Foreclosures Against Greer Properties Scheduled for Jan 16

Foreclosures Against Greer Properties Scheduled for Jan 16

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The mainstream media, ie., Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent and the New Haven Register, didn’t cover Rabbi Greer’s recent criminal court appearance.  I braved the frigid cold in order to watch Rabbi Greer appear before the Judge in the New Haven Criminal Court.  Paul Bass was too busy sipping a Shirley Temple at a local restaurant with the Mayor of New Haven while the Goat was grunting into the ear of his attorney Willie the Dow.  Paul Bass is hoping that New Haven Mayor Harp and Bridgeport convict Mayor Ganim win the governor’s race.  Paul Bass didn’t even send his underling fellow Yale grad Chris Peak to the Goat criminal hearing.

A civil court hearing on the Goat’s properties is scheduled for January 16, 2018.  The Goat’s criminal matter is still scheduled for February 28, 2018.  February 28th falls on a Jewish fast day, ie., the Fast of Esther.  The Goat will most definitely get that date postponed for religious reasons.

When it comes to personal religious practices the Goat is very open minded. The Goat picks and chooses which religious laws he chooses to keep and which ones he chooses to violate.  The Goat is quick to publicly condemn those who violate the law against sodomy.  The Goat testified before the State of Connecticut Legislature against gay marriage. The Goat argued that gay marriage was harmful to children.

Attorney Beatman, who represents rape victim Mirlis, recently filed Motions for summary judgment in the foreclosure cases.  The motions state:  “No amount of the judgment has been paid to date, the judgment remains unpaid in full and there is presently due and owing $21,749,041.10.”

The foreclosure cases seek court orders to take possession of the Goat’s residence at 133 West Park Ave, New Haven, the Goat’s school building located on 765 Elm Street, ie., the Nightmare on Elm Street, and two Goat owned wooded lots located in the Town of Bethany.  Mirlis testified that the Goat once took him to one of the lots for a picnic in the woods.  The Goat attempted to rape Mirlis, but it started to rain, so Mirlis convinced the Goat to go home.

The foreclosure cases are all scheduled for a hearing on January 16, 2018, in the Superior Court of New Haven.  The Goat’s attorneys did not file an objection to these motions.  If the Goat does not object, the Judge will grant the motions and schedule a date when the properties will be put up for public auction.

I wonder if Rabbi Notis, who is running the school inside the Nightmare on Elm Street, is even aware that this building could be taken away from the Goat at any minute.  I wonder if the young male students who are in classrooms are aware that their classes could be interrupted by a judicial marshal looking to seize the building.   If the marshals, police officers and moving vans show up at 765 Elm Street, I will be there to film the Goat, Rabbi Notis and the students being ejected from the property, while Paul Bass will be sipping on his Shirley Temple, the drink of choice for Communists such as Mr. Bass.

The Goat owns one half of his residence with his wife Sarah Greer.  If Mirlis takes possession of the Goat’s residence, then Mirlis will own one half of the property and the Ewe will still own the other half.  Mirlis theoretically could walk into his half of the property and hang out with the Ewe.  The Goat would be there too, as the Ewe’s guest.  Mirlis could invite his own guests to the property, such as the Undertaker, the Mathematician, Avi Hack, Dov Greer, Ezi Greer, Harold Hack, Goat Copy, the Librarian, Mr. Robot, Quick Draw McGraw, Rabbi Muroff, Lounge singer Gary Lynes, John DiStefano, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Andrea Riskin, Jerry Brown, Bella Shapiro, Dr. Siev, Mayor Harp, Larry Noodles, Paul Bass, and Barack Obama.  The Goat hated Obama.  It would be just like old times, a great big Purim party with the Goat as the Grand Marshal.





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    1. Paul has his own brother to worry about, who was locked up, not sure if he is still in the Big House

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