Freedom For Raymond Fox

Freedom For Raymond Fox

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Raymond Fox is the inmate prison barber at Camp Otisville.  Fox is doing 20 years for the possession and sale of cocaine.  Why did he get such a long sentence?  Because he had a couple of prior convictions.  But what makes Fox so special?  Why should he be released?  Fox is special because he saved the life of a White correctional officer.  That’s right. Fox wasn’t always at Camp Otisville.  Fox started out at a high security penitentiary.  Because of  his exceptionally good behavior Fox worked his way down from a high security penitentiary to a medium security prison and then down to a low security camp.  While incarcerated with me at Camp Otisville Fox saved the life of a White correctional officer.  Fox received a letter of commendation from the Warden, a verbal thank-you from the officer, and a few hundred bucks in his commissary account courtesy of the Federal government.  In 2005 Fox got slammed at sentencing by the draconian mandatory minimum drug laws that lock you up for most of your adult life if you have a prior record.  If he was a White guy with a record of marijuana arrests he wouldn’t be locked up for 20 years.

The criminal justice system is not fair to  Black men.  20 % of Whites have used cocaine compared to 10% of Blacks.  Yet Blacks are arrested for drug possession more than three times as often as Whites.  Blacks make up 45% of all prisoners for drug crimes while Whites make up 30% of all prisoners.

A White officer was working on the top of a ladder in Otisville.  Raymond Fox was at the bottom of the ladder.  The officer fell from the ladder.  Fox was there to grab the officer and prevent his head from getting impaled by sharp objects at the bottom of the ladder.  This is a man who grew up in the hood.  A man who survived a penitentiary.  A man who grew up to distrust the police.  Why would he save the life of a White redneck officer?  I don’t know why Fox saved the life of a White correctional officer.  All I know is that I lived with Fox for 17 months.  In those 17 months I got disciplined twice.  Fox never got disciplined while I was there.  Fox always followed the rules.  He never got in trouble.  He was a “model inmate.”  He was also a damn good barber.  Let the man go home.  He is rehabilitated.

Keeping Fox locked up does not deter drug dealing.  Other drug dealers took his job a long time ago.  Lock them up.  Free Raymond Fox!  If you want to help Raymond Fox get out of jail contact your Congressman or the President.  At this point Fox needs a Presidential pardon.  If you wish to contact Raymond Fox directly go to the Federal inmate locator web site and enter inmate number 18174-050.  Fox will tell you his story of pain and misery.

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