Feds Raid Goat Copy

Feds Raid Goat Copy

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The lawsuit against Rabbi Greer the depraved child rapist goat was filed Erev Pesach 2016.  A few months later, in September of 2016, there still remained a few people who still supported the Goat. Larry Noodles drove most of them out with his blogs but a few remained. One of these Goat jock straps was Louis Goldberg.  Lou is the owner and president of Goodcopy Printing Center, located at 110 Hamilton Street, in New Haven.

Goat Copy provided the Goat with many years of loyal service.  The Goat paid Goat Copy to print the little books the Goat handed out at his annual fundraising dinner known as the “Goat Gathering.”  The “Gathering” was usually held somewhere at Yale University.

Louis Goldberg had known rape victims Eli Mirlis and Avi Hack for many years.  He watched Avi grow up as a child.  After the Goat was exposed as a depraved child rapist, Mr. Goldberg continued to appear at the Goat’s morning minyan.  Goldberg was probably asked to appear at the Nightmare on Elm Street by the Goat himself.  At this point in time the Goat was hemorrhaging members.  The Goat needed every recruit he could get.  Goat copy dutifully complied with the Goat’s request.

Recently Goat Copy was raided by the FBI.  Files were seized.  Computers were taken.  Hard drives were impounded.  I still remember when the Feds raided a member of my conspiracy who had an office on Whalley Avenue.  The Feds surrounded the place and took many boxes of closing files.  The Feds never raided my office.  They sent me a fax asking me to provide them with copies of about ten files.  I asked around town and many closing lawyers around town were getting these same faxes from the Feds a year or two after the housing crash.  The Feds would have never cared about closing files if the housing market didn’t crash.

The nephew of Goat Copy Louis Goldberg was hauled into Federal Court and quickly pleaded guilty to tax evasion.  Ira Malkin worked for Goat Copy.   Ira admitted that Goat Copy paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars in income that was not reported to the IRS.  Goat Copy paid Ira’s personal bills rather than increase his salary.

Ira chose not to fight the Feds.  In most cases a target of a Federal investigation gets charged by way of “indictment.”  Ira pleaded guilty by way of “information.” If you walk into Federal prison and tell your cellmates that you pleaded guilty by way of information you will immediately be labelled a rat.  To plead guilty by way of information usually indicates that you have been cooperating with the Feds the whole time.  It means that there are other targets in the Federal investigation who have yet to be charged.

Ira Malkin hired Attorney Lisa Perkins to represent him in his criminal case.  There isn’t much to do at this point.  Ira already pleaded guilty.  All he has to do is get interviewed by the Department of Adult Probation and then get a sentencing date.

Attorney Lisa Perkins is a former United States Attorney who prosecuted tax crimes in the State of Massachusetts.  Lisa works for the Law Firm of Green and Sklarz, the same firm that is defending Daniel Greer the Goat against collection attempts by Mirlis who is trying to collect on the $21 million child rape verdict.

The Feds don’t bring many tax evasion cases.  They usually only bring cases that will generate a lot of publicity.  The US Department of Justice has convinced Congress that these high profile cases will deter other tax evaders.  Give me a break.  I was locked up with a guy who owned Mystic Pizza.  He only got a year in prison for avoiding almost a million dollars in taxes.  I was also locked up with CEO billionaire George Landegger, who bilked the government out of tens of millions of dollars in taxes.  This 78 year old WASP only got two months in jail.  He played tennis on the broken up concrete prison tennis court, and played with his 35 year old blond girlfriend in the visitors room.  He did hard time.

The Goat has always surrounded himself with criminals.  The Goat’s longtime partner, attorney William Gallagher stole $1.8 million from his client’s trust accounts.  The Goat’s former business partner law professor Ed Zelinsky is being accused in an ongoing lawsuit of robbing an estate of close to a million dollars.

According to the plea agreement, Lou’s nephew was under reporting his income since 2003.  From 2003 to 2012 Ira reported about $1.5 million in income when he really earned $3.0 million. The printing business was very lucrative for Goat copy and his nephew Ira.  They must have been printing hundred dollar bills at 110 Hamilton Street.

In other Goat news, there wasn’t much activity in the compound over Purim.  The Goat had a few guys on the second floor of his shul on Wednesday night reading the megilla.  They could be heard down the street, but it wasn’t much of a crowd.  There were no parties at the Goat stable.  The Goat’s children did not come down to visit the Goat.  Over this past Shabbos there were a number of cars with New Jersey license plates parked all over the compound.  Rabbi Notis must be bringing his friends into New Haven to help support the Goat.

A source reported to me that one of the Goat’s children called a Jew in New Haven on Purim of 2016, just before the rape case was filed Erev Passover.  My source reported that the Goat child was very intoxicated and said he was trying to get the old Goat to move to Israel.  The Goat’s son, who is close with the New Haven police Department, and serves on the Mayor’s Civilian Police Task force, admitted that he advised the Goat to flee town and be a fugitive from justice.

The Goat has two criminal court dates scheduled for this week.  In part A criminal court the Goat is charged with two felony counts of child rape and risk of injury to a child.  In housing court the Goat is charged with violation of housing regulations, a misdemeanor, because of a child who got lead poisoning from one of the Goat apartments, and the Goat failed to conduct lead abatement after repeated requests.



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