Firemen Let Greer Give Speech at Rally

Firemen Let Greer Give Speech at Rally


The Mayor wants to shut down Firehouse 9 on Ellsworth Avenue.  Firehouse 9 is located in the area of the Greer compound.  The Fireman’s Union held a rally last month to protest the proposed shutdown.  Greer showed up at the rally. For some reason the fireman let a child rapist, dressed in a fancy suit and tie no less, speak at this rally.

The local rags reported what the Greer rapist had to say.  The rags referred to Greer as part of the Yeshiva of New Haven, and Edgewood-Elm Housing Inc.  But the rags did not mention anything about the child rape case against Greer.  The rags did not mention that Greer’s non-profits may have to be liquidated to compensate Plaintiff Mirlis in the child molestation case.  The rags did not mention that there are no children enrolled in the old goat’s school.

This is what the old goat told the crowd:  “I always used to look at firemen as sort of interesting chaps but some three decades ago, I and my wife and five children were trapped in a building, not in this city, smoke-filled, a fire raging around us, and as we crept along, firemen came and grabbed our children and saved us, every time I see a fireman, I thank the Almighty, and I thank the firemen. We have rebuilt this neighborhood in the last 25 years and this firehouse, Engine 9, was our protector under the Almighty’s guidance and providence, this neighborhood has lifted itself up by its bootstraps. We want Engine 9 to remain here, we live here.”

I asked around the Greer compound and nobody can remember the old goat telling this story about how he almost died in a fire some thirty years ago in a building not located in the City of New Haven.   I never heard Greer, or any of his children, tell this story.

Thirty years ago would take us to the mid 1980s.  At this time a number of judgment liens were filed against Greer properties.  One judgment lien in the amount of $935.27 was filed against Greer and his pal Doris “spite fence” Zelinsky on property located at 66 Irving Street.  Another judgment lien was filed by the Hospital of St. Raphael against Greer for his failure to pay a $262.54 hospital bill.  Another judgment lien was filed against Greer and his company F.O.H. Inc., by the South Central Regional Water Authority for an unpaid water bill in the amount of $1,201.23.  There was also a lawsuit filed against Greer in 1988 by John Hall and Jaime Rua in which they claimed Greer refused to honor a right of way through a Greer property located at 66 Irving Street.

Yesterday it was reported by the New Haven Register that New Haven prosecutors have set up a new sexual assault team consisting of cops, prosecutors and investigators in order to more aggressively prosecute serial rapists such as Greer.  It will be the first in the State of Connecticut.  This team will be located in New Haven, two miles from the residence of child rapist Greer.  Is this just a coincidence?



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