Gary Goldstein Threatened to Kill Cuomo Aid Melissa DeRosa

Gary Goldstein Threatened to Kill Cuomo Aid Melissa DeRosa

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Gary Goldstein spent 6 years in New York State prisons for crimes directly related to his alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions. Gary wrote a 736 page autobiography called “Jew In Jail.” Gary states on his website: “my book provides insight into how I, as a minority in prison, was forced to fend for myself against all of the mistreatment at the hands of the powers that be from the Department Of Correctional Services, as well as the daily grind of doing time with hardened criminals, many of whom I felt no close connection to.” Gary should have focused on committing Federal crimes so he would have spent his time in Otisville Federal prison, with fellow Jews whom he could feel a “close connection to.” Gary would have been part of the Jewish majority in Otisville and wouldn’t have had to fend for himself against mistreatment at the hands of goyisha guards and shvartza inmates.

Gary was arrested late last year for threatening Andrew Cuomo’s top aid Melissa DeRosa on the telephone. DeRosa claimed that Gary called and said the following: “you c* I’m gonna slice your p* you murderer, do you hear me?” Its not clear if the phone call was recorded, but it is clear that Gary sent many hostile messages to DeRosa on Twitter related to Cuomo’s COVID policies. Gary accused Cuomo of killing patients in nursing homes. Gary was on to something. Cuomo lied to the Feds about the number of nursing home deaths. Gary also has a criminal record a mile long. Gary currently claims to be a model citizen and offers addiction counseling services. DeRosa, on the other hand, has been deemed a very bad citizen who sought to destroy any woman who accused Cuomo of sexual harassment. DeRosa may have made up the charges against Goldstein as a way to cover up the Cuomo cover up of the nursing home deaths.

DeRosa resigned two nights ago, while the Gov resigned last night. Top criminal and employment law attorneys, in an independent investigation, found that a dozen female employees were threatened by Creepy Cuomo that if they didn’t put out Cuomo would put them out on the streets without a paycheck, with the help of She Devil DeRosa. Cuomo’s top hench woman and protector, Melissa DeRosa, who leaked confidential and personal information about Cuomo’s accuser, resigned two days ago. She Devil DeRosa was excoriated by a number of prominent journalists, such as Maureen Dowd from the New York Times, before she resigned. Cuomo had no supporters after DeRosa resigned. Cuomo had no choice but to resign.

Back in 2014 Cuomo was under Federal investigation for political corruption by Preet Bharara, then the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Cuomo shut down the State of New York Moreland Commission at the time, which Cuomo set up to investigate political corruption. Cuomo didn’t expect the Moreland Commission to investigate him so Cuomo shut it down. Cuomo then contacted President Obama’s aid Valerie Jarrett and told her that Bharara was “out of control,” and that “he’s your guy.” Cuomo committed the crime of obstruction of justice when he tried to get Obama to shut down Bharara’s parallel Federal investigation. Jarrett and Bharara recently told the New Yorker that they refused to be bullied by Cuomo and Cuomo never impeded the Federal investigation. But Bharara never brought charges against Cuomo. Bharara did bring charges against Sheldon Silver, who is presently locked up in Devens Federal prison until 2026. Bharara recently told the New Yorker that his investigation into Cuomo aided in his case against State Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver. Did Silver take the fall for creepy Cuomo? Why didn’t Bharara charge Cuomo with political corruption and obstruction of justice at the time? Why was the Silver made the scapegoat for creepy Cuomo? Did Cuomo succeed in shutting down Bharara’s investigation with help from fellow Democrat Obama? Did Obama instruct Bharara to lynch the Jew and spare the Christian Cuomo? Speaking of Obama, why was Larry David and David Axelrod disinvited from Obama’s 60th birthday party at Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend, while Reverend Al Sharpton got VIP status? Why wasn’t Larry Noodles invited to Obama’s birthday bash?

Cuomo’s resignation will take effect in two weeks. Cuomo’s last official act before he leaves office should be to grant Gary Goldstein a full pardon for all of his State convictions. Cuomo should also contact fellow Democrat President Biden and ask him to grant Sheldon Silver, Michael Cohen, and Larry Noodles a full pardon. Its the least Cuomo can do for the Jewish people, who have stood by him, voted for him, bankrolled him, and even went to jail for him.

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“It is better to be cursed by the Prophet Achiya ha’Shiloni, and repeatedly cursed out by Larry Noodles, than to be blessed by Bil’am.” Taanit 20.

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  1. Isn’t deRosa husband a top lobbyist, representing nursing homes, who got the nursing homes and owners exempt from legal liabilities?
    And her son a top federal prosecutor?

    Be nice to the deRosa family, and hire them for a pardon

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