Former Tenants Sue the Goat

Former Tenants Sue the Goat

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Last year I blogged about how the Goat was evicting elderly and impoverished Jews from the compound.  The Goat succeeded in evicting many Jews over the last year from the compound, including a Yale mathematician, a young Jewish couple from New York, an elderly Jewish bubbe and her daughter, a man who runs the Jewish burial society who took care of the Goat’s father twenty years ago, and a few others.  The Goat left a couple of Jewish tenants alone, for whatever reason.  They must have made a deal with the Devil.

The elderly Jewish bubbe and her daughter Andrea recently filed a lawsuit against the Goat trying to get their security deposit.  The Goat is fighting the case in Superior Court.  The Goat is being defended by attorney Stuart Margolis, the same lawyer who has brought many eviction cases on behalf of the Goat.

Andrea brought the lawsuit on behalf of herself and her elderly Jewish mother.  According to the lawsuit Andrea was late on only one rent payment due to a mix-up with her mother’s social security check. The Goat brought the eviction case anyway.  Andrea made an agreement with the Goat’s attorney Margolis to stay in the property for nine months. Andrea agreed to pay the rent and an additional $250 a month towards the Goat’s attorneys fees, which went to Margolis.  She said she felt blackmailed because she was desperate at the time.  She was caring for her elderly mother who was suffering from dementia and was trying to get her into a nursing home.

Andrea claims that at one point Margolis demanded $500 a month in attorneys fees.  Andrea couldn’t afford the $500 so she moved out.  After Andrea moved out she demanded that the Goat return her $1,900.00 security deposit.  The Goat refused to return the security deposit, so Andrea sued the Goat.  Margolis filed an answer to the lawsuit and claimed that the Goat is owed $2,700.00 in attorneys fees, which was deducted from the security deposit.

When the Goat evicted Andrea last year attorney Margolis and Andrea entered into an agreement on 9/20/16, which became an order of the Court, that Andrea owed Margolis $300 in additional attorneys fees.  Judge Avallone signed the court order.  Now the Goat is looking to charge Andrea an additional $2,700.00 in attorneys fees.  This makes no sense.

The case law says that Margolis has the right to withhold attorneys fees from a security deposit if the lease permits the landlord to deduct unpaid attorneys fees if the landlord wins the eviction.  If the lease says that only property damage can be deducted from a security deposit then the Goat may have to return the security deposit.  There was no copy of the lease that was filed on the judicial website.  The fact that Judge Avallone’s 9/20 order says that Andrea only owed the Goat $300 in attorneys fees could be used by Andrea to argue accord and satisfaction, ie., the Goat and Andrea entered into a new agreement that settled all their prior claims.

Andrea wrote in her lawsuit:  “I believe that the whole process is a scam as a way for Rabbi Greer and his attorney to make money off of vulnerable and desperate people… as an aside Rabbi Greer is the same rabbi who was recently ordered to pay the largest civil award ever to a man who was sexually abused when he was a student of his…  Rabbi Greer was also arrested for this crime.  I only include this to show that Rabbi Greer is no man of faith nor a good person.  He has been taking advantage of his tenants for years in his numerous properties…”

Even if Andrea wins the lawsuit, how is she going to collect from the Goat?  Mirlis has been trying to collect on a $21 million judgment and hasn’t been very successful. The Goat is playing games, transferring assets to his wife, filing frivolous motions in court, and spending more money on his lawyers than what he has to pay back Mirlis.  But a security deposit is supposed to be held in an escrow account for the tenant, with the tenant’s name and social security number on the account.  If the Goat takes out that money after Andrea wins her case, it could be considered theft.  The Goat could potentially be arrested for being a goniff, which would add to his other pending criminal charges.  The State may want to appoint a special prosecutor to handle all of the Goat’s criminal cases.

Before the Goat’s children fled the compound Andrea had a conversation with the wife of the Goat’s number one son Dov.  The Goat’s daughter in law was packing her bags, rounding up her kids and leaving Dodge.  Andrea asked her why she was leaving Dodge in her Dodge minivan.  The response was this:  “I have to protect my children.”  But why did she take Dov with her?  She should have left him in Dodge with the Goat, after all, he must have known what was going on for all those years in the compound.  His siblings fled the Elm City twenty years ago, and rarely returned, they detested every visit.  I used to watch them come to the compound on occasion.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, it was obvious from the expressions on their faces that they were miserable every minute that they were in New Haven.  One daughter used to dress in all black, keep her head down and not speak to anyone, as if she was in mourning.  Once I watched the Goat scream at his daughter for giving her baby a milk bottle at his Sabbath dinner table after the family had just eaten meat.  The Goat tried to control himself when non-family members were around, but he was not always successful, he is a goat after all.  Another time I watched the Goat’s daughter leave the family Sabbath dinner table, in the middle of the meal, flee to another room, never to return, much to the anger of the Goat and the Ewe.  The Ewe tried to retrieve her daughter, but was unsuccessful.  The Ewe adopted surrogate daughters over the years, girls who were there for the school, or who were hired to work in the day care.  The Ewe took them in as if they were her own daughters and treated them with kindness and respect.  The surrogate daughters knew nothing of the depraved behavior of the Goat.  But why did the Ewe not treat her own daughters with respect?

While the three daughters reviled the Goat, the two sons revered the Goat, at least while they were on the Goat’s payroll.  When rumors started to spread about the Goat’s depravity, the sons saw the writing on the wall.  Even Avi Hack told the Goat, as he stated in his deposition, “This is not going to go away, you cannot quash this.”   Avi was like a son to the Goat.  Eventually the Goat boys all left town, except for Ezi, he can still be spotted around town every now and then.  Does Ezi miss New Haven?  The compound?  The Goat???


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  1. The law in NY is very clear that if a landlord even co-mingles a security deposit in one of his own bank accounts, he forfeits his right to the security deposit. If you have the same law in CT, this is what Andrea should be arguing. The NY Attorney General also has a special division that goes after black sheep (or goat) landlords who have a pattern of abusing tenant rights

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