Female Jurors Responsible For Acquitting Khan

Female Jurors Responsible For Acquitting Khan

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This is a picture of Saifullah Khan leaving the courthouse after he was acquitted of all charges.  Next to him is his attorney Daniel Erwin.  Lead attorney Norm Pattis was in New York at the time the verdict was announced.  Erwin had to fill in for Norm and speak with members of the press.  Erwin plays it close to the vest.  Erwin doesn’t yell and jump up and down like his mentor.  He needs to pay more attention to Norm.  How is he ever going to be ready to take over when Norm retires.  During closing Norm told the jury that he no longer describes himself as middle aged, he is now “early geriatric.”

Khan was talking to someone named “abbas” on the phone at the moment I took this picture.  He said “acquitted of all charges.”   “Abba” in Hebrew means “father.”  Is it possible that Khan has a Jewish step father, a Jewish foster father, or a Jewish big brother?  Khan may want to change his name to Kohn, get a medical degree and open up a private practice on Park Avenue.

The middle aged women who packed the jury were responsible for the acquittal of Khan.  They ignored the tall tale told by Khan and his alibi witness Habasa.  They focused on the victim’s story.  The victim is a Jewish girl whose family originated in the Ukraine.  The victim’s name is Anita.  Anita’s last name is a string of consonants. Anita grew up in the Northeast.  Anita was a typical applicant at Yale, an overachiever in high school.  Anita’s dream was to go to medical school.  Norm attacked Anita for wanting to go to medical school.  Norm said Anita wasn’t so interested in saving the world and helping others with her extra curricular activities, she wanted to go to medical school, as if medical school is the path to riches.  Today medical school is the path to burn out, and law school is the path to Otisville Federal prison.

I sat about twenty feet from the jurors.  I saw them every day. One guy smiled at me a lot.  The others didn’t look much at the gallery.  The jury had a number of women on the panel.  The women took control of the deliberations, just by the very nature of the crime.  The male jurors would naturally defer to the women jurors. The foreperson on the panel was a woman.  I could hear the jury arguing through the door of the jury room.  I mostly heard loud female voices.  Very rarely did I hear a male voice.  I certainly didn’t hear any goat noises, although one of the goat’s cases was scheduled the very next day in the same courthouse.

Randall Beach of the New Haven Register posted a story on line where he interviewed a juror.  Only a woman juror agreed to be interviewed, not a man.  Randall posted her name.  The next day he removed her name.  She said the jury thought there was reasonable doubt, not enough evidence.

Why would women vote to acquit a male of raping a girl?  The women jurors listened to Anita cry on the witness stand for almost three days.  Women are not impressed with tears.  Tears make men uncomfortable.  These women were probably not convinced that Anita was this distraught over an incident she admittedly was too drunk to remember.  Anita didn’t go for counseling or therapy after her initial visit to the hospital.  Anita didn’t suffer Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Why was she crying so much? Anita’s testimony seemed too good.  Something wasn’t right.  Anita expressed hostility towards Khan.  She emphasized the word “rape” in every sentence.  Anita bit her lip and ground her teeth while she repeatedly said “he raped me.”

During the civil trial of rapist Rabbi Daniel Greer, victim Eli Mirlis was poker faced during his testimony.  Eli didn’t show much emotion.  Eli was repeatedly raped by a disgusting, depraved old goat.  Eli didn’t show any anger towards the old Goat.  Eli focused on his own emotional well being and recovery with his doctor and therapist.  Eli seemed be well adjusted, in spite of being imprisoned in the compound while in high school.  Eli’s wife showed more emotion on the witness stand. Shira was very upset about what happened to her husband and how it impacted their relationship, as she described her husband as cold and distant.

Anita’s Halloween costume was repeatedly shown to the jury.  The costume consisted of two black shmatas that went on her arms like Wonder Woman, a little black shmata that wrapped around her torso, and an even littler black shmata that wrapped around her tuchos, with a tail attached to the back.  Her costume left little to the imagination.  Anita is a naturally attractive girl.  When she walked into the courtroom for three days dressed in the same frumpy clothes, absolutely no makeup, uncombed hair, pale, with bags under her eyes the female jurors must have been thinking, what is she trying to pull?  The State’s attorneys were two older White men.  Were they responsible for telling her to look like she just got raped?  Anita is 24 or 25 years old.  When I told my friends who were watching the trial that she was 24, they were shocked.  Anita looked like she was 40 years old during the trial.

Anita’s friends did not help her case much.  Her friends basically testified that everyone at Yale gets hammered on Halloween night.  Yale is aware of this and advises security to keep drunk students out of Woolsey Hall during the concert.  Not only do these future leaders of America get plastered on Halloween, but they drunk and party all the time at Yale. Yale is a big drinking school, in spite of what they want the public to believe.  Anita got drunk and vomited three times that evening.  Anita’s friend Keni got drunk and had to be taken away in a gurney.  Keni currently works for the office of the Yale president.  High stakes poker player Richard Gayler partied hard at Shabtai with the Rabbi, who was serving shots of a mysterious “brown liquid” and passing out cigars.  These New Haven jurors were probably shocked to learn that Yalies are just as drunk, slutty, stupid and trashy as their fellow college students at the State schools.  The only person who wasn’t drunk that night was Khan.

The White men who ran the show, ie., the male judge, the two male defense attorneys, and the two male prosecutors, all tried to insult the intelligence of the female members of the jury.  No woman goes out in public, let alone a courthouse, without at least putting on some lipstick.  Anita not only didn’t put on any lipstick, she didn’t sleep for three days so she could look tired, haggard, and raped.

This case has made me embarrassed to be a male lawyer, albeit a suspended male lawyer.  If I was a fully licensed male lawyer I would be even more embarrassed.

The bottom line is the women jurors controlled the outcome of this case.  The women jurors didn’t like it that these male lawyers insulted their intelligence.  The only lawyer they could relate to was the lawyer with the ponytail, the early geriatric Norm Pattis.

I think I need a strong drink, are there any parties at Yale tonight?

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    1. Is this James the juror? If this is James the juror, thousands of readers want to know your thoughts. No pressure

      1. It is you noodles writing like james,lol Desperately needed comments ?Yes,james noodles?Yes, that is right, noodles,just not chinese lol

    1. If it was “The globalist Yale Cabal”-verdict would be different.and the reference “poor oppressed orphaned muzzy kid”does not fit the man who is sly and mean

      1. Since the “sly and mean” man was acquitted by 3 men and 3 women who weighed all of the evidence presented, does it now mean that the accuser is a vindictive, destructive liar? Perhaps they deserved each other.

    2. Closet Trump voters in the jury would have voted to convict against the facts, especially if the accused was a muzzy. The Camp Of Saints and all that sort of thing. Fortunately, it appears that the jury put aside politics and focused on the evidence. Although the women on the jury were initially ready to convict, the men appeared to have convinced them to objectively view the security video. It was more like 12 Angry Men, which has been my own experience as a juror. People tend to take the responsibility seriously.

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