Pot Kingpin Jon Braun’s Jew Co-D Gets A Walk

Pot Kingpin Jon Braun’s Jew Co-D Gets A Walk

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Jeremy Fistel was facing close to 10 years for distributing over 1000 kg of pot with drug Kingpin Jon Braun. Judge Matsumoto sentenced him to 2 years probation and a $2K fine

Ten years ago Jonathan Braun ran one of the biggest international marijuana dealing operation in the United States. He ran his operation out of his parents home in Staten Island. Braun employed numerous dealers, runners and distributors. Braun used the Hell’s Angels to smuggle pot through an Indian reservation on the Canadian border. Braun was clearing $6 million a week.  When the Feds closed in Braun fled to Canada, and then to Israel.  The Israelis sent Braun back to the United States, where he turned himself in to the Feds. Braun must have been promised a sweetheart deal from the Federal mafia in order to convince Braun to return to America. Braun pleaded guilty in 2011 and cooperated with the Feds for years.  Braun’s sentencing was postponed for close to ten years while he helped secure convictions. 

Braun’s co-defendant Brian Guariglia got killed in a mysterious motorcycle accident in Staten Island.  Guariglia’s death was ruled an accident by the Staten Island police.  Braun’s co-defendant Akiva Saltzman, was found with a bullet in his head inside of a torched automobile in Los Angeles.  Braun had another Jewish co-defendant who is still alive. Jeremy Fistel is an assistant product manager at John Hancock Life Insurance Company in Boston. Nobody ever tried to kill Fistel or blow up his car. John Hancock didn’t even try to fire Fistel after he was indicted. The Federal mafia made an offer to Fistel that he couldn’t refuse. Cooperate and earn points with Uncle Sam. Fistel cooperated for 7 years and was generously rewarded. Fistel will not have to spend one day in Otisville.

Braun also cooperated with the Federal mafia for close to ten years. But Braun, unlike Fistel, screwed up. Braun worked in the unscrupulous cash advance loan shark business. Braun engaged in strong arm tactics to collect on his cash advances while he was on supervised release. Rabbi Avraham Lesches, of Crown Heights said that Braun threatened him for not paying on his loan. Lesches got a restraining order against Braun. Braun allegedly told Lesches:  “Do you know who I am?  I know everyone in your Chabad-Lubavitch community.  I am going to come down there and beat the shi* out of you at 770 Eastern Parkway… I am going to hang papers all over the lampposts in Crown Heights stating that you are a liar and a thief… I am going to make you bleed, you are going to regret the day you met me…  You had the audacity to send that cun* Rachel Plaut, Esq. who do you think she is?  She obviously does not know how this business works.  Are you on your knees?  Can you suck?  Suck my dic*.”

The civil cases against Braun were brought to the attention of Judge Matsumoto in the form of two anonymous letters that were submitted just before Braun was about to be sentenced. The Judge sealed these letters. I didn’t write these letters. I am not a rat. Somebody out there doesn’t like Braun. Judge Matsumoto read the letters and sentenced Braun to 10 years in Otisville. The prosecutors didn’t ask for 10 years. Judge Matsumoto didn’t seem to care. You never know if your Federal prosecutor and your Federal Judge are playing good-cop-bad cop. They are all members of the Yale-Harvard Skull & Bones conspiracy. They even have a secret handshake. Judge Matsumoto was the bad cop, or bad Japanese woman in this case. Braun has until October 28th to turn himself in to the Bureau of Prisons. Braun filed an appeal so he may get his self surrender date extended even further.

Jeremy Fistel was sentenced by Judge Matsumoto last month. Fistel submitted numerous character letters from friends, family members and his employer John Hancock Life Insurance. Fistel miraculously kept his job at the insurance company. I can only guess that John Hancock took out life insurance policies on all it’s employees, naming John Hancock the beneficiary, so that if employees got caught in a crossfire of bullets aimed at Fistel the insurance company would cash in on the life insurance policies of it’s employees. Fistel’s employer submitted a letter stating that Fistel spent countless hours volunteering for the Martin Luther King Scholarship Program delivering meals and medical marijuana to sick people all over Boston. Fistel’s employer indicated that Fistel made charitable contributions to many organizations, such as the Boston Marathon, the United Way, the Jimmy Fund, Easter Seals, Boys and Girls Club of Boston, and the Hillel Foundation. Fistel didn’t mention whether the charitable contributions were from his salary at John Hancock or from the profits he made selling mass quantities of pot. Dirty money! Fistel only donated to one Jewish organization. I can only guess that most Jewish organizations turned him away because they knew his donations were proceeds from drug dealing. I am very naive, what can I say? I am hopeful that Harvard, Alan Dershowitz and Stephen Hawking, now deceased, will return the $6 million Harvard took from the Pedophile Pimp Jeffrey Epstein. Ramaz needs to return the $500K it took from Epstein. The National Council of Jewish Women needs to return the $5K they took from Epstein. Epstein’s sugar Jew daddy Les Wexner gave $100 million to Ohio State University, $160 million to the Columbus Foundation, $15 million a year to Jewish causes and $2.3 million to Ehud Barak. I am confident that all that dirty little pedophile money will be returned to Jeffrey Epstein and Les Wexner. Epstein needs that money for his prison commissary account as well as to pay off his high priced Jew lawyer Reid Weingarten and pay off his bunkie ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione, who is charged with four murders, and who is shaking Epstein down.

Jeremy’s attorneys told Judge Matsumoto that Jeremy helped his younger brother Josh land a job at a kosher restaurant in Boston, ie., the Milk Street Cafe. Jeremy’s attorney stated: “Jeremy escorts his younger brother to temple services at Young Israel of Sharon.” Jeremy submitted a character letter signed by Rabbi Jeremy Fierstien, of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Hillel. Rabbi Fierstien stated that he and Jeremy “delivered packages of basic supplies to homeless folks in commemoration of Purim.” Purim comes only once a year. What were these homeless “folks” supposed to do the rest of the year? Where were they going to get their basic drug supplies? This Fierstien guy has to be the dumbest Hillel Rabbi ever hired by the University of Maryland. He can’t even spell his name right. I researched Fierstien and discovered that he grew up in Yeshiva day schools, went to Camp Ramah, and then took a left turn and became a hipster new age millennial Rabbi at Hebrew College. He probably smoked organic pot with Jeremy Fistel and Jon Braun. He was probably stoned when he spelled his name with the I’s before the E’s. On his wedding website he touts himself as a “pluralistic” rabbi who supports and welcomes same sex Jewish couples in matrimony. Chas v’sholom!

Jeremy Fistel’s hipster Rabbi Jeremy Fierstien, standing in front of a wheel barrel,
getting ready to marry a same sex Jewish couple

Jeremy submitted a letter in which he told Judge Matsumoto about his relationship with Mr. Braun: “Between 2007 and 2009 I sold marijuana for Jon Braun and was given large amounts on consignment. Through counseling with my therapist I’ve come to realize that I turned to marijuana as an artificial way to treat an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. I have since found constructive ways to treat this disorder. I have made significant efforts to become a contributing member of society and a law abiding tax-paying citizen.” Give me a break! Since when did anxiety disorder become a blanket defense to Federal crimes? If I told my prosecutor and sentencing Judge that I had an anxiety disorder when I signed off on seven closings they would have added ten years to my sentence. If Fistel is now a law abiding tax paying citizen he should pay the IRS the back taxes, interest and penalties on all the money he made from dealing pot for all those years with Jon Braun. The Feds seized a measly $50K from Fistel when he was busted, and only fined him $2K when he got sentenced. Fistel must have stashed away millions of untaxed dollars.

Fistel proudly boasted to Judge Matsumoto that he passed 150 urine drug tests while he was on probation. Big deal, every felon knows that all you have to do is drink a gallon of vinegar before the test and you are fine. Smoke, or vape, away.

For G-d, For Country, For Hipster Rabbis, Moshiach Now.

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