Former Student Of Yeshiva of New Haven Interviews the Goat

Former Student Of Yeshiva of New Haven Interviews the Goat

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This past weekend a former student of the Yeshiva of New Haven interviewed the Goat on the streets of the compound.  This student attended the Goat’s high school in the late 2000’s, about 5 years after Mirlis was getting raped by the Goat on a regular basis, and about 15 years after the Goat first kissed Avi Hack on the lips.

The student was driving around the compound and saw the Goat walking on Elm Street.  The student pulled over and rolled down his window and waved to the Goat, and shouted “Hey, Rabbi Greer!”  The Goat walked over to the car and smiled and said, “Hello Yaacov, how are you doing?”  Yaacov responded, “Not good.  You are a child molester, you molested Eli Mirlis.  You tried to rape kids in your school.  What did you do to Avi Hack?   Why did Avi Hack take us in the locker room at the Yale gym and take off all of his clothing right in front of us?  And what about Rafi? And Aych?”  The Goat stepped back and muttered repeatedly as he shook his head, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”  Yaacov ended the conversation by telling the Goat: “You are not a man of G-d, you are the Devil.”  Yaacov then drove off.

Note that the Goat did not deny that he molested students when asked by Yaacov.  The Goat did not declare his innocence and tell Yaacov, “It’s not true I am not a child rapist.”  The Goat merely said “I don’t know what you are talking about.”  At least the Goat didn’t take the Fifth Amendment like he did in Federal Court.

In my last posting I offered to deputize anyone as a senior staff writer at the Larry Noodles blog if they interviewed anyone connected with the Goat.  I am proud of Yaacov.  Yaacov went beyond the call of duty.  I never expected anyone to actually interview the Devil himself.  Yaacov is hereby deputized as a senior staff writer for the Larry Noodles blog.  Yaacov will receive a box of spiral noodles in the mail in approximately three weeks.

Yaacov told me that while he was in the Goat school the Goat couldn’t resist rubbing the boys shoulders and pinching the boys.  He said he never got molested by the Goat but he said he that Avi Hack nibbled on his ear.  He said he jerked his head so fast that he almost bit Avi’s ear off.  He said that the Goat and Avi Hack were constantly touching the boys.  He said that the Goat used to take Rafi on “field trips” every Sunday in his car. Nobody knew where they went.  Yaacov was not surprised when the news broke about the Goat and Avi Hack.

In other news in the compound a few Goat bochurim were spotted walking around New Haven.  They were described as about 16 years old and very Chassidish, with long black coats, white shirts, black hats and peyos.  They were also described as very pale and skinny.  One of them was chubby. They appeared to be under the influence of drugs.  Perfect victims for the Goat.

The New Haven Jewish community has seen all kinds of young men come and go from the compound.  Some are quiet.  Some are rowdy.  Every few weeks there is a different group of boys living in the compound.  About a year ago a young boy wandered into a local shul and had some kind of mental breakdown, bad trip or drug overdose.  The police and ambulance were called to take the boy to Yale New Haven Hospital.  At another point in time boys from the compound were found in a local mikvah bath at 2 in the morning drinking alcohol and using the mikvah as their own personal hot tub.  If they wanted to sit in a hot tub I would have taken them to the JCC.  All they had to do was ask.  At another point time they were very drunk and attacked me on Purim when I drove through the compound.  I filmed the scene, you can see it on Youtube.

My inside sources told me that the Goat is having a hard time getting 10 guys to show up for his minyan every day.  The guys he pays are not always reliable, as sometimes they are sleeping off a hangover.  The Goat has tried to contact a few locals in the Jewish community to help him out but the Goat so far has no takers.  Even Lou Goatberg won’t go near the Goat.


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