Final Judgment Entered Against the Goat

Final Judgment Entered Against the Goat

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The Federal court entered a final judgment against the Goat yesterday in the amount of $21,749,041.10.  The Goat had the right to object to the amount of the judgment proposed by Mirlis by 5 PM on the date of June 6, 2017.  The Goat chose not to object.  The Goat now has thirty days, until the date of July 7, 2017, to appeal the jury verdict.  An appeal would be heard before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals at Foley Square in Manhattan.

The Goat is familiar with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  He was behind the Hack and Greer students who filed a lawsuit against Yale University claiming they were discriminated based on their religion because Yale did not have separate dorms for men and women. Yale even offered them separate sex floors and bathrooms to settle the case.  The Goat rejected the settlement offer.  He didn’t want to have to pay the dorm fees to have the kids live on campus.  He referred to the Yale campus as “Sodom and Gemorrah.

The Goat lost his lawsuit in Federal District court and then filed an appeal to the Second Circuit.  The Goat lost that appeal.  Jewish students at Yale were relieved after the Goat lost his appeal.

One Yale Jewish student who was interviewed after the appeal said he supported the Yale Five as “a friend.”  He said he knew the Greer and Hack families since he was a young child.  The name of this student was Jedidiah Siev.  Jedidiah Siev went on to become a psychologist specializing in treating patients with OCD brought on by violent, moral, religious and sexual obsessions.  According to his bio he treats Orthodox Jewish patients with obsessive compulsive disorders.  I wonder what diagnose Dr. Siev would give the Goat.

Jedidiah’s father is Dr. Moshe Siev, a local pediatrician who was named as a witness in the Goat’s short list of witnesses the Goat planned to call to testify at trial.  Dr. Moshe Siev never showed up for trial to support the Goat.  The only witnesses who showed up were the Ewe and Goat secretary Jean Ledbury.  Dr. Moshe Siev and his son Dr. Jedidiah Siev have abandoned the Goat. The Goat is angry that no loyalty exists in this world anymore.

Here is a copy of the Court order giving the Goat time to object to the judgment:

ORDER. Plaintiff has filed a motion for an award of offer-of-compromise interest. Accordingly, the Court proposes to enter judgment in the amount of $21,749,041.10, representing $15 million in compensatory damages, $5 million in common law punitive damages, and $1,749,041.10 in offer-of-compromise interest as of June 6, 2017 (the date of the proposed final judgment). The Court shall enter $21,749,041.10 as judgment in this case unless defendants file an objection to that judgment on the docket by 5:00 pm on June 6, 2017.

Signed by Judge Michael P. Shea on 6/5/2017. (Howard, H.) (Entered: 06/05/2017)

9 thoughts on “Final Judgment Entered Against the Goat

  1. how does the legal game continue now? how long and by what means can greer avoid paying this judgement? and become a poor old man. i am curious how this works and what the best and the worst scenario would be for mirlis to collect. i assume that greer cannot shift his assets to another person, but who knows. i am not a lawyer and since you ,larry, are, i would be interested in knowing.

    1. Several molesters & enablers are on record as having shifted assets to judgement-proof themselves. The Chief enabler of the molester Joel Kolko (think Brooklyn & Lake Compounce CT) is usually referred to by his ‘endearing’ nickname “Margo”. Margo was moving all kinds of assets around at a furious pace. In the end he settled for a rather large amount but was afraid of an even larger judgement.

      Depending on when & to whom assets were shifted makes a difference if they can be clawed back.

      I would start keeping an eye on Goat-owned properties in public records for transfer of ownership or sales

    2. Mirlis only named Greer personally and the Yeshiva of New Haven as defendants. Most assets are in different non profit entities that Mirlis will not be able to attach. Mirlis can attach about 10% of the Goat’s wages, and the Goat claims about $75K a year. The Goat owns his house on West Park, and two condos in Newport, but one half of those are owned by the Ewe. The Yeshiva of New Haven owns two building lots in Bethany and a lot in Massachusetts. I think there is between $500K to under a 1 Million in assets that Mirlis would have access to collect on. The Goat probably has a few bank accounts. In the deposition he indicated he had a lot of cash in retirement accounts, which are not subject to attachement

      1. so if i get this right there will be few tangible financial consequences for greer. by tangible i mean, having an impact on his quality of life. in principle, greer could retire to thailand and live off his retirement funds. his wife will continue to be well taken care of. and possibly his sons might inherit. i am painting a bleak picture here, but it seems to be accurate. any clarifications or corrections?

        1. that’s right. His net worth is probably between $5 – $10 million. He lives off income generated from the real estate that is in the names of many non profit entities. He probably hides a lot of money generated from the non-profits. He would have to appoint his children on the board of directors of these non-profits if they are going to reap the rewards after he departs from this world.

  2. Mirlis can demand access to the Goat’s financials to make sure that he is not secretly drawing funds from the other entities & that he is not hiding anything outside those entities. That is actually what they did at the Goat’s old stomping grounds. Lincoln Square was given access by the judge to monitor the financials of caterer Joey Allaham (Prime Grill) in their lawsuit against him.

    Speaking of Lincoln Square, was the Goat still hanging around when the pervert Weinberg became the “rabbi” before they pushed him out? Weinberg is the brother of infamous molester Matis Weinberg. And he is the cousin of pervert Mordechai Tendler. Weinberg intially wrote a letter supporting Tendler on the letterhead of his new shul in Riverdale which he apparently owns so that he cannot get kicked out of there too.

    1. I don’t know about the Goat at Lincoln Square. Mirlis can inquire about the assets of the Goat, just as he did during the litigation of the civil case, but the Goat will lie, lie, lie, just like he did in the civil case.

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