Former Inmate Rubashkin Not Welcome In England

Former Inmate Rubashkin Not Welcome In England

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Sholom Rubashkin Is Getting Kicked Out Of England

On December 20, 2017, the eighth day of Chanukah, Sholom Rubashkin was released from the medium prison at Otisville after getting his sentence commuted by Donald Trump. I lived in the low security prison on the other side of the barbed wire fence.  I could see Rubashkin in the prison yard at times through the wire fence.  Rubashkin got 27 years in Iowa for a financial fraud case. If he was sentenced in the Southern District of New York he would have got ten, if that. Rubashkin’s restitution was about $25 million.  Rubashkin got 27 years for a $25 million loss.  I was locked up with Hassan Nemazee, a guy who stole $300 million from Citibank.  Nemazee got a 12 year sentence in the Southern District of New York.

The Jewish media has reported that Rubashkin is currently being detained in a Manchester airport and will be put on the next plane back to Brooklyn. Fuhgetaboutit!

Rubashkin didn’t get a pardon from Trump. Rubashkin got his sentence commuted. Time served. Rubashkin didn’t get his probation thrown out. Rubashkin got five years of supervised release. When Rubashkin tried to enter England he was still on probation. Rubashkin had permission from his probation officer to travel internationally as part of his job with the Aleph Institute. Rubashkin filed motions requesting that the Federal District Court of the Southern District of New York allow him to travel internationally without asking for prior permission, which is usually done in most cases. Rubashkin’s case was transferred from Iowa to New York because Rubashkin lives in New York and is supervised by the New York Probation Office. You can read the motion, along with the letter from his employer the Aleph Institute, below:

Rubashkin’s court order granting him permission to travel internationally stated the following: “ORDER as to Sholom Rubashkin. On December 20, 2017, Defendant Sholom Rubashkin was released from prison in Otisville, New York and began a five-year term of supervised release. This Court has jurisdiction over Rubashkin’s supervised release, as he lives in the Southern District of New York. As a condition of his supervised release, Rubashkin can only leave the Southern District with the permission of the Court. Rubashkin has obtained employment since his release. He now requests permission from this Court to leave the country for work-related purposes upon prior approval from his probation officer, without the need for further action from this Court in each instance of travel. This Court GRANTS his request. Sholom Rubashkin need not ask this Court for permission to travel internationally for his job, so long as his probation officer is made aware of his travel plans and approves them. It is SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Edgardo Ramos on 8/13/2018)(bw) (Entered: 08/13/2018)”

Rubashkin has been traveling the country and all over the world giving speeches about how he kept his faith in G-d while he was locked up in prison. Hasidim think his early release is nothing short of miraculous. Secular Jews, as well as some modern and not so modern Orthodox Jews, do not believe that criminals are worthy of G-d’s miracles. Who is a more worthy candidate for G-d’s miracles than one who is in chains? Guys in jail pray far more than anyone else on the outside. Guys in jail spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week thinking about and regretting the mistakes they made in their lives. I know, I was there. Where does it say in Jewish law that G-d reviews a guy’s criminal record before granting a miracle?

Is Rubashkin being kicked out of England because he is a Jew? A felon? On probation? Is it because Rubashkin is a Chabadnik? Is it because England’s Prime Minister May is about to resign in part because Trump supported Brexit? Or is it because two snitches in the English Jewish community ratted out Rubashkin to the authorities?

None of the above. England has a long list of Americans who are personas non gratis. The English must still be angry over the American Revolution. Below is a list of some of the people who are not allowed entry into Great Britain: Rubashkin is in good company

Blue eyed light skinned African American supermodel Jeremy Meeks. Meeks did some jail time and is a felon. Meeks modeled Israeli sunglasses for a company owned by supermodel Bar Rafaeli. Meeks is not a Jew.

Black Orthodox Jewish convert Rapper Moses Michael Levi Barrow (birth name: Jamal Michael Barrow) who goes by the stage name Shyne, and performed with Matisyahu. Shyne did some jail time and is a felon.

Black leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan Sr. (birth name: Louis Eugene Walcott). Farrakhan never did any jail time and is not a felon. Farrakhan is not a Jew. There is always hope that he will do some jail time and / or convert to Judaism.

Right Wing Radio Host Michael Savage (birth name: Michael Alan Weiner) Savage is a Jew. After Savage was banned from England he told his listeners to cancel trips to England and stop buying English made goods.

Israeli right wing politician Moshe Zalman Feiglin (Hebrew name: מֹשֶׁה זַלְמָן פֶייגְּלִין). Feiglin referred to Joe Biden as a “diseased leper.” Feiglin is a Jew. Biden is a goy.

Abo Obama, President Obama’s half brother, not the Jewish one, who runs a cell phone shop in Kenya. If he runs a cell phone shop its highly possible he is an Israeli.

CIA contractor and NSA leaker Edward Snowden. Snowden can’t get into England but he had no problem getting into Russia, where he currently resides.

Home fashion maven Martha Stewart. Martha did some time in Danbury Federal prison for insider trading. Martha redecorated her jail cell.

Ear fressin heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson. Tyson has a criminal record and did jail time after he was convicted of rape. He lost his appeal even though he hired Jew lawyer Alan Dershowitz. While he was in jail he converted to Islam. Had he converted to Judaism he would have got out of prison much earlier with the help of the Aleph Institute. Dump shvartze

Wikileaks leaker Julian Assange. Assange is not a Jew but he hired Jew lawyer Barry J. Pollack to defend him against an indictment brought against him by the Department of Justice AKA the Federal Mafia.

African American rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. AKA “Snoop Dogg” Snoop Dog is not a Jew although he signed up with Jewish record companies and promoters early in his career. He dumped his Jew masters when he formed his own record company Doggy Style Records, a subsidiary of Death Row Records. No self respecting Jew would name his company Doggy Style Records or Death Row Records. Jews have always tried to assimilate with da man. The shvartzes on the other hand…

Right wing deceased Rabbi Meir Kahane. Kahane is still banned from entering England. Weekend at Kahane’s?

Self proclaimed Messiah Sun Myung Moon (문선명 born Mun Yong-myeong). Moon is a felon. Moon was caught spying on North Korea for South Korea and did some jail time in North Korean prisons, and survived to officiate at massive group weddings for Moonie couples. The Jewish community should reach out to Moon, he may have the solution to solving the shidduch crisis.

Deceased Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Begin was banned during the early days of the State of Israel but was later allowed into England on the condition that he not speak Yiddish.

My sources have told me that the Aleph Institute promoted and advertised a number of events for Rubashkin in England while he was still in America. The guys at Aleph didn’t think Rubashkin would have any problem getting into England. England was America’s ally in two world wars, as well as the war in Iraq. I guess Aleph didn’t do their homework.

I didn’t realize how difficult it was for felons to get into England. France, Germany and Italy don’t maintain long lists of felons non gratis. I guess I won’t be planning a trip to England anytime soon.

G-d Save the Queen. G-d save the Jews. G-d save Rubashkin. Moshiach Now!

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  1. I’m surprised that Aleph didn’t know about this little caveat and prepare in advance. Just because you have permission to travel doesn’t mean that another country has to let you in. Even a country that may not deny you entry for being a convicted felon may deny you entry if you are on probation or supervised release. All of the convicted felon friends of Larry noodles should make sure to check with the Consulate of the foreign country they plan to travel to well in advance of their trip.

    1. Do you mean Disraeli Gears? Has Eric Clapton ever met Rubashkin? Matisyahu? Avraham Fried? Mordechai Ben David?

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