Fishy Filings In Cohen Case Delays Otisville Bunk

Fishy Filings In Cohen Case Delays Otisville Bunk

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Michael Cohen fired his New York attorney Guy Petrillo on February 15 and hired big time Chicago criminal defense attorney Michael Monico. Petrillo negotiated the deal to get Cohen 3 years in Otisville prison.

Monico filed his request to represent Mr. Cohen on February 15, 2019 before the Southern District of New York, which was granted. Monico is not licensed to practice in the Southern District.

On February 20, 2019 Attorney Monico filed a Motion to delay Cohen’s self surrender date at Otisville until May 6, 2019, right after Passover. Cohen will miss the festive Otisville Passover seders. Not so festive when you are locked up in jail. Passover celebrates liberation from bondage. Nobody frees you from bondage at the conclusion of the Otisville seder.

In Attorney Monico’s request to Judge William H. Pauly III he referred to a court filing under seal that was made on February 12, 2019. He referred to said February 12th court filing as a “more fulsome letter to the Court filed under seal.” The PACER on line public court docket does not show any document that was filed under seal on February 12th. What is going on? Everything is supposed to get listed on the docket even if it filed under seal or filed in the Federal Court vault. Where was this letter filed?

Is the Federal Court maintaining a secret file for the first man in the history of the United States to ever rat out a sitting President, other than Deep Throat, who ratted out Nixon. But Deep Throat, whoever he was, only ratted out Nixon to the press. He never ratted out the President to the Feds. Deep Throat had morals, unlike Cohen.

The request to delay Cohen’s Otisville bunk was filed by Attorney Monico today, February 20th and was granted and signed by Judge Pauly on the very same day. Usually court filings sit on the docket for a few days. Federal Judges have piles of work on their desk at any given time. Cohen’s motion got put on the top of the pile and got granted immediately. Cohen’s request didn’t have to be granted immediately. Cohen wasn’t scheduled to turn himself in to Otisville for weeks. Why does Cohen’s criminal case get priority over all other criminal cases? It’s not fair that other criminals have to wait for their motions to be heard while Cohen’s motion gets priority. There must be some kind of equal protection violation here somewhere. Are there any licensed attorneys out there? My license is still under suspension.

Cohen needs additional time to recover from surgery and complete physical therapy. Otisville does not offer physical therapy for inmates. There are doctors and chiropractors locked up in Otisville. When I was in Otisville these guys practiced medicine without a license. If you wanted physical therapy from another inmate you had plenty of doctors to choose from. The inmate doctors were a lot cheaper than the doctors on the outside. You would get charged a package of tuna, which you could pick up on the commissary or steal from the kosher kitchen.

Former Connecticut bankruptcy attorney and Otisville inmate Peter Ressler couldn’t get his motion to stay out of jail granted when he asked for a delay to complete his tooth implant procedure. Otisville doesn’t offer dental care other than pulling your teeth and cleanings. Peter has been filing motions to get out of Otisville in order to get his teeth fixed. He says it is painful for him to eat and he has TMJ. My co-defendant Otisville inmate Andy Constantinou has been filing Motions to see a podiatrist because he is a diabetic and he has been having foot problems. The Bureau of Prisons has no foot doctors on staff. This could be serious. If Andy is not treated by a doctor he could lose his feet. Otisville’s medical facility does not provide amputations.

If you wish to read the mysterious letter submitted by Attorney Monico to the Federal Judge on the Cohen case click below:

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