Feds Object to Early Release of Rabbi ProdFather

Feds Object to Early Release of Rabbi ProdFather

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74 year old Rabbi “Prodfather” Mendel Epstein, was sentenced to 10 years for being the ringleader in a lucrative Jewish business that is hundreds of years old, going back to the Old Country, ie., Eastern Europe, Poland, and beyond. Rabbi Prodfather kidnapped Jewish husbands who refused to issue their wives a bill of divorce, ie., a “get.” Rabbi Prodfather tortured husbands to sign the bill of divorce. The Rabbi was sometimes paid $50K per get.

Rabbi Prodfather was convicted after a lengthy trial in New Jersey Federal Court. Rabbi Prodfather’s son David “Ari” Epstein was also on trial. David was acquitted. The Feds must have had a weak case against David if he was acquitted. Why would the Feds indict David? Sometimes the Feds bring charges against multiple family members in order pressure one of them to take a deal. Sometimes the Feds spare the family members. I was locked up with many guys who were convicted along with their wives, sons, and daughters. One guy was locked up on an insurance scam involving a diamond. His wife was locked up in Danbury women’s prison. I knew an Asian guy who was locked up with his wife, an attorney, who were convicted of processing illegal immigration paperwork. I knew a guy who was a pharmacist whose wife and children all got convicted and were all locked up at the same time. I worked on a case where a mobster and his wife were both indicted by the Feds. My boss, a former Federal prosecutor, told me that the Feds only indicted the wife in order to pressure her husband to cop a plea. The husband was convicted while his wife was acquitted. The Jacobowitz family is the most prominent of Jewish crime families. Three brothers were convicted. Herman “Mshulum” Jacobowitz was locked up with me. His father passed away before he was indicted. Mshulem ran the Otisville shul when I was there. After Mshulem left Rabbi Prodfather took over.

Rabbi Prodfather rules the shul at Otisville with an iron cattle prod. Anyone who is not religious is not welcome in the shul. Michael Cohen is not welcome in the shul. Rabbi Prodfather has been filing a number of motions trying to get a Judge to release him from Otisville to home confinement. Rabbi Prodfather argued that he contracted COVID19 at Otisville and is at a high risk of death because of his underlying health problems, ie., hypertension, coronary artery disease, multiple bypass surgeries, diabetes, renal impairment, and obesity. The Feds filed a lengthy objection to his motion for early release. The Feds wrote in their motion the following: “On April 14, 2020, Defendant complained of a cough and shortness of breath. He was transferred to FCI Otisville’s Isolation Unit and given individualized medical treatment. When his condition did not improve, he was sent to the hospital the morning of April 16, 2020. While in the hospital, Defendant initially was treated with supplemental oxygen, and was never placed on a ventilator. Defendant was discharged from the hospital on April 22, 2020. At that time, he was again placed in FCI Otisville’s Isolation Unit, where he was monitored and treated, and his condition rapidly improved. Defendant has exhibited no signs of fever or other symptoms since his release from the hospital. His oxygen saturation levels and other vital signs are within normal parameters. Defendant’s previous contraction of COVID-19, and FCI Otisville’s ability to successfully treat him weighs heavily against his application. Contrary to Defendant’s assertion, research suggests at least a proportion of people who have had COVID-19 will be protected from another infection. Defendant’s medical conditions are appropriately managed at the FCI Otisville, which is also engaged in strenuous efforts to protect inmates against the spread of COVID-19, and would also act to treat Defendant should he re-contract COVID-19. Indeed, the fact that the medical staff at FCI Otisville was able to successfully treat Epstein for COVID-19, despite his medical conditions, is the best possible evidence that they are well-suited to treat him again even if it is possible that he could be re-infected. In the meantime, the disease is sadly rampant in New Jersey, and notably in Lakewood, where Defendant seeks to return. As of May 7, 2020, there are 1,949 residents of Lakewood diagnosed with the disease, and 103 people have died.”

The Feds do not want a precedent set if Rabbi Prodfather were released early. The Feds argued: “The Defendant should be required to serve the sentence that this Court imposed for his criminal conduct. Epstein was the leader of a criminal organization that arranged and carried out numerous violent kidnappings. He bragged of these kidnappings and the violent assaults that resulted in painful injuries to the victims in recorded conversations. He used his exalted status in the Orthodox community to recruit young and impressionable men under the guise that this criminal conduct was sanctioned by their religion, which ultimately landed them in prison. Epstein was sentenced to 120 months’ incarceration for this conduct just four years ago, when the defendant was 70, and suffering from many of the same conditions he presents today. Defendant fails to demonstrate how release, approximately 4 years into a 10-year sentence for a serious violent crime, reflects the seriousness of the offense, promotes respect for the law, and provides just punishment for the offense. A consideration of the factors above shows that release at this point is inappropriate based on the offense of conviction, Epstein’s managed medical condition, and the amount of time remaining on Defendant’s sentence.”

The Feds submitted an affidavit of Dr. Alphonso Linley and an affidavit signed by the camp administrator Robert Schreffler. They wrote that many inmates at Otisville have already been granted early release. They said that Otisville normally has 120 inmates, but is now down to 63 inmates. Inmates and guards are required to wear masks at all times. Inmates are provided with masks. 17 Otisville inmates tested positive for COVID19. Of those 17, three were placed in home confinement and one was released on compassionate release. That means that there are 13 inmates currently at Otisville camp who tested positive. The affidavits indicate that inmates are all tested regularly for signs of COVID19. If an inmate shows signs of COVID19 they are placed in solitary confinement and quarantined for a week.

The Camp Administrator wrote that social visits have been suspended and legal visits have been subject to restrictions. The Otisville medical staff takes lawyers’ vital signs before they are allowed to enter the camp. This will create a new problem that the Administrator did not consider. Medical studies have found that lawyers’ vital signs are more analogous to vital signs exhibited by reptiles. The Otisville medical staff will turn away many criminal defense attorneys, concluding that they are reptiles, which will violate inmates’ Constitutional right to legal representation.

I heard that inmates in many Federal institutions have been taking Motrin and aspirin before the tests in order to bring their fevers down. Nobody wants to be locked up in solitary and quarantined for weeks on end. Inmates are doing whatever they can to make sure they don’t have symptoms of COVID19.

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