Feds Lose Attempt to Bury Civil Rights Attorney William Palmieri

Feds Lose Attempt to Bury Civil Rights Attorney William Palmieri

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Attorney William Palmieri has been practicing civil rights law for well over 20 years in New Haven, Connecticut. William started his law career working for legendary civil rights attorney John Williams, who has been suing the cops for more than half a century. William left Williams to start his own practice suing governmental entities in State and Federal Court for corruption and police brutality for almost 25 years.

Despite running a busy law practice suing the government, William Palmieri never made much more than $100K a year, working countless hours. The public has a false perception that attorneys make big bucks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most small practice attorneys in small cities are constantly chasing clients to collect outstanding fees and undercutting each other on quotes for retainers. Too many lawyers competing for a limited supply of clients with limited funds. Only the big name attorneys, who represent about 10% of all attorneys, rake in the big bucks.

Palmieri recently worked on a case against the police who opened fire last year on a young unarmed African American couple who were sitting in their car minding their own business in Hamden. One of the cops who opened fire was charged with assault and reckless endangerment, but not murder. See link. What a joke! This cop would have been charged with murder had the incident occurred after the recent protests against police brutality. Palmieri is currently suing attorney Michael Dolan in State Court, who represents the shooting victim, for his cut of the attorneys fees.

William Palmieri was successful when he sued the government but his personal life was in shambles. Palmieri suffered health issues for years related to 3 diverticulae on his colon that had ruptured, causing the contents of his bowels emptying into his body, poisoning his bloodstream. Palmieri underwent a number of surgeries where his doctors removed eighteen inches of his colon, causing his damaged colon to become attached to his stomach and other organs.

Palmieri’s health problems were nothing compared to his personal legal problems, which were far worse than the suffering caused by his ruptured bowels spilling into his organs and poisoning his bloodstream. William was involved in an ugly legal battle, with both parties filing motions for mental examinations. The case was presided over by Judge Jane Emons, a Connecticut judge who was kicked off the bench, having the most complaints filed against a judge in Connecticut history. She was the first judge in 260 years to be dismissed due to public outrage at her allegedly unethical behavior. After Emons was kicked off the bench public outrage turned into public fury and protest when ex-Judge Emons was hired to teach legal ethics to Connecticut attorneys by the Fairfield Bar Association. The public rally focused its rage at Connecticut Supreme Court Judge Andrew McDonald who publicly defended Emons and stated: “Judges must be insulated from political pressure and threats rather than being treated as hostages in a raging political debate.” Emons currently works for the politically connected and powerful law firm Cohen and Wolf. See link.

Palmieri tried to keep up the image of a successful attorney on a plumber’s salary while failing to pay his taxes. Palmieri purchased a BMW to impress his clients. Clients are stupid. They think a rich attorney is a successful attorney. In order to get clients you have to spend money on self promotion. Palmieri didn’t get enough clients to juggle his personal expenses, office expenses, medical expenses, and taxes. Palmieri fell behind on taxes for a number of years. The IRS attached his bank accounts. Palmieri started to pay his personal expenses out of his attorney trust account, ie., the IOLTA account, to avoid the IRS. The IRS can’t attach IOLTA accounts.

The IRS pursues countless individuals who don’t pay their taxes. In very rare cases the IRS refers tax scofflaws to the Office of the United States Attorney for criminal prosecution. In Connecticut the US Attorney probably files less than a handful of criminal cases against tax scofflaws each year, with probably tens of thousands of individual taxpayers to choose from. Why did the US Attorney decide to destroy a civil rights attorney who made a living suing cops and the government? Why did the US Attorney decide to destroy William Palmieri, a man who was suffering serious medical problems.

The US Attorney wanted Palmieri to sit in coronavirus infested Otisville Federal prison for over a year, despite the fact that Palmieri is “morbidly obese and takes ten medications for asthma, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, and for chronic back problems.” The US Attorney told Judge Underhill that it would agree to delay Palmieri’s self surrender to Otisville until the coronavirus subsided. Does the US Attorney think that Judge Underhill is a complete idiot? Underhill sentenced Palmieri to 3 years probation and 150 hours of community service. L’Chaim! Ah salute!

For G-d, For Godless Country, For Palmieri!

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