Former US Attorney Now In Charge of Greer Child Rape Case

Former US Attorney Now In Charge of Greer Child Rape Case

(August 2, 2016)  It was previously reported on this blog that Rabbi Greer’s attorney went crying to Judge Shea to complain  about scheduling problems he was having with the attorneys for Plaintiff rape victim Mirlis and the attorneys for rape victim and witness Rabbi Avi Hack.  The correspondence between the attorneys and Judge Shea revealed that Solo Attorney Ward is way over his head against the powerhouse Connecticut law firms of Koskoff, Koskoff & Beider, and Lynch, Traub Keefe & Errante.  Judge Shea rebuked Ward and told him to cancel his Italian vacation and attend the deposition of rape victim Rabbi Avi Hack, which went forward last Monday.

Today a new court order was issued by Judge Shea.  There is more bickering going on with Ward about depositions and discovery.  It is not clear from the filings exactly what is going on, but Larry Noodles has a hunch that Ward is probably crying about another deposition that he wants rescheduled.  Ward previously complained to Judge Shea that he is just a one man operation working out of his basement while Greer and Hack were represented by large law firms with armies of attorneys ready to unleash their ire at poor ‘ol Rabbi Greer.  The tables have finally turned on Greer. Greer used to be the one attacking and raping innocent children victims.  Now Greer is trying to play the victim card, claiming his attorney is out-gunned by the big bad law firms seeking justice long overdue.

It’s not that Rabbi Greer cannot afford to pay a large law firm to represent him.  For some reason Rabbi Greer won’t fork over the cash. It could be that as a former attorney and control freak, Greer wants to be the one in charge.  Greer can easily direct the case if he hires an attorney who operates out of his living room.  A big name attorney wouldn’t let Greer call the shots.  There is an old English proverb, “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”  Rabbi Greer certainly is the fool in this case.

Today’s court order indicates that Judge Shea has had enough of Ward’s shenanegans.  Judge Shea has ordered that the Greer case be transferred to Judge Donna Martinez, a former prosecutor with the Office of the United States Attorney who was the Chief of the Organized Crime Task Force.  Judge Martinez is now going to rule on crybaby Ward’s motions.  Judge Shea’s order states: “In accordance with the undersigned’s instructions on discovery disputes, the parties have submitted correspondence raising a discovery dispute. The Court hereby refers the discovery dispute to Magistrate Judge Martinez.”

There are close to 20 available Federal judges that Judge Shea could have referred the Greer case.  Why did Judge Shea choose to refer Greer’s case to a former prosecutor and former Chief of the Federal Organized Crime Task Force?  The walls are closing in on Greer.  Former US Attorney Judge Martinez isn’t going to cut Greer any breaks.  We can only hope that Judge Martinez calls up her friends at the Department of Justice or the State’s Attorney’s Office and tells them to throw Greer behind bars where he belongs.

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