Feds Lock Up Dr. Rosenberg, DDS., In His Garage

Feds Lock Up Dr. Rosenberg, DDS., In His Garage

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Dr. Benjamin Rosenberg ran a successful, and lucrative, dental practice in Los Angeles for almost thirty years. The reason Dr. Rosenberg was so successful was because he was an expert in creative insurance billing. Dr. Rosenberg billed insurance companies for two crowns and twenty fillings when he only gave the patient one crown and one filling. Dr. Rosenberg wasn’t very good at counting fillings. Dr. Rosenberg overbilled insurance companies millions of dollars. Benny asked for six months of home confinement. Left coast California Judge John Kronstadt, a Yale Law grad and appointee of Obama, hammered Benny. Benny managed to piss off a jurist from the most liberal State in the Union.

Benny managed to drill teeth and glue crowns in spite of the fact that he suffered from tremors. Pity his patients. Benny is on heavy meds for his tremors. Benny tried to use the tremor excuse with his sentencing judge in order to get out of having to spend time in Otisville. Benny told California Judge John A. Kronstadt that “Benny’s medication comes with difficult side effects. Some of the lighter effects can include dizziness and lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting, bronchospasms, itching and rashes, changes and disturbances in vision, respiratory distress, anxiety, depression, and mood changes.” The guys in Otisville would have no patience for a guy who frequently passes out, coughs, itches, and vomits. The guards would have thrown him in the SHU (solitary) for the duration of his sentence if he engaged in such behavior. I’m sure Benny experienced a medical miracle when he entered the holy Otisville Ohel. Guys with certified medical conditions usually experience unexplained medical miracles when the guards threaten to throw them in the SHU. When Benny gets out he should apply for social security disability.

Benny had the chutzpah to ask Judge Kronstadt if he can leave the country and travel to Israel for a special medical procedure to cure his tremors. Good try Benny! Did you really think that the Judge would be stupid enough to let you travel to Israel and trust that you would return to Federal court from the Land of Return? Benny’s lawyers argued to Judge Kronstadt: “There is an innovative treatment that exists that has the potential to treat the condition, involving focused ultrasound treatment to his brain. It was developed in Israel and is not commonly performed in the United States. Israeli experts, who developed and perfected the procedure, perform it more routinely. Benny consulted with individuals at Stanford, who advised him to undergo the procedure in Israel – they informed him it is performed more commonly there than in all the United States combined. Benny’s neurologist, Dr. Arun Ramachandran, has recommended that he receive the treatment as soon as possible, and that he receive it in Israel for that precise reason.” Judge Kronstadt had no patience for Benny and his doctor’s note from his Mumbai, India. Request to travel to Israel for tremor treatment DENIED.

Benny is the first dentist that I know of who is locked up in Otisville in recent history. There have been many Russian general practitioners who overbill Medicare, chiropractors involved in staged accident scams locked up with their co-conspirator personal injury lawyers, disability doctors who submit fraudulent claims for patients, podiatrists who write themselves scrips for opioids, pain management doctors addicted to Oxy’s, and pharmacists. This is the first time I have heard of a dentist who signed up for Camp Otisville.

Former Connecticut bankruptcy king Attorney Peter Ressler must be very happy that Dr. Rosenberg checked into Otisville. Peter tried to get his sentencing delayed so that he could finish his tooth implant procedure. Peter filed numerous motions requesting more time for his tooth implant to bond to his jaw. The heartless prosecutors at the Department of Justice objected to Peter’s requests. They told Peter he could receive medical treatment in Federal prison. When Peter checked into Otisville he quickly learned that the only dental “treatment” that is provided at Otisville is teeth cleaning and tooth pulling. The Otisville dental assistant is a petite woman with a thick Eastern European accent who gets off on throwing guys in the SHU (solitary) for the slightest infraction. Guys used to joke that she survived the Holocaust, as a guard. Peter’s request for permission to delay his self surrender date because of his tooth implant was DENIED by Judge Covello. Peter ended up losing his reserved bunk in Otisville and had to turn himself in to the US Marshals. The Marshals put him on ice for a few days in the Federal court holding cell. Peter was then transferred to a prison with real criminals, ie., Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Eventually Peter made his way to Otisville, like all upstanding criminals of the Jewish faith, and requested that the Otisville dentist complete his implant procedure. According to a motion filed by Peter, the prison dentists “laughed” at Peter’s request. Peter only had two options: a teeth cleaning or a tooth pulling. Peter then filed a motion asking that he be released from Otisville to home confinement so that he can finish his implant procedure. Request DENIED by Judge Covello. I wonder if Benny can complete the implant procedure for Peter. Benny shouldn’t have a problem smuggling his dental tools and Novocaine into Otisville and completing Peter’s procedure in exchange for a package of tuna. But Benny has tremors. I wouldn’t trust Benny with a drill pointed at my jaw. I guess in prison you don’t have much of a choice as far as choosing your dentist. Plus you get what you pay for. A package of tuna only goes so far.

Benny moved himself, and his large family, to Israel in early 2018. In March of 2018 Benny flew back to California for a visit. As soon as Benny got off the plane he was busted by the Feds and incarcerated in Los Angeles. Benny was eventually released with an ankle bracelet and GPS monitoring. Benny was on home confinement in his garage for a year and a half while he waited for his case to drag on through the courts. I don’t know why Benny was forced to stay in his garage for home confinement. It’s possible Benny rented out his house and his tenants were nice enough to allow him to sleep in the doghouse. I don’t know why Benny returned to California after moving his family to Israel. Benny should have stayed in Israel and let one of his kids return to California to check on his house. Benny must have known that he was under Federal investigation.

Benny spent 15 long months locked up alone in his doghouse in California with his ankle bracelet and GPS monitoring, while his large family partied in Tel Aviv with the money Benny stole from insurance companies. The court filings indicate that Benny was under “onerous restrictions.” I wonder who delivered kosher food, and noodle kugel, to Benny while he was locked up in the doghouse. Benny’s lawyers lashed out at Judge Kronstadt for sending Benny to the doghouse for 15 months. Cruel and unusual punishment! Benny’s lawyers argued to Judge Kronstadt: “For Benny, these past 15 months without his family, living alone while this case has been ongoing, have been punishment in and of itself. He has been living by himself in a garage that has been converted into a makeshift back house, under onerous restrictions.” Poor Benny!

Benny’s lawyer lashed out at Judge Kronstadt for not allowing Benny to have a conjugal visit with his wife in the doghouse next to his saucer of milk and doggie biscuits: “When his family visited Los Angeles, he was not allowed to stay with his wife for the night at her hotel – he had to return to sleep alone at his back house.” Sorry Benny, no conjugal visits with your wife at the Ritz-Carlton in LA. Benny’s wife went to the mikvah for nothing, unless she slept with Benny’s lawyer instead. I wonder if Benny’s greedy lawyer charged Benny for having sex with his wife. He probably billed Benny for two hours of sex when he only had one hour of sex, just as Benny billed the insurance company for 32 crowns and 32 fillings he completed in one hour on one patient.

Benny’s lawyer blasted Judge Kronstadt for not allowing Benny to remain “inconspicuous” after he got indicted: “While most defendants are able to remain relatively inconspicuous during a case, his absence and distance from his wife and children has also been noticeable to their friends and community. Even without further detainment, that stigma will follow him.” Benny didn’t want his family’s friends to know that they shared their DNA with a lowlife crook. How embarrassing! Get used to it Benny. I have a job waiting for you at the Larry Noodles blog. Benny’s lawyer must have graduated with Michael Cohen at Cooley Law School. Only a complete idiot would make such arguments to Judge Kronstadt.

The US Attorney wanted Benny to sit in Otisville for 46 long months. The prosecutor’s provided details of Benny’s numerous crimes of extreme chutzpah: “Starting in at least 2010, defendant began billing for a large number of crowns to a single patient in a short period of time. Defendant billed Metlife for purportedly providing L.F. with 21 crowns. L.F. told investigators that she did not have 21 crowns in her mouth. Defendant billed Metlife for purportedly providing E.K. with 32 crowns. The normal adult human mouth contains 32 teeth. E.K. told investigators she has no crowns on her teeth, and never received any crowns from defendant. While the Defendant traveled out of the United States from December 24, 2013, to January 2, 2014 the Defendant billed multiple carriers for approximately $95,282 in dental services purportedly rendered on these dates. Defendant billed so many services on December 30, 2013, he could not have rendered them all. According to billing data, defendant billed five carriers for 84 fillings and 67 crowns purportedly rendered on December 30, 2013. Considering that each crown takes 30 minutes to two hours to complete, and each filling takes at least 5 to 30 minutes to complete, it would not have been possible for defendant to complete all these services in one day. From 2010 to 2017, defendant billed approximately $9,993,587 million, and was paid approximately $3,249,100.79. As defendant admitted in his plea agreement, in furtherance of his scheme to defraud, defendant submitted approximately $3,853,931 in false and fraudulent claims to the carriers for crowns or fillings that defendant had not rendered and knew had not been rendered, and defendant was paid approximately $1,415,011 for these false and fraudulent claims.”

Health insurance companies overbilled by Benny should share some of the blame for Benny’s crime. Insurance companies regularly deny and fight valid claims, yet when Benny submitted a clearly fraudulent bill for drilling 32 teeth and gluing 32 crowns in one guy’s mouth, in one hour, the insurance company paid without asking any questions. For Benny, stealing money from insurance companies was like taking candy from a baby. The insurance companies wrote checks to Benny after Benny signed insurance forms attesting that he filled 84 cavities and attached 67 crowns, all in one day, and all in the same mouth. Benny was a bionic dentist. Didn’t the bean counters at MetLife realize that only alligators have that many teeth?

California Judge Kronstadt sentenced Benny to 40 months in federal prison. Benny requested that he be sent across the country to Club Fed in Otisville. Judge Kronstadt granted his request. Benny prepared to leave the doghouse and check into Camp Otisville. Benny’s lawyer called the Warden in Otisville in order to make the necessary arrangements for his reservation. Benny would fly across the country, with his ankle bracelet attached, and self surrender in Otisville. The Warden in Otisville told Benny’s lawyer that Otisville didn’t have the necessary equipment to remove Benny’s ankle bracelet. Unbelievable! Benny would have to check into the local Federal prison in Los Angeles, travel by bus across the country to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in New York, spend a few months at MDC where the guards are experts at removing ankle bracelets, and then eventually get transferred to Otsiville, if at all. FUHGETABOUTIT! Benny’s lawyer filed an “emergency motion” and begged to Judge Kronstadt: “The facility at Otisville has conveyed to counsel that they are not able to remove his device once he arrives there. It is especially important to Dr. Rosenberg to surrender directly to the Otisville facility on the surrender date. Dr. Rosenberg is an observant, orthodox Jew. He attends services with a quorum of men three times daily, eats a strictly kosher diet, and steadfastly observes the Sabbath and holy days. Otisville is significantly better equipped to accommodate Dr. Rosenberg’s religious needs, including those for the holidays and to supply him with kosher food. If Dr. Rosenberg surrenders here in Los Angeles at the Roybal Federal Building, he will first be transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center, where he will be held for approximately a month to two months while his travel to New York by bus is coordinated. Surrendering in Los Angeles and being transferred to MDC would pose significant religious obstacles for Dr. Rosenberg, and would also further complicate Dr. Rosenberg’s transfer to New York because orthodox Jewish law prohibits Dr. Rosenberg from using electricity, flying, and driving on certain holidays, many of which are upcoming next month.” Cry me a river Benny! Emergency Motion filed by Dr. Benny Rosenberg GRANTED by left coast liberal Judge Kronstadt. No cross country diesel therapy for you Benny. It would have taken the Feds 40 months to transport Benny from LA to NYC. Benny would have walked out of the prison bus a free man! FUHGETABOUTIT!

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