candidate Roderick Porter. Porter ended up suing the City of Bridgeport over Staubel’s racist text messages. Porter claimed that the City improperly dropped the investigation after Staubel resigned. Black lives don’t matter in Bridgeport.

It only took the Feds two years to prepare their case against Perez and Dunn. The Feds had more important cases to work on, such as COVID19 scams. The Feds indicted Perez and Dunn yesterday. They both posted bond and are out on the streets. I doubt they will show up to work tomorrow.

Straubel and “Officer-2” snitched out AJ Perez and David Dunn to the Feds. AJ and Dunn had no idea that Straubel and Officer-2 were rats. The Feds asked to meet with AJ and Dunn. AJ and his attorney sat down with the Feds and answered questions. Dunn also sat down with the Feds to answer questions. They both lied through their teeth. The lesson to be learned from this is NEVER agree to meet with the Feds to give a statement. If the Feds want to ask you questions they can ask you at trial. You will never outsmart the Feds. Dunn and AJ Perez should sue their putz attorneys for allowing them to rat themselves out to Federal prosecutors.

The Feds are going to put the squeeze on Dunn and Perez and try to convince them to cooperate and implicate Mayor Ganim and whoever else was involved. There are other ongoing Federal investigations of corruption in the City of Bridgeport, in particular the public works department. The Feds served City Hall with search warrants and subpoenas a year ago.

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7 thoughts on “Feds Bust Top Cops In Bridgeport CT

  1. That halfa million he pocketed from the Bridgeport taxpayers for fiscal 2019 ought to come in handy when he sits down with a former US Attorney who is gonna charge him at least $100,000 just to cut a rat deal. Cops with no college education can make a half a million a year? THE DEEP STATE IS A MYTH SHEEPLE!

    Good Night and L’Chaim

    1. The former US Attorneys charges $200K retainers now, they have to take extra COVID19 precautions.

      1. Holy Shommer Shabbos! that’s alota sheks. That can pay for 4 years of video-conference-classes for a Chinese Communist Party member’s kid at too big to Yale.

        Is it just a coincidence that 2020 is the year of the RAT. (see Charles “19” Lieber)

  2. If Connecticut is so corrupt on the government side, how come the feds never collar a Jew? These Christian immigrant labeled thugs are the only folks doing illegal stuff? The feds have a Jew protection rackets running?

    1. Au contrare! In my mortgage fraud conspiracy criminal case the Feds indicted me and also indicted a Jewish mortgage broker from Waterbury, a Jewish lawyer from Waterbury, and the New Haven Jewish realtor mastermind who was the son of a Rabbi. The feds wanted me to rat out Jewish lawyers Larry Levinson and Ori Speigel, but I refused. In a related mortgage case the Feds nabbed a former politician, who is now deceased, Morris Olmer and his Rabbi/Lawyer who did the closings for Morris. Most of the other defendants in these cases, and other mortgage fraud cases at the time brought in Connecticut were either Middle Eastern or African American, and a Portuguese attorney, and a Greek immigrant who I was locked up with. Most of the closing lawyers who were busted for mortgage fraud by the Feds after the crash were Jews, as far as I could tell, for two years I saw Jewish closing attorneys come and go, it was like a revolving door in Otisville. The Feds have gone after many Connecticut Jewish lawyers over the years, such as Mickey Sherman and Phil Russell, and more recently Peter Ressler. The Feds recently went after Louis Goldberg and his nephew Ira Malkin for tax evasion. Bridgeport Jewish attorney Joseph Haddad was busted by the Feds, along with his Jewish chiropractor Marc Kirshner whom I was locked up with for ambulance chasing and defrauding insurance companies. Mortgage fraud was rampant before the 2008 crash yet the Feds mostly indicted Jewish lawyers, I did a national search of cases at the time and most names were Jewish names. I don’t think the feds like Jewish lawyers. In the political cases the Feds focus on the guys on top like the Mayor or Governor. The only big name Jews in politics in Connecticut have been Blumenthal and Leiberman, who are extremely wealthy, and Stan Greenberg, the husband and pollster for Rosa DeLauro, also very wealthy. Ganim got $500K in kickbacks in his first criminal case, which would be pocket change to guys like Blumenthal, Leiberman and Greenberg. The rich and powerful control the government. They never get indicted.

      1. Oh that’s rich. Perhaps if the chosen above had not tried to steal from la Kosher Nostra (BANKING CABAL) with a ten year old Soprano’s scheme, no indictments would have eva come down. It’s a good thing not one of them got more than 24 months in Fed Club Catskills. HARD TIME HUH?

        It’s not how much you steal, it’s who r u stealing it from. Why would you try to rob the greatest, most ruthless thieves the world has ever known?

        MAGA 2020

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