Feds Trying to Shut Down Larry Noodles

Feds Trying to Shut Down Larry Noodles

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The Department of Justice currently is in turmoil, with independent investigations being conducted on the President, the Acting Director of the FBI, the former FBI Director, and Trump Junior.  Expect a Gotti like trial, with a long line of members of the Federal mafia taking the witness stand.  The investigations into the rival Clinton gang have been shelved. Godfather Trump is in big trouble.  The Clinton family may yet get their revenge.

Trump was recently double crossed by his underbosses US attorneys Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions.  Sessions was supposed to protect Trump.  Instead, Sessions recused himself from the investigation of Comey and Trump.  Sessions was in on the meeting between Trump and Rosenberg, when they talked about firing Comey.  Sessions was thus a witness to the events being investigated, and could not be part of the investigation.  Rosenstein was also in on this meeting, but for some reason Rosenstein did not recuse himself.  He probably didn’t recuse himself because he wanted to be in charge of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Trump and Comey.

Of the many hundreds of prominent attorneys to choose from, Rosenstein hired his buddy, and Comey’s buddy, Attorney Mueller as head of the independent investigation.  But a double crosser is always afraid of getting double crossed himself.  Rosenberg made sure his close friend, Federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, was appointed to Mueller’s staff, in order to keep an eye on things lest the investigation focuses on Rosenstein.  Mueller’s staff of 15 hand picked attorneys for this high profile case are Federal government career heavyweights, “experts in the field of criminal prosecutions.”   Yet Zelinsky is a rookie, with only three years of experience as an assistant United States Attorney.  Mueller could have easily appointed the two guys who prosecuted me right here in New Haven, they had ten times more experience than Zelinsky.  Zelinsky grew up in the Greer compound, and his prominent father Yale law professor Ed Zelinsky was close with the child rapist Daniel Greer.

After Comey was fired as boss of the FBI, acting FBI boss Andrew McCabe became the target of a Federal investigation.  McCabe is being investigated for violations of the Hatch Act.  McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe got almost a million bucks from Top Democratic Fundraiser Terry McAuliffe and the Clinton gang, when Jill McCabe ran for Virginia State Senate last year.  Top G-man McCabe had a powerful position in the FBI at the time and told agents to “stand down” on the Clinton Foundation investigation.

Terry McAuliffe, along with the Clintons, were very close with Harvard graduate Hassan Nemazee, a big money man for the Democratic party, and a guy I lived with for almost two years in the Otisville Prison camp.  Hassan hailed from a royal family in Iran before the overthrow of the Shah.  It was rumored in the prison that his mother was Jewish and his father was Persian.  I never found out the truth, but his name was listed on the Jewish inmate list, which doesn’t always mean anything.  Hassan never spoke with anyone, officers or inmates, other than to yell at them to get out of his way.  He never yelled at an officer, but you get my point. Hassan was locked up for fleecing Citi Bank out of $300 million.  I heard he was sent to the SHU (Special Housing Unit, aka solitary) recently for getting in a physical altercation with another inmate in his 60s.

The Justice Department is in a jam.  If they decide to indict Trump, you can be sure that Trump will bring all the Federal prosecutors down with him.  The people at the Department of Justice may not care at this point, with all the independent investigations swirling around their own employees.  Either way, Trump underestimated the power of the Clinton gang.  Trump needs to have a sit down with the heads of the major families before this mob war escalates any further.  The body bags are piling up.  Peter Smith, a Trump guy who was trying to get Clinton emails, was recently found dead.   Klaus Eberwein, a guy who was supposed to testify against the Clinton Foundation, was also recently found dead.  The deaths were determined to be suicides, even though one guy had a bullet in his head.

Amidst all the corruption at the highest levels of government, the Department of Justice is now looking to shut down the Larry Noodles blog.   On the advice of my attorney I cannot disclose the specific details of what recently transpired, but someone in the Federal government, or on the outside complaining to the Feds, does not like this blog.

I will be taking extra precautions to shield the Larry Noodles blog from a Federal government cyber attack.  I recently updated my McAfee anti virus software.  If the Feds decide to bust my door down at five in the morning, I will most likely be locked up in the holding cell at the Federal Courthouse on Church Street for a few days.  I will probably then be transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Manhattan, if anyone would care to visit.  A smuggled in chocolate bar would be much appreciated.  Just make sure it doesn’t melt in your pocket.

If I am found unconscious with a bullet in my head, I hereby place Dr. James R. Gill, the Connecticut’s Chief medical examiner, on notice that my death was not a suicide.  If Dr. Gill rules my death a suicide, I will haunt Dr. Gill every night until he changes his report.  I would advise Dr. Gill to watch the movie Beetlejuice.


8 thoughts on “Feds Trying to Shut Down Larry Noodles

  1. Fascists! They’ll never shut down Larry Noodles!
    Ps: I’ll make sure you’re all setup at MDC with chocolate and whatnot if they do come a crashing in lol.

  2. I think you wrote “Rosenberg” above a few times when you meant “Rosenstein”. Otherwise, great column as always.

  3. You have done some worthwhile reporting here and there on the Greer case, but your sadistic attacks on innocent bystanders, such as Arthur Salhanick, have caused many people to change their minds about you.

    You must have realized that by now.

    It would be very interesting to learn who finally had enough and what sort of pressure they’re applying.

    Regardless, your blog serves no constructive purpose and seems dedicated solely toward (a) your own self-aggrandizement and (b) causing pain to innocent people.

    It’s almost like you’re a bit of a goat yourself.

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