Foreclosure Commenced Against Greer’s Residence

Foreclosure Commenced Against Greer’s Residence

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Eli Mirlis, the man who obtained a $21 million judgment against the Goat named Greer for child rape, has commenced foreclosure proceedings against the Goat’s residence located at 133 West Park Avenue, New Haven.  The Goat resides there with his wife, the Ewe.  The Goat raped teenagers Eli Mirlis and Avi Hack in this house.  The Ewe didn’t seem to mind that her Goat husband was using her bedroom to have sex with teenage boys.

The Ewe was spotted at the popular kosher restaurant / supermarket Edge of the Woods last week.  I witnessed her chatting it up with the employees of this establishment.  She was very happy.  She must be on drugs.

The Goat had a full house this past Shabbat.  My sources have reported that they spotted a large group of young men leaving the Nightmare on Elm Street with the Goat after religious services.  The wayward Lakewood boys who are enrolled in the unlicensed Goat boarding school are probably home for summer break.  The Goat must be paying other guys to come to his minyan.  The local New Haven crowd has completely abandoned the Goat.  They have finally come to their senses.  The last few stragglers have left the Goat: lounge singer and song writer Gary Lynes, Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw and her husband Mr. Robot.

Eli Mirlis just filed a “Lis Pendens” against the Goat’s house where the Goat raised his five children.  The Goat also raised numerous farm animals in his barn.  The Goat used to brag that all his children graduated Ivy League institutions, just like the Goat.  These Ivy League graduates were not smart enough to report the Goat to the authorities.  It took one brave man, from a broken home and a limited educational background, whom the Goat said lacked substance, to have the courage to expose the Goat for his crimes.

The many kids raised in the compound, whom the Goat probably helped get into Yale, have nothing to say about the Goat.  Federal Prosecutor and Goat Graduate United States Attorney Aaron Zelinsky has nothing to say.  The silence is deafening.  You would think a guy who works in law enforcement, and a Jew no less, would be outraged by the behavior of this Goat who calls himself a rabbi.  Right now Aaron is investigating whether the Russians tried to influence the Presidential elections.  Where was Aaron when Obama was spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to influence the Israeli elections?  Aaron should focus on real crimes, like investigating a pedophile who was able to run an unlicensed private boarding school for thirty years.

Other Goat graduates, and former friends of the Goat, have also invoked their right to remain silent and have no comment about the Goat.  Yale graduate and high school teacher Avi Hack, who was raped by the Goat, and testified in the trial, has nothing to say.  Law Professor and Yale graduate Ed Zelinsky, who is buddies with Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito, has nothing to say.  The Siev family of Yale educated doctors, who treat Orthodox Jews with sexual disorders, have nothing to say about this depraved sexual predator who victimized Jewish children for over 40 years.

“Lis Pendens” is a Latin phrase that means “Litigation Pending.”  Mirlis has served the Goat with a lawsuit to foreclose on the Goat’s residence.  Mirlis has recorded this fact on the New Haven land records with the filing of the Lis Pendens.  The Lis Pendens notifies anyone wishing to purchase the Goat’s property, or potential creditors, that Mirlis has a pending claim.

I will be providing information about the court proceedings as they unfold.  I would guess that the Goat will be hiring either David Grudberg, or William Ward, or both, to defend him in the foreclosure proceedings.  The Goat could possibly hire his eviction and real estate attorney Stuart Margolis.  Either way, the Goat doesn’t have much of a defense, no matter which lawyer he hires.

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