Feds Kill Inmate Jeffrey Epstein

Feds Kill Inmate Jeffrey Epstein

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Inmates die in Federal and State run prisons all the time. Most of the time the public and the politicians could care less. Nobody cares whether criminals live or die. It’s only when a high profile inmate dies do the politicians get worked up.

There is no safety in prison. There are no cameras recording what goes on in a prison. The guards are the lowest paid government employees. Guards get bribed all the time in jail. The inmates form their own sub culture and pecking order. The inmates and guards for the most part maintain a truce. In extremely violent State prisons down South the inmates run the prison. The guards are just there to lock up the cells. When someone gets killed nobody is going to snitch out the murderer. The guards don’t do much of an investigation. In less violent prisons, such as MCC where Epstein was locked up, the guards and inmates have a better relationship. The guards know which inmates are on the top of the pecking order and which inmates are at the bottom. If a pedophile is killed in jail the guards could care less. The inmates won’t rat each other out. Getting away with murder on the outside is very difficult. Cell phones and surveillance cameras are everywhere on the outside. Getting away with murder in jail is easy, especially when you know you won’t get ratted out. Everyone is complicit, the guards and the inmates. If you have ever spent any time in jail Epstein’s death is not shocking.

The last high profile murder committed in Federal prison was the murder of Boston mob boss Whitey Bugler. None of the inmates were charged with Whitey’s murder. There had been two other murders at the same prison within a few months of Whitey’s death. John Gotti tried to put a hit on a Black inmate after the Black inmate punched Gotti in the face for calling him a racial slur. The Black inmate was immediately transferred to the Supermax jail in Colorado. The only inmates who are safe from getting beaten or murdered are inmates locked up in the Supermax, known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies. Guys are locked up in 7′ by 12′ sound proof jail cells 23-24 hours a day without any access to the outside world. The inmates aren’t able to communicate with the other inmates located in adjoining jail cells. Eventually inmates have mental breakdowns and put on heavy medication. 400 human zombies are currently locked up in the Supermax, including Islamic & American born terrorists, the Unabomber, the Boston Marathon bomber, El Chapo, and CIA and FBI agents who sold secrets to the Soviets. After Epstein arrived at MCC the Feds quickly moved El Chapo to the Supermax. The Feds didn’t want to be embarrassed by the murder of two high profile inmates at MCC.

Epstein was in solitary confinement when he died, the SHU, ie., Special Housing Unit. Epstein would have been locked up in his own cell with other inmates locked up down the hall. The guards are usually located at the end of the hall, in their own locked office, either watching tv, reading, or playing music. The inmates chatter all day to each other. Inmates sometimes sneak things to each other between the cells. Inmates are very resourceful. Other inmates were reported saying before Epstein’s death that Epstein was asking them for their inmate numbers so he could send them money on their commissary accounts. Epstein clearly wanted the other inmates to help him out while he was locked up, either by getting him food, magazines, tissue paper, or anything else to stop yourself from going insane.

The press reported that Epstein complained about getting death threats at MCC. Getting threatened in prison is part of the daily routine. Every time you piss off another inmate you are going yelled at and threatened with extreme physical harm and death. Eventually you get used to the street talk.

According to press reports Epstein died of suicide. There are no reports about how Epstein committed suicide. There were some pictures posted in the New York Post of Epstein in a stretcher. I contacted a pathologist who has performed hundreds of autopsies. Dr. Detroit told me that the pictures of Epstein in the stretcher did not show signs of strangulation. He said that Epstein should have been foaming at the mouth. Dr. Detroit couldn’t understand why Epstein’s head was purple.

If Epstein died of suicide, he had to have had help. Inmate assisted suicide. You can pay a guard or any inmate to help you commit suicide. Inmates will do anything for a few bucks. Some guards are easier to bribe than others. Football pro Aaron Hernandez hung himself in his jail cell. Hernandez had the drug K2 in his system when he died. How did he get K2 smuggled into jail? Inmate assisted suicide.

Epstein recently filed a motion requesting that he be placed on home confinement, under heavy monitoring paid for by Epstein, pending his trial. Judge Richard Berman denied his request and found there was no amount of bail money or monitoring that would guarantee Epstein’s appearance at trial. Berman cited recent Federal laws that created a presumption of detainment prior to trial for the crimes Epstein was charged. Other serious offenses that are accompanied by the presumption of detainment are Kidnapping; Aggravated Sexual Abuse; Sexual Abuse; Offenses Resulting in Death; Sexual Exploitation of Children; Selling or Buying of Children; Production of Sexually Explicit Depictions of a Minor for importation into the United States; Coercion and Enticement; Transport of Minors; Use of Interstate Facilities to Transmit Information About a Minor.

Epstein would still be alive had Judge Berman sent him home under heavy guard and monitoring, paid for by the pedophile pimp. Epstein would not have tried to kill himself in his $70 million Upper East Side apartment. The Judiciary needs to hold the Federal government accountable for the dangerous condition of prisons. Judges need to analyze the presumption that there is no amount of bail money or conditions of supervised home confinement to guarantee that a defendant will appear at trial in light of the risk of suicide or murder while locked up in the custody of the Federal Government. If the law took into account that a defendant will be less likely to appear at trial because he will either kill himself or get murdered while in the custody of the Federal Government, there would be no presumption in favor of incarceration pending trial. All defendants, even depraved guys like Epstein, are presumed innocent until proven guilty. If the Government is able to manipulate the law in order to convict, or summarily execute guys like Epstein, then the law breaks down and the United States is no better than a dictatorship.

In the Hebrew calendar Jeffrey Epstein’s death occurred on Shabbos Chazon, the Shabbos immediately prior to the fast of Tisha B’Av, the mourning of the destruction of the two Temples, which is also known as the “Black Sabbath” (nothing to do with Ozzy Osbourne). God rebukes the Jews, which includes Jeffrey Epstein, on Shabbos Chazon: “Woe O sinful nation, a people heavy with iniquity, evildoing seed, corrupt children. Wash, cleanse yourselves, remove the evil of your deeds from before My eyes, cease to do evil. Learn to do good, seek justice, perform justice for the orphan, plead the case of the widow. But if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword. How has she become a harlot! Jerusalem was once a faithful city full of justice in which righteousness was wont to lodge, but now murderers. Your princes are wayward and associates of thieves; everyone loves bribes and pursue illegal payments! The orphan they do not do justice and the cause of the widow does not come to them.”

The only thing that will save Jeffrey Epstein from a lengthy prison sentence in Gehenna at this point is Moshiach.


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5 thoughts on “Feds Kill Inmate Jeffrey Epstein

  1. So if we dont know why he was purole then he was killed.
    Is there an emergency hotline for inmates at risk

    1. He may have killed himself with the help of other inmates or guards, but you will never know the truth because the guards can write whatever report they want and the inmates will never rat out the guards or other inmates, lest they risk their own lives. To live under the present conditions at MCC, knowing that you will never get out, is worse than death, you are living in a room not much larger than a casket, it is a living hell. I don’t blame him for wanting to kill himself. I don’t believe someone went in there and killed him, although you never know. A friend who did some time at MCC told me he thought that it was assisted suicide. Epstein is used to living in luxury. MCC was too much for him to handle. MCC breaks the most hardened criminals. Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in a State prison in Massachusetts. He was found hanging from the window in his cell, and had the drug K2, which he smoked, in his system. How does one get K2 in jail? Hernandez probably had help with his suicide. Another inmate will do anything for a few bucks, including assisted suicide. Prison is a mental ward. If you are not mentally ill before you go in, you will become mentally insane after spending some time in jail. There are no phones in the cells in which you can dial 911.

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