Foreclosure Judge Values Goat Yeshiva At $620K

Foreclosure Judge Values Goat Yeshiva At $620K

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Newly appointed New Haven Superior Court Judge Claudia Baio, the former Mayor of Rocky Hill, famous for it’s dinosaur park, determined that the Nightmare on Elm Street, located at 765 Elm Street, New Haven, was valued at $620K, far above the $390K value argued by Pedophile Rabbi Greer’s attorney and President of the New Haven Jewish Community Center Jeffrey Sklarz. Daniel Greer repeatedly raped high school students at 765 Elm Street. Victim Eli Mirlis obtained a $15 million jury verdict against Mr. Greer aka “the Goat.”

For 40 years the Goat, much like Harvey Weinstein, endeared himself to Democratic politicians. The Goat was good buddies with long time New Haven Mayor John DiStefano, Mayor Toni Harp, as well as Senator Richard Blumenthal. The picture above shows the Goat presenting an award at one of his annual fundraising dinners. The picture above also shows the Goat’s long time business partner and prominent Attorney William Gallagher, who was caught stealing over a million dollars from his clients. Also in the picture is long time Goat buddy Harold Hack. The Goat got Harold a do nothing job with the City of New Haven. Everything has a price. The Goat groomed Harold’s son Avi for molestation when Avi was just a child. The molestation continued until Avi got married at 28.

The Goat’s attorney Jeffrey Sklarz asked Judge Baio to value the Nightmare on Elm Street at $390K in order to allow the Goat to post a cash bond for $390K in order to stop the foreclosure. The Goat wants the foreclosure to stop until the Second Court of Appeals overturns the $15 million verdict against him. The Goat will never win his appeal. In order for the Goat to stop the foreclosure he had to convince Judge Baio that the building was only worth $390K and that he should be given the opportunity to post $390K in cash as security. Judge Baio ruled that the Goat had the right to post collateral, ie., security, while his Federal appeal was pending. The Judge ruled that the Goat has to post $620K, the value she determined was the fair market value for the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street. I don’t know how the Goat is going to come up with $620K in cash.

If the Goat fails to post $620K in cash, the attorneys for Eli Mirlis will be able to move to foreclose on the Goat’s empty building and get title and sell the Goat’s property that the Goat purchased from the City of New Haven for a dollar forty years ago. The lights in the second floor room where the Goat’s shul is located have not been turned off since the Goat relocated to State prison in Cheshire. The Goat’s vigil. The Goat’s secretary Jean Ledbury’s red Hyundai is parked out in front of the Goat’s yeshiva every day. I spotted the Goat’s wife, ie., Sarah Greer aka “the Ewe,” recently in front of the Nightmare on Elm Street. She was dressed up like a witch going out for a night on the town. She was dressed in black from head to toe and was she wearing a black hat. She looked happy.

I wonder if the Ewe has been bringing her Goat suppositories to Cheshire prison. The Goat’s prison records stated that the Goat has been requesting 1-3 suppositories a day for his constipation as well as bottles of Kaopectate. The prison nurse told the Goat that he cannot have more than a 30 day supply of medication in his prison cell. The Goat’s prison records also indicated that the Goat has been complaining that he is only given 20 minutes to eat his mystery prison meals. When you are in solitary the guards bring you meals and watch you eat. When you are in general population you can eat with your crew. The Goat has no friends in Cheshire prison. The Goat has to eat by himself in solitary confinement. The Goat was put in solitary for his own protection. The Goat would never survive in general population.

The Goat’s disbarment hearing has been rescheduled for March 18th at 2:30 PM. The Goat has had this hearing rescheduled twice by Superior Court Judge Abrams. The State Disciplinary Counsel objected to the Goat’s request to reschedule this hearing. The Goat has no defense. The Goat will be sitting in jail for the next 12 years. The Goat hasn’t practiced law in 30 years. The Goat has no need for a law license. The Goat is being represented by Attorney David Grudberg in the disbarment proceedings. Grudberg has declined all requests for comment.

You can read a copy of Judge Baio’s decision below:


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