FOH Inc. is Worth Over Three Million Dollars

FOH Inc. is Worth Over Three Million Dollars


The old goose formed F.O.H., Inc., in 1999.  F.O.H. owns many of Greer’s rental properties.  F.O.H. is short for “Friends of Ha-gan,” or “Friends of the Gan.” The Gan was the name of the now defunct Greer elementary school.  Da goose also formed a non-profit known as Yedidei Hagan, which means “Friends of the Gan” in Hebrew.

Daniel Greer purchased rental properties in the name of FOH, Inc., Friends of Hagan, Inc., and Yedidei Hagan.  But there is no corporation named Friends of Hagan, Inc. registered with the Secretary of State.  Da goose operated three separate entities, all with the same name, one of which is not even registered, all doing the same thing.

FOH is very profitable for Da Goose.  According to tax returns filed by Da Goose, FOH raked in $1.3 million dollars in total revenue.  This included $870K in private and public contributions, $150K of which came from Edgewood Elm Housing, and $410K from rental income and $22K from dividends on stocks and bonds owned by FOH.

In 2013 FOH reported that it owned $2.3 million in real estate, and about $700K in cash, savings, securities and other financial investments.  FOH only listed $200K in mortgage liabilities.  The value of FOH is about $3 million.  That’s a lot of gold for Da Goose to play with.

If you add up the value of all of Greer’s non-profits, ie., Yedidei Hagan, Edgewood Elm Housing, Inc., Edgewood Village, Inc., FOH, Inc., and Edgewood Corners, Inc., you have about $10 million in golden eggs laid by Da Goose. Da Goose doesn’t want to part with one egg to compensate his child rape victims.

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